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  1. I use a regular fillet knife on my walleye! Fillet 6 in no time at all! Only time I use electric is when there's 50 or 100 perch to clean! Then I fillet and skin, buddy ribs!! Done in a couple of beers time!@ lol!
  2. Gil


    Yeah! But those are..... SPINELESS Leeches!!! Bill! No self respecting fish would touch one of those!!! Lol!!
  3. Gil

    First One !!!

    If they are not black legged ticks.... Not to worry too much! The regular woid ticks dont carry Lyme!! But still!! Yeah! I hate them damn things!!!!
  4. Good thing u didnt catch any pike! A CO, would have fined u and possibly siezed your boat! Its our responsibility to know the regs! Never ask someone else! They may and in this case were, Wrong!!! Down load the regs and save to files! You can read the file without using data!
  5. Hi guys and gals i wanna tie somr killer bugs. The Jamiesons Spindrift wool yarn(oyster) for these is very hard to find! Hoping someone here has some they would sell or give me a heads up to where i could find some! Thanx
  6. Im tying flies for rainbows in the upper this spring. So far a few different colors. Such as pink, purple, emerald shiner. Any suggestions for color or style would be greatly appreciated! Thanx
  7. Whoops! Double post! But yup! Works fine!
  8. Testing photo from my phone!!!
  9. Bill, i used to have a photographic memory............... Till i ran out of film!! 😬 😬 😬
  10. WTG Tyler!!! Im sure youll get as much help here as u need! Cheers
  11. Be a while yet bill. 15 day forcast shows no good ice making temps!!
  12. Guys. I take a drill bit a little bit smaller than the top of the float shaft and drill a pocket about an eighth in or so deep. Then i stick a small glass bead in the pocket. Never need glue if the right size just a press fit! I make stop knots on two plastic drink straws (small, black ones). I always leave about a half in. when i trim the knot so u can pull to retighten if necesary! Works great!
  13. Not trying to be a stick in the mud but being on several sites i see this all the time! All this info is available online. You should download it and save it on ur phone, so theres never any question about wether your legal or not! Works for me!! Never depend on some one elses interpritation of the law! It may cist you dearly!! Know the regs! Its your responsibility!
  14. Dead minnows! Im sure Dave will compesate you all for that! No matter what the reason! Call him!!
  15. Be smart and be safe!!
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