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  1. ...Mr.Andrews...I had asked you for an opinion on the show. I know you for your honesty and it sounds like we may have passed the Andrew's litmus test. Thank-you for taking the time to critique the event. It is really appreciated! So funny that you mentioned adults casting. I captured this Mom having a go at it. She was casting to a target on the far wall...one of my favourite images from the day...Bill
  2. ...perfect, see you at the show!
  3. ...Tyler, message Niagara Outdoor Show on fb and give me a password (other than your name). I'll mark it on the guest list (plus one)...see ya there!
  4. ...please, see... www.niagaraoutdoorshow.com ...your networking help would be appreciated by all the vendors, exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers. I started this project in early November and it seems to have paid off with some of the best content we've ever had. I'll be posting on facebook, starting 2 weeks leading into the event. Thanx in advance to everyone involved. If you would like to receive notifications, go to the Niagara Outdoor Show page and like it. This will give you an opportunity to share if you follow the page. See ya there!...thanx, Bill
  5. w1w

    Liscence renew

    OFAH (Zone J) will be at the Niagara Outdoor Show. I was told this week by Kathy Moore (coordinator) that they will have a laptop/printer at their booth if someone needs to buy a licence. Credit card or cash but she's working on debit. Bring your expired card to save time on data entry...Sunday, March 10.
  6. w1w

    tackle swaps

    ...I started a facebook page for Niagara Outdoor Show in early 2018. Since late Dec., I have been posting vendors/exhibitors, almost daily. Check it out? A few more posts to go and then, I'll start posting two weeks leading into Sunday, March 10. Fishingking, you ask what goes on? Every show is a little different on content depending on the organizer. I prefer to have some hunting but mostly fishing retail. Mix in some exhibits like Heartland Forest and the NPCA...Casting Kids, presented by the St.Catharines Bassmasters...Niagara Trappers Council - pelt identification...Boater Exam...Ontario Lures - vintage tackle exhibit...North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA)...Quad Niagara ATV Club. These shows can be great networking experiences.
  7. w1w

    tackle swaps

    ...maybe, message Hamilton Bassmasters. I plan on being a vendor there, again. It's usually 2 weeks (Sat.) after the Niagara Outdoor Show (March 10). The NOS is full and there will be more retail than ever before. Retail drives these shows so that was my focus for 2019.
  8. ...started in early November and finish follow-up by mid-March. That's 4 months working on a project that I enjoy. Two shows would affect my blood pressure, no doubt (lol...or not?)...
  9. ...been busy with the show...working on a 1300+ email list (past gate ballots)...NOS banner will appear on the front page of the NF Review on Mar.7...same banner in all 7 Niagara this Week publications (broke the bank!), week leading into...the FE Times folded in 2017, affecting attendance...this year, I'm hoping to see the The Post in FE pick up the networking, locally, with an image/story (caption)...banner will be in there, also...Niagara region flyer blitz...facebook page (270 followers) started in 2017...fb ads, too...website...there's only so much an organizer can do to promote an event...it costs $2000 to produce this show...let's see...500 adults @ $5...well, you can see I'm not in it for the money, considering the work involved. I saw a post by BU regarding one of the big shows. It's hard to justify the expense of being a vendor at a TO show if the return is not there, I guess. This event needs your support whether you attend or decide to be a vendor! There are still some tables available. Why not get rid of the fishing stuff you don't need? If you rent a table for $20, you don't have to pay the $5 admission. With the money you make, you can buy some new stuff that you do need? Starting to make sense? If you go to the Niagara Outdoor Show facebook page and like it, you will become a follower. I'll be posting a lot of product for sale. A lot of that info will be posted here, too. Ugliboys will be there. Will you? The 'regulars' seem to be returning and we've got 4 new vendors, so far...
  10. ...started early, this year. Attendance was down in 2018. I was sorting some event stuff and came across a book with over 250 e-mail addresses from gate ballots (from 8 years ago). Nice find to add to the current list that goes out before the show on Sunday, March 10. If you know of someone that might be interested in being involved as a retailer/exhibitor, my contact info is at the bottom of www.niagaraoutdoorshow.com My focus this year is retail. Attendance at shows has changed. There used to be only one show in Toronto. Now, there's two. And there's shows around Toronto, as well. Geography is strange. A big show could not 'make it' in Niagara Falls. Is the Carp show (Ottawa) still going?...I'm not sure. Fort Erie is at the end of the road. Hard to draw from the States and with being a small town, we depend on folks driving a 1/2 hour or more to Fort Erie. Bass Pro, Peter's, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Kijiji and down our way, Cabela's, Gander Mountain and Dick's. Let's not forget Amazon and ebay. The market is flooded with fishing equipment. I appreciate the support of everyone that makes this event possible. If you have a product that is fishing, hunting or boating related and you would like to promote it, an 8' table with linen is $20. We all have fishin' stuff that we don't use anymore. Why not get a table and try to get rid of it? Have some ideas? You can check our facebook page, Niagara Outdoor Show, too...thanx, Bill
  11. ...we had an exciting finish at our event on Sunday at Bertie Boating Club (Point Abino). Enjoying beer and wings on the patio while watching the weigh-in...doesn't get any better! Light winds gave most anglers the opportunity to check out all their 'hotspots'. Wow, it was a scorcher out there, though. Fifteen boats registered. Prizes were awarded to last place. Winning weight was 15.12lbs (3 fish limit) which included big bass at 5.94. See ya next year...
  12. ...Sun.Sept.9...Bertie Boating Club, Point Abino, Lake Erie...115hp maximum...3 bass/live release (livewells mandatory)...artificial lures only...7am-3pm...2 person team...$60 ($5 to ramp incl.)...total payback with prizes to last place...Canadian waters only...I've just made my calls to everyone from last year. If I missed you, give me a shout. As confirmations come in, I'll know better if a few spots will be open. If you're interested, call Bill @ 905-894-1861 and I'll put you on a waiting list. This is a casual event with most competitors returning, annually. Last year, 3 guys from the first year fished our tournament. Limit is 15 boats. You must pre-register. Showing up day of does not work. Cash payout to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Big Bass. Entry fee subsidizes prizes. No pros, please...thanx for lookin'...
  13. My friend worked at Fleet (aircraft) in Fort Erie. Very good fitter. He installed a couple ribs and one bulkhead (?) on my Sea Nymph, years ago. My point...a lot of guys in Fort Erie worked at Fleet and still do. Possibly, you could put a WANTED ad in Fort Erie Buy and Sell? I've done that kind of thing to locate a local service in the past. Only a suggestion. Good luck!
  14. ...I do it a different way and have been using the same 'system' for years...with my 17' Lund and now my 17-10 Alumacraft. I have been buying an 11x19 silver (grey) tarp for a long time. I buy 2 a year. They appear to be waterproof for about six months. The only downfall is that I don't have a cover when I trailer. I've had covers tear in Texas and Tennessee. If I wanted a cover to trailer, I'd buy one. Anyways, the weather seems to dictate that I need two a year. Tarps are easy to bungee, too. Some advantages...on wet mornings, I take the tarp off and put it on my deck (no folding!). Put it on the lawn when I get home to dry at least one side. The tarp doesn't mildew and it's not as heavy as a cover to screw with. Undo the bungees and slide it off. I've been buying the size I need at Harbor Freight for a long time. There is always a 20% coupon for your first item, available to print out from the internet. I save the tarps and have used them for when I shingled my roof, for example. That's just the way I do it. Costs around $40US a year (with coupon) for two tarps.
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