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  1. Gil


    Easy to replace! Do it yourself in ten min.
  2. Gil

    Jack Lake info please

    P. S. Lots of islands and narrows easy to get lost if you dont have a chart. Long bay at the bottom end is a great spot!!
  3. Gil

    Jack Lake info please

    Bubba.. Jack lake is awsome! Buddy has a trailer there and ivve beemn often. Bass small and large mouth are every where. If its calm, topwater or senkos wacky style. Fish the weeds. Blue senko killed em last seasson. If breezy throw spinner baits and hang on. Not unusual to hook a muskie! Plenty of them there! Never fished walley but the are there! Bait shops or the marina should have a fish map! Lakers are in Sharps bay. Lots of shoals so be careful. Good luck and enjoy!!
  4. Gil

    Thieves in Welland

    Was your truck locked? I leave tackle in mine all the time! If the alarm goes off im out the door in a hurry with a big stick!!!!!! No mercy! You wanna steal!? U pay my price!!! 😬 😬 😬
  5. Gil

    Uploading pics

    Whats the process for for uploading pics to the forum from a cell? Thanx
  6. Gil

    Boat launch-chippawa pkwy

    Which is..... Where! Never heard of it! Thnx!
  7. Gil

    Getting the Itch Crystal Boat Launch?

    I hear ya F.F I got the itch big time! Been dreaming alot lately and waking in a cold sweat! I can't wait! Won't be long!!! See you out there!
  8. Gil

    MA Nature making ice

    Heard they were fishin the Rec today! Must be 4in. By now. Gonna check it out tomoro!
  9. Gil

    MA Nature making ice

    Looking at the forcast for the next week . Looks like we're gonna get several inches of ice. Great belated Xmas gift! Thanx MA.
  10. Gil

    where to buy minnows in Fort Erie area?

    Hi Dave. Was out a week ago yesterday off. ABINO perching. Too rough! 45nice ones. Boat now parked. Maybe hit. Upper for bows.. Cheers
  11. Gil

    where to buy minnows in Fort Erie area?

    Dominion bait.1881Dominion Rd. Fort Erie. 905-894-0676. Ask for Walt
  12. Gil

    Worm harness colors

    So what is your most productive worm harness color.? Blades and beads!? So many possibilities it's mind boggling!
  13. Gil

    Outboard Stolen

    North Star insurance. $360 a year. My boat and all gear including tackle. Used to worry about my beloved Honda outboard going missing. Now I sleep well. If it's gone.... $500 gets me a new one!!! 😁
  14. Gil


    So who has minnows lately. Hoping for some perch tomorrow.thanks
  15. I'm heading out for pics tomorrow I let you know how's things go