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  1. I'd be teaching him a lesson..
  2. Got this tank last night, she went 32" long x 19" girth, little over 12lbs
  3. Hey Freddy! Fished 33' yesterday and did well, we brought home about 50 jumbo's, I found these fish are deeper now...
  4. I would like to see pictures of those 5lbers..and 10lb pike average sounds awesome I wanna go lol
  5. Court Rose


    I had a trailer for quite a few years in Deseronto, great fishing..
  6. Hey guys got a question, just wondering why my Hot Maps Premium navonics chip don't have a lake on it now but it did before? can it get erased? Thanks
  7. Sunday for me.. either there or Dain City red Eskimo flip hut, Hey Fredfisher she if Marsh wants to go Riley will be with me.
  8. Not a problem Matt! we all love fishing and stuff ain't cheap! and fishing in Dunnville ya it's a crap shoot, was there Sunday morning for a couple hours and only had a few followers , the dam isn't always the best spot.... looked to be about 6" of ice, good luck.
  9. http://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/anim.php?lake=e&param=icethk&type=n
  10. Make sure you measure the oil level before dumping the bird in, I put the bird in with water till it has a inch or two or it then pull the bird out and mark the pot so you know how much oil to put in, I bring the heat up to 375 and lower the bird in slow real slow, takes about 3-4 min a pound, I like injecting them with butter and franks but there are all kinds of ways to do them.
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