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  1. steellee

    Chest wader advice

    Boots are usually wading boots. Thats the only thing is the upfront cost of 2 items. Wading boots can get pricey but should be able to find a cheaper pair if you look around. I'm using Cabelas Guidewear ones right now and they're great. Another word of advice is get boots with the removable steel studs if possible. They go a long way for grip not just in winter but in any hiking/climbing you'll encounter
  2. steellee

    Chest wader advice

    Almost everyone had redball neoprene back in the day but the've been out of buisness quite some time so the ones you'd be buying would have well above 10-15 years on them.They did make a durable wader though. Bootfoot neoprene have one advantage and thats their warmth. Aside from that you sweat inside them if you do any walking, which you will on Niagara and bootfoots can be annoying and cluncky. A pair of stocking foot breathables is the way to go. Much better fit. Sail has rapala breathables on right now 1/2 off for 99. Might be worth a look. As for layering, yes go a size up in the boot to allow for thick socks. A good pair of proper wading socks go a long way. Than a pair or 2 of fleece or merino underlayer pants depending on weather.
  3. steellee

    Newbie to fishing.

    If night fishing is an option to you may want to give it a go. My favourite largie pond last few years you could fish all day through july and august and get a few dink bass if your lucky. Than at night the pond absolutely comes alive. Its nothing to go froggin' for an hour after an afternoon shift around midnight and get 10-15 blowups landing some absolute monsters you'd never even think swam those waters. Just wish I could land half the blowups I get! Lower Niagara is packed with aggressive untouched smallies also if your up for a hike
  4. steellee

    Salmon spoon chucking rod/reel combo.

    100% baitcaster if your goal is chucking spoons for salmon. I find 9' to be perfect and I have a selection of longer casting rods I could pick from, they just seem to long for that application and you lose the feel. I have the old Loomis canada GL2 blanks for this which are perfect. Also tried St Croix Avids which are almost as nice IMO. Lamiglas specialized in these type of rods and was very nice too if you can find a retailer. If your like me and prefer the lighter flutter spoons than a good reel goes a long way. I use a Calcuuta TE DC and wouldnt give it up.
  5. steellee

    is it smelt time?

    Weren't the salmon introduced to control the smelt and or alewive populations?
  6. steellee

    lead sinkers

    Yet to see it enforced on the catt myself and I've been licence checked often. Never once had them question a rig. It is known but if you ask for a copy of the reservation regulations they ll give you one and there's zero mention of it. Also talking to some locals there this past fall apprently there's a new chief in charge there who's more liberal on it. I also carry a pack of the non lead shot with me there but they SUCK.
  7. steellee

    Cleaning fish riverside

    Shouldn't be too hard to find a suitable piece of driftwood if your fishing around the pool
  8. steellee

    Cleaning fish riverside

    Haha never seen a guy brave enough to fillet Niagara River salmon. Pretty sure if he asked if it was OK to slit and release a trout the conversation would have went a different direction.
  9. steellee

    Cleaning fish riverside

    Free chum!!!
  10. steellee

    Baitcasters and float fishing

    Corsara check your pm's
  11. steellee

    Baitcasters and float fishing

    Not that I don't like it, it does have a time and place for me on my coldest trips of year I just have other setups I generally prefer. I probably would consider selling except I'm always playing with projects on rods and the top 2 clarus piece fit perfectly in an old abu hell bender noodle bottom section that I had. I redid the bottom section and run this as a 10' small creek float rod that I enjoy. So really it's like 2 rods in one. I see clarus come up cheap 60-100 on Kijiji all the time. It's a easy swap for anyone with a rod building jig. Replace the 3 guides on section #2 with double foot casting guides using fourth that is on #3 section to complete transition. Replacing the sliding rings with a triggerseat helps but could be done down the road. Im all the way in london or I might take that on as a quick project. A decent 13' 2 piece would be easy to transition also. Lots of them available cheap. Streamside, quantum make decent ones cheap off the top of my head.
  12. steellee

    Post Your Improvised lures!

    Try storm suspend strips for weighting your baits. They can be easily removed, replaced, trimmed, coloured, whatever. I use them on flutter spoons at times. Where u place the added weight is key to keeping a natural action. Weighting the trebles like that is not only Ugly but it's killing the natural action of the lure.
  13. steellee

    Rod parts

    Johns fly material in london. His shop is stocked. Also will mail probably cheaply for what u need. Only walk-in store that has much for rod building I know of. Also a good guy to deal with
  14. steellee

    Baitcasters and float fishing

    Yes easily. The 13' I have is actually a 13', 4 pc shimano clarus too. All I did was rewrap the 3 guides on piece #2 in a spiral pattern shifting the line gradually to the bottom guides, the 4th guide that is on piece #3 makes up the full transition to the line being on the bottom guides. I also cut the cork back from the top and put on a casting reel seat with a nice short foregrip. It probably took an hour or or so all told and I took it off the rod dryer and was fishing with it the next morning. Later on after a few trips I realized the guides were too small and rewrapped the 4-5 last guides with a larger minima style guide much better for winter. The whole thing was basically a project I wanted too try with a gift card I had, a rod on sale, and components I already had laying around. If you do go this route make sure the float rod you choose has medium or low frame guides or you won't get a nice transition or need to rewrap the entire rod. It does have a time and place but I prefer my 10'6 it's just a much nicer feeling rod.
  15. steellee

    Baitcasters and float fishing

    I know you can get rods in the 11'6 range for the baitcast technique from Loomis, rapala, raven off the top of my head. It's becoming more popular so maybe some 13' or so are out but I haven't seen them from a factory. The problem with that length is you almost need to be spiral wrapped or the torque over that length of rod is going to want to twist the rod when fighting fish. . The line will actually run beneath the blank when you see this happen. Most that length you see are custom builds. It's pretty easy to have someone convert a 13-14 to spiral wrap in most cases. Might be the way to go. Also a word of advice a rod like this feels heavy in hand as you don't have a 10 oz centerpin on the bottom to balance it out like a traditional float setup. Try putting your baitcaster on a 13' with sliding rings upside down and you ll see what I mean. All that being said it's a perfectly fine alternative to centerpins if you find the right setup