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  1. The Vermillion River system up here in the Sudbury area.
  2. Awesome pike! But as far as wells catfish.....well.......that pike would be dinner for alot of them!
  3. Took the gf out to the same lake fishing last evening. She was teasing me because she was catching all the fish. 1 pike and 4 OOS smallies (damn bass are everywhere there). Then she hooks into a 17" walleye....taunting gets almost unbearable. I mark some nice fish in a hole, so we stop and drift leeches. I hook into this nice 26.5" walleye.........she was quiet for the rest of the evening...go figure lol!! Looks like he tangled with something a bit larger than him......wanna hook that one!
  4. Headed out after supper this evening with the girlfriend for a little fishing. 15 minutes later and we are starting the boat and headed across the lake. Landed this beauty walleye 25" Ended up with 2 more walleye, 17.75 inches and 16.5 inches. Landed a couple nice pike in the 3-5 lb range also. Nice to be up north fishing again!
  5. Ive caught splake in the Elliot Lake area. Some of them look like lakers...others like specks. Heck on I caught about 2 lbs...took me many repeated looks at the tail (only slightly forked) and the spots (no blue rings)...and the stocking list to be certain that I had a splake and not an out of season Brookie.
  6. Yes we launched off Manitouln Island Sorry they just call it The Island up here
  7. Hmm tough one.... 1 for eating...Perch hands down! (walleye is a close second) 2 for the challenge.....brookies 3 for the fight.........bows, chinnies and bass 4 for reliable..easy catching up north..PIKE!
  8. Went out with a buddy from Hamilton and my boss from work for some rainbows on the Island. Started off the trip with 3 deer running out in front of the truck..a doe and twin fawns. Tried to snap off a couple of pics but this is all I got. Well we launched the boat and headed to the spot.....all I can say is the bows were on fire...double and triple headers for the entire time we were fishing. Landed between 50-60 bows, 3-9 lbs between the three of us in under 3 hours. Kept only the fish that were bleeding...leaving with our limit of 6. Got home to get a pic of our catch! can only hold 4 of the 6! Heard some ruckus and discovered 2 wild turkeys..one jake one hen near a fence on the property! Needless to say we had a blast today!
  9. It was nice meeting Fish Kid and Coachman. Sorry you guys didn't get into fish..it was windy..lol. We did however get into a bunch of nice perch that hit the deep fryer!
  10. Chilli we all know that the salmonoids are not hitting out of hunger but agression at this time of year. Personally I found the purple glows working better as apparently thier wavelength is visible farther away than a green one. I have also done well on non glow spoons, as we all know the lateral line is very sensitive to vibrations. Regardless of what you use during the run...the KEY is getting it right in front of a passing salmon, and aggravating it to hit. Have you ever noticed that the catch ratio seems to be about 5-1 males to females? Oh by the way I have seen alot of salmon wayyy up Bronte creek (at a bridge on Brittania Road between Walkers Line and Appleby Line on the way home from work!!!) Hopefully since there is a nice gravelly bottom there they can successfully spawn!! Most of the fish I see there are in the 5-10lb range....and still looking in decent shape!
  11. Only 3 shots? Heck I might have emptied all my remaining shells. Most people hear a 12 guage and think OMG thats loud and dangerous...yet will barely flinch at the sound of a .22 shooting a squirrell. What the public needs is some knowledge on firearms. I would feel entirely at ease with someone using a shotgun at 600 feet from me. A .22cal, although much quieter is a FAR DEADLIER round...dangerous up to 1.5 MILES!!! I myself have been hit by another duck hunter at a range of about 80-90 yards in a freak accident. I had set up in a tree stand on a pond in the dark and the other hunter set up on the shoreline not knowing I was there. I can tell you that although it stung, none of the pellets penetrated my skin. My point is that Chliil, you were well within your legal rights, and nobody should interfere with that. How would this person like someone yelling at him about driving his car 600 feet from his house???? (this is what I really miss about being back up north, we RARELY run into anything like this, as hunting is a part of life up there)
  12. Depends on the type of merganser. I would never eat a common merganser but have eaten the smaller hooder merganser. As long as it was skinned...it cooked up fine. If you choose to eat the Common Merganser I have a killer recipe. 1: clean duck and stuff it with carrots onions and potatoes. 2: rub the outer body with salt and pepper 3: Nail the merganser to an oak board 4: BBQ board and duck for 3 hours 5: throw away duck and eat board!! Only way to eat a common I tell ya!!!!
  13. Hacknslash


    Aww man now you are making me want to drive to my Dads place up in Elliot Lake and get some brookie action in!! Only 15 more days though
  14. Glad to hear you are ok.. I HATE hospitals....spent wayyyyyyy to much time in them in my lifetime!!! get well and get back out fishing!!!!
  15. Ok store bought glow spoons usually last 10 casts max before they need recharging. A black light works awesome and can be picked up at some hobby stores. I ordered powder from Glow Inc in the States. They can ship powder easy across the border and you need only mix it woth clear nail polish. I bought some spoon blanks and made my own glows. No, I havent perfected the process and the spoons are a little rough, but they glow 3x at least longer than the store bought ones (depending on the colours as some glow longer) Honestly I have caught salmon off the piers with non glow spoons also, rattle traps and j-13s. Try looking at a local Value Village for a used camera flash, or even a used camera with a flash...good luck!
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