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  1. ...confirmed for Sunday, Mar.11 (Fort Erie Leisureplex). If you are a returning vendor/exhibitor, I'll be in touch in early January. Rotator cuff surgery on Nov.28th is limiting my typing abilities. I'm typing this post with one finger, left at that. If you would like to confirm for the show, please call 905-894-1861. If you are new to the show, a call would be required to discuss. Returning, an e-mail to wgw@cogeco.ca (or a call) would be appreciated. Any new ideas, use same contact info. Best to you and yours over the Holiday Season!...Bill www.niagaraoutdoorshow.com
  2. ...Sunday, Sept.10 at Bertie Boating Club. Live release...3 fish...115hp max...7am-3pm...Canadian waters only...no live bait...15 boat limit...must pre-register...$60 entry (incl. ramp fee) with prizes to last place...no pros, please!...for more details or to register, call 905-894-1861...thanx in advance to BBC for the use of their facility!
  3. ...thanx Dave! I'm still in training, I guess!
  4. Congratulations to the 2017 Niagara Outdoor Show winners! I'll be contacting everyone by phone or e-mail, tomorrow. This event is sponsored by the Best Western Plus Cairn Croft Hotel in Niagara Falls, Falls Chevrolet and Molson. Jim Miller has won a one night stay (incl. breakfast for 2) at the Cairn Croft, Molson Gear and a GMC t-shirt. Tammy Jonah (husband) has won a Quantum Aztec (10 bearing) Reel, a $50 pub voucher to Doc Magilligan's, Molson Gear and a GMC t-shirt. Karen Audet has won a $50 pub voucher to Doc Magilligan's, Molson Gear and a GMC t-shirt. Patrick Daradick, owner of Ontariolures.com has donated 2 subscriptions to Bob Izumi's Real Fishing Magazine. Those winners are Ronnie Desson and Robert Ritchie. Ronnie and Robert will be contacted by Patrick. The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (Zone J) has donated a one year adult membership and the winner is Janet Andrey. Molson Gear and a GMC t-shirt are part of that prize package. Janet will be contacted by OFAH. Casting Kids winners are Logan Neufeld and Christopher Brunning. Each of the kids will receive a rod and reel combo. To those who have made these prizes available, your generosity is greatly appreciated!!!
  5. Smerchly, your comments are so relevant. It's not just about selling space. I attempt to find vendors/exhibitors with the hunting/fishing theme that will interest people. Retail drives these shows (in my opinion) and the products that the vendors offered were diverse. That coupled with wildlife agencies/organizations and accommodation plus Casting Kids creates good content. Thanks for recognizing that!
  6. ...long day at the Leisureplex in Fort Erie, setting up for the show. Ugliboys were here and gone. Almost time to leave. I'll be here for 5am. I don't think I like 5am. Hope some of the members can make it. There's great deals if you want to buy gear for your kids. See ya tomorrow, Cliff!...
  7. ...this banner appeared on the front cover of the NF Review, today. It was also in the FE Times with a lead-in story/image.
  8. ...yeah, Cliff. Nice to have you involved, as the owner of this site. Doesn't hurt that you make quality rods that will be for sale on Sunday. Good opportunity for members to meet you and check out your product. There has been an overwhelming response. We're in our 14th year. Thanx in advance to all the vendors, exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers that make this event possible. For the hunters, there will be broadheads and lots of slate turkey calls for sale. Camo caps (summer/fall colours) are one of the show specials. Oh, someone will have fingerless gloves, too. The gunsmith will be bringing 24 linear feet of rifles and shotguns. I was just talking to Melanie Frost. She has 3 tables of fishing gear and just asked for another one. I'm working on that 'cause we're sold out. One vendor will be bringing over 50 new and used rods. There's lots of new and used reels. Hey, a lot of my equipment is second-hand. In most cases, that's the only way I can afford some of the nicer stuff. Anyways, there will be lots to look at. See ya there!
  9. ...some more updates...the owner of this site will have some of his hand-crafted, Great Lakes Custom Rods. Cliff has reserved two tables to accommodate some of the longer ones. Ugliboys Baits has been a vendor at this show for a long time. They have spinnerbaits, jigs, flies, worm harnesses and one year I think they had honey? Tony has secured one table for a line of jigheads with multiple applications. One couple makes earrings and pipes (medicinal?) from antlers. A returning vendor will have 3 tables of jerkbaits and braided line. For all you Musky guys, stop by and talk to Kyle from Johnston Lures, a Fort Erie company. Jack Hague and Al Custers are back again if you need advice on working with and training hunting dogs. John, another late entry will be bringing worm harnesses. There will be a great selection of tubes, dropshot baits and assorted plastics. Joshua Chemnitz will be tying flies. GearDown Waterfowling just confirmed a few days ago. They're up on the site, now. John Dieroff has been a regular at the NOS for years and he has reserved 2 tables. I did a flyer blitz in Welland, yesterday. Hit a few places in Port Colborne on the way back to Ridgeway including the Reeb House and the S-Bend. Hope you have time to stop by on March 12. See ya there!
  10. ...just some updates. If you haven't taken a close look at the NOS site, Patrick from ontariolures.com will appraise/evaluate older lures if you bring them in, at no charge. Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (Zone J) will be at the show, doing a draw for a one year membership. Thanks to Kathy Moore for coordinating their participation. Felix Barbetti and Maya Basdeo will be the OFAH volunteers. Maya will be bringing a peregrine falcon and is prepared to discuss falconry with anyone who might be interested. Melanie Frost will have three tables of fishing gear. She usually has some great deals. Wayne Warriner has a table of rods, reels and tackle. Rocky, new this year, has two tables. He's coming in from Port Rowan. I asked him what he's bringing..."a little bit of everything". Another vendor (2 tables) is helping his father-in-law liquidate a lifetime of fishing equipment. Jerry Mitrovich (SCGFA) has secured three tables to sell donated gear from their Tackle Share initiative. For the first time, an overwhelming response has made it necessary to add another 8 table 'island' to accommodate vendors and exhibitors. Richard Dykstra, a gunsmith from Wainfleet, will be displaying three tables of long guns (for sale). Lapp Cycle, a local Honda dealer in Stevensville is a late entry. I'll post some more as the date gets closer.
  11. No and let me explain why. I've tried in the past with very knowledgable speakers in their respective fields. One example...I went to the Ridgeway Library to listen to Adam Shoalts. About 30 people were there with a book signing, following the seminar and slide show. I really enjoyed his presentation. So did everyone else. He came to the NOS and I had to beg my friends to sit in. A total of seven people attended the seminar. The folks that sat in raved about it. Example two...the last time Melanie Frost conducted a bass seminar...3 people...mother, father and young child. Melanie is an accomplished tournament angler. Both these speakers handled their limited 'crowds' with class, though. Adam had to drive in from Hamilton for those seven attendees. I truly believe that the old days are over. With utube, someone can watch what they want, when they want. My efforts have produced poor results, unfortunately. Also, parents with their kids...it just doesn't work. They come in for Casting Kids. You can't make the child sit there and listen to a seminar. Well, you can try! I have asked some more well known 'names' but it's a busy time of the year for them and this is not one of the bigger shows. Of course, some members may disagree but that is my experience.
  12. ...$5 - adults (at door day of).....kids under 15 are free...
  13. ...please, see www.niagaraoutdoorshow.com Of course, there will be a lot of vendors with new and used gear that are not listed on the site. I'm sure the sponsors, vendors, exhibitors and volunteers would appreciate your help in networking this event. Hope to see ya there!