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  1. I've seen a couple boats sink at that ramp taking waves over the transom . If the wind comes north or west your beat there
  2. Lund-SS

    Fishing tips and BIG fish

    Sometimes it's nice to keep a good thing to yourself .... just ask the guys that used to fish st.catharines marina
  3. Lund-SS

    Awfully quiet

    Been busy putting your pencil weights to work on the river
  4. Lund-SS

    Cormorant news

    Make sure to comment to the proposal. So they open the season .
  5. Lund-SS

    Fishing Today?

    They haven't left still limits from crystal and west
  6. Lund-SS

    26th 'Friendship Tournament' results

    They are posted in the picture
  7. Lund-SS

    Fish report

    2 limits today out of PC missed some tossed some back . Evening trip
  8. Lund-SS

    Simms wading boots

    G3s are great boots had mine for years with no issues other than replacing laces . I bought the kevlar ones from Mark's workwear and haven't had an issue since
  9. Lund-SS

    Tiny hole in my aluminum boat

    Some 3m 5200 and a closed end rivet
  10. Lund-SS

    Boat launch at sunset beach?

    I use that ramp quite a bit . But it has to be an offshore wind . I've seen 3 boats sink there because of northwest winds crashing over the back of the boat . But if is a decent wind it's a good free ramp . Better if you have 2 people one to back in and other drive the boat on and off the trailer . If we get to much wind blowing into the ramp the sand builds up and makes it almost impossible to use.
  11. Lund-SS

    queenston derby

    There was also a shore derby being ran the same day in the Glen
  12. Lund-SS

    Port Dalhousie Piers

    I've used my side scan along the piers coming in from salmon fishing . You can really see what bad shape they are in
  13. Lund-SS

    Looking for a Navionic card

    Navionics plus is good . Gives 1 foot depth changes . And you can pick whatever areas you want . You'll be able to fit greats lakes and all northern lakes . You get updates for 1 year with the chip and can change the areas you have selected. If you can find a cheap card that someone is selling you can buy a navionics update card which will basically be a navionics + card once you update . Believe they run about $130 and gives you one year of freshest data updates as well
  14. Lund-SS

    Small boat bass

    Just need to pick your days low winds . Stay away with south and west winds North winds you can get out
  15. Lund-SS

    Fishing Guides

    Paul for sure . Great guide