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  1. MikeyB

    posting etiquette

    I thought SCGAF stocked salmon not trout
  2. Bridge was supposed to open on friday not sure if it ended up happening
  3. Go grab the bull by the horns then.
  4. Hammercarp did you ever stop to think that the secret aircraft are the Decepticons? Maybe its their latest plot to defeat Optimus Prime and the rest of the transformers to gain control of the earths energon supply.
  5. $250 split 4 ways is not bad. Only $100 for the small boat division
  6. I'll be in to pay you this weekend Denis
  7. Conservation area in Stevensville?
  8. Depending on the rods they could be worth more than the pros that you fished with.
  9. Smerch Denis sells it by the yard filled my reels up there last week and yes I use a backing just some mono to keep the braid from slipping
  10. Frontiers and ravens are both great rods. The raven SST has been great for me and several other people I know. I'm not a fan of the islander. The King Pin is a awesome float reel. Give Denis a call at fishin niagara he's got a lot of experience with float gear and carries most products that have been mentioned.
  11. on another board alot of the guys feel that its probably actually a splake
  12. MikeyB


    nice fish Denis wheres the ones from Monday?
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