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  1. Wondering about parking at apps mill conservation area. Any info appreciated. Thanx
  2. Ooops! Opened today!!! Lol!!
  3. Well,i was out and about today and decided to go buy my senior ramp pass at Sugarloaf! First thing buddy says to me when i ask for a senior ramp pass is" You arent gonna like this but there are no more senior passes,everyone pays the same price"! I guess the city needs this old mans 20 bucks real bad! So if i wanna fish i have no choice! 90 bucks! By the way us old folks havent recieved our covid payment yet either! Bend over and smile!! Ouch!
  4. Aikmans is awsome! Fried the head on my old TM years ago couldnt find my reciept! He fixed it and extended the cables so i could put the battery forward in my canoe! No charge! Like i said AWSOME!!!
  5. Chubs!!@ We dont need no stinkin chubs! Lol! I thought it would be not bad because it was closed due to Covid? Any recomended spots on the upper Grand? Thanx!
  6. Anyone been fishing Whitemans lately, if its open? Been tying flies all winter and id love to spend a day there! Catching or just checking it out!
  7. Bertie boat club ramp is closed. I heard today that Sugarloaf was open! What about Crystal beach? Its a little confusing!!! How about niagara parkway ramps?? Any real info apreciated Thanx!
  8. Gil

    Ice boom

    Ice boom????? I want..... Spring!!!!! Yeah!!!! ICE Boom! We dont need no stinking Ice boom!!!! Lol!
  9. I use a regular fillet knife on my walleye! Fillet 6 in no time at all! Only time I use electric is when there's 50 or 100 perch to clean! Then I fillet and skin, buddy ribs!! Done in a couple of beers time!@ lol!
  10. Gil


    Yeah! But those are..... SPINELESS Leeches!!! Bill! No self respecting fish would touch one of those!!! Lol!!
  11. If they are not black legged ticks.... Not to worry too much! The regular woid ticks dont carry Lyme!! But still!! Yeah! I hate them damn things!!!!
  12. Good thing u didnt catch any pike! A CO, would have fined u and possibly siezed your boat! Its our responsibility to know the regs! Never ask someone else! They may and in this case were, Wrong!!! Down load the regs and save to files! You can read the file without using data!
  13. Hi guys and gals i wanna tie somr killer bugs. The Jamiesons Spindrift wool yarn(oyster) for these is very hard to find! Hoping someone here has some they would sell or give me a heads up to where i could find some! Thanx
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