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  1. marth11

    Deep h2o float fishing

    I have a little 5.5 foot ultralight, I find medium size stops and bigger get caught in my eyes, doesn't matter if nylon or rubber, I usually buy the smallest nylon ones available, I also add a beads below the stop to prevent it from sliding through the float.
  2. marth11

    Whis is this forum so slow?

    I find that it's only slow, loading into the main forum, I originally thought it was because, I have poor reception in my room, but I guess it's affecting everyone.
  3. marth11

    Awfully quiet

    I was out at Port D Thursday, tried my hand a bottom bouncing for the first time in a while, didn't get a thing, the bite was good though, till they messed with the current.
  4. marth11

    Fishing today.

    She was released don't worry, gotta save some for the rest of us.
  5. marth11

    Fishing today.

    Finally got fishing today, went to Port D and a few other spots with my brother, I ended up with one nice perch, first thing in the morning, was using minnows, brought some squid to try, and didn't get a sniff on that. http://imgur.com/gallery/6MIBV5S
  6. marth11


    I need to stop sleeping in lol, I am hoping to be out tomorrow, supposed to be nice all weekend.
  7. marth11

    OLD perch spot

    The tubes a little further down from there, has been productive for me in past for nice smallies, got a few big catfish there as well, usually using shrimp.
  8. marth11

    My other hobby...

    I did something similar to that last summer, I panfried some perch, steamed a holding bun, made tartar sauce from homemade mayo, with capers and pickles, some lettuce and a slice of tomatoe.
  9. marth11

    It's been a while

    Thanks! I've spent a lot time reading up on the ancient Greek stoics, and that's where a lot of my attitude comes from. I am hoping to get fishing this weekend with the nice weather, I need me some perch.
  10. marth11

    It's been a while

    Yeah, I was lucky I didn't break both my hands or I'd have to have someone wipe me lol, I stayed pretty positive through out the whole ordeal, told myself that I can't always control what happens to me, I can however control how it effects me.
  11. marth11

    Most recent fishing trip

    The mepps never failed me, the spinner is so beat up lol, half of the paint is gone, along with some of the bucktail, and the hooks are bent out of shape. Bowfin are very fun and when running you can get a few, bring forceps! I caught this one at the end of May at 15 mile creek.
  12. marth11

    My other hobby...

    Outside of fishing, my other and probably the hobby I am more into is cooking, I recently worked out a decent pasta recipe, that does like this. Boil noodles, in a shallow sauce pan, add olive oil, when noodles are almost done, heat oil and add diced garlic, chopped tomatoes, parsley and a bay leaf. Stir sauce until you start to smell the garlic, toss the noodles into the sauce and mix well.
  13. marth11

    Most recent fishing trip

    Alright guys and gals, back in the spring time, before I destroyed my heels, I finally caught my first bowfin, been hunting these guys for a few years, they are an excellent fight, a cross between a pike and a trout, was using a fire tiger #2 mepps spinner, did on the pike with these as well.
  14. marth11

    It's been a while

    I never left, more or less went into lurk mode, I also haven't got many picture worthy fish, been an average couple of years for me lol.
  15. marth11

    It's been a while

    I was getting off a boat after fishing, instead of taking the steps, I decided to just drop off, since I am 6'4ish and it was only 4.5 foot drop give or take. If you're wondering I didn't catch any fish.