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  1. Gotta call in everytime on poaching we are the stewards of the resource
  2. thanks guys i will try to figure out how to contact gunner
  3. hi guys i have two monster perch and 4giant pumpkinseed im lookin to get mounted! the guy i was goin with only does fish in the fall so i missed my window with him .is there anyone else around you guys could suggest . im not lookin for no million dollar advanced taxidermy job just simple old school mount they are just gonna hang at my camp please and thank you .


    welland river Chippewa creek lyons creek all good dogfish spots ive caught them in april before watch your fingers lol

    Lake Erie

    i heard skunks all around at abino today hope that changes im headed out Sunday. maybe a move west is in order i saw guys out off morgans last Sunday? but no reports???


    erie tracker has lots too
  7. theres one under my cottage up in the ottawa valley he helps keep the mice away!
  8. i caught a 38 inch pike on corn fishin for carp. lots of cats on crank baits over the years but the best i seen was ice fishing for smelt and buddy butted out a joint put the roach on his hook and went on to catch 30 smelt in a row before it came off the hook lol
  9. sounds like a step in the right direction! good work
  10. i just finished survey please get involved poeple!!
  11. i agree with bigugli i am not into new rules that only honest people follow i love the welland river fished it all my life. i would say there is 10 times the pressure on the river now from 20 years ago .the reasons are mostly positive,favorite species reintroduced, major clean up of river,much better boat access,zebra mussels have improved water clarity, these are all great things to some degree . increased population and tell all internet sites also contributed (please dont attack me about the internet crack its fact and im not pickin a fight lol) anyway back to my point i must admit that i am constantly upset when i fish the river these days due to the constant abuse of the rules that are already inplace between littering ( mostly fishing related ) fishing out off season , 2 rods, netting for pike (thats been illegal for years now) destruction of property and nature sad very sad yes i call the tip line everytime and ive even chased a few boys from buffalo away after catching them with two pails full of bass in May . it drives me insame!!! i hope anyone out there with kids out there push them to all become ministry officers. we need them bad lol sorry for rant i just love the river and i hate the abuse that in time costs us all great fishing spots.
  12. good haul patience pays off in the rec !
  13. the ice should survive in most places but forget about the welland river and the grand they will be done .stay safe
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