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  1. Same lure as well. It has worked for me in clear and murky waters, in shade and sun. just seems to be yummy looking. I am curious if anyone has any luck with those scent sprays. I have tried a couple. Using one I got stateside now that is very oily.. but doesnt seem to attract anything. if anything it repels it.
  2. Rapala Flat Rap, love that lure, got it 3 years ago stateside in a color I have not seen here... and have produced bass and pike on it each year in great numbers. I would like to say a Live Target lure.... I have bought maybe 7 different ones, and only ever caught 1 pike, and 1 large mouth on the brown back herring. And I try it alot... just no luck with their lures.
  3. Kinda sounds like there is less worry for a members safety and much more concern with your own liabilities and guilts. Seems fake. It is sad to see the forums like this. It really makes me miss how they were back when I originally joined.
  4. looking forward to the snakes n gators =) gonna be bringing a snake stick. i am also a reptile nut.
  5. thanks guys, i did find this place too. http://www.revolutionoffroad.com/ who have bass fishing available as well as off roading... about half way between orlando and where i will be staying... and the bass in the gallery pics are monsters compared to anything i ever caught on rice lake or around here. ill check out the links you all posted here
  6. Hey all, Turns out I am Florida bound near the end of February, will be in Tampa/Clearwater area, as well as Orlando area. See a lot of inland lakes around there, and have already got my info needed for licensing. Curious if anyone on the boards here have fished that area before? And what type of baits/lures you found successful? I am only doing inland freshwater, to minimize the amount spent on licenses... as it seems I need a separate one for salt water. Hoping to maximize my few days there with as many fish species as possible... and when doing a search for fishing forums for Pasco county or Zephyr Hills, which is where we are staying... I came up with very little. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Tackle bag here, have upgraded 3x... the one I use now and am very happy with is a black Spiderwire bag from Canadian Tire. Holds 4 boxes, tons of pockets, waterproof bottom, and adjustable shoulder strap. I caught it on sale this year for $35.99. http://www.academy.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_10051_499983_-1 that's the bag, pretty sure mine has a little more red on it though. Couldn't find on CT website
  8. Did a charter with Werner from Nautrek charters in the summer, Boated 9 i believe it was, trout and salmon. It was right after we had a bad storm, and was kinda choppy on Ontario, but was a good day out.
  9. wouldve been about 6 hours straight thru, but we stopped for a meal and gas
  10. Hey hey all, Got over the river out by Saranac Lake and Lake Placid areas fishing this weekend. Got a few nice bass, a beauty pike, and this little guy in a small trout stream outside of lake placid. Have only ever caught larger adult browns and rainbows in the pool and glen. So wondering if anyone can help me identify this guy? To me, it looks like a brown, but not sure. And for those that may wonder, the fish was released and swam away without reviving.
  11. lol all this jumping all over everyone is why I dont post here anymore. and at best only lurk once a month. mistakes are made, people assume. and funny thing is, and I will not name users or point fingers, but I have seen some of you with pics on here throwing out of season lures for out of season fish over the last 3 years as well. so everyone should stop tryin to finger out everyone else and calm down. You all act like none of you have ever made an error. Grow up.
  12. Thanks for the info guys. So Mohawk is the same as Low Banks? I'll check out the hookup section as well, asking about boat rentals tho, as generally its my buddy and I, sometimes a 3rd with us as well that are looking for an outing on a boat... But if Im ever lookin to get out alone, ill definitely check that out as well. Much appreciated
  13. Hey all, just curious if anyone knows about any local marinas having a boat rental service? Gettin tired of fishing from shore all the time, and have no friends with boats. I know when you head up to like the Kawarthas there are always places renting fishing boats... figured there has to be someone around here doing it too since we are between 2 lakes, and have the river as well... Any help on this one? Thanks in advance
  14. I got some minnows? or shiners from Peter's yesterday, from the large tank, and had some pushing 6 inches. Many were 3-4 inches. Not much on the topic of shiners myself... so I will describe what they looked like... perhaps it is what you are looking for. they were silver belly, flashy silver sides and emerald green/dark green backs.
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