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  1. Couldn't make it out last night to throw some frogs for bass opener but was out early for an hour or 2 this morning. Lots of missed fish like usual and was able to land a few. Will be back for the night bite once or 2x next week I hope
  2. Ya. Not as heavy as some but like 30lb braid on baitcaster. First thing they usually do on hookset is try to hang you up in the thick stuff. A high gear ratio reel helps too. I'm mostly a river guy but in summer months its my hands down favourite way to fish.
  3. Most of my bass fishing is throwing frogs in the pads and I find the best pad fishing for me is at night. During the heat of summer bass will hole up and stay deeper by day. At night they move in to the shallows and constantly cruise the highways underneath the pads. Also the majority of frogs seem to be far more active at night hours which bass know to expect. I plan to be out this opener trying myself
  4. Lots of smallie fishing right in town in Paris if you are willing to wade and chuck lures.
  5. Did a bunch of mine over this quarantine. Take apart, good cleaning of all the old gunk. Qtips and clean rags. Than reel grease on gears, oil on bearings.
  6. Had a few rodbuilding projects laying around the house I got done having the extra time on my hands. Few guides to replace and rewrap etc.
  7. One from a kwikie first cast today. Spent the rest of the day watching my 7 yr old learn to fight suckers on a centerpin... 20200503_153323~5.mp4 20200503_174057~2.mp4
  8. For small erie creeks I usually fish I run anywhere from a size k4-k7 on kwikfish of f4-f6 on flatfish. Niagara a k8-k9 or bigger for salmon. Like mentioned above keep them slow as possible. Start at the top of the pool and cast across letting the bait sweep back in, do this a few times and take a few steps down. Repeat until you've worked the pool. I run them off a 3 way, with just enough weight on dropper to cast it well. Your leader length depends on size of lure. Ideally you bang rocks with your bait just occasionaly rather than dig into bottom. If the water in a pool is too fast I'll swap out to a 2" jplug or a hotshot which run truer in fast water. Favouite colors of mine are gold, silver/pink, silver/blue, but I probably have 150+ in my box and all colors work matched up with right conditions. Even have some beat up ones I customize with sharpies that still catch constantly. Its almost all I do anymore and I have a rack of expensive centerpins and other rods just collecting dust. Nothing beats the take of a kwikie...
  9. Cool vid. Gotta add some small kwikfish/flatfish to that box! Thats my small creek go to fished on a 3way.
  10. Not signing that either. But the all spots named will be gong shows guaranteed. I would expect local municipalities to have law enforcement step up patrol if not block off the known hotspots. That being said, to delay the start of season is just crazy. The opener weekend is for most a tradition or a get together more than a hardcore fishing day. If I hit any of the known spots i wait until midweek after opener many of the creeks are dead. On opener weekend I have 2 small tribs already planned out where I can hike for miles and chances of running into anyone is slim to none. It's up to us to use common sense, fish alone and distance ourselves but it can be done..
  11. No doubt about that...
  12. Opener on the east Lake O tribs seems to be the ones getting pressure for closures. Makes sense considering the sheer amount of people the runs attract from all over. Lots of lesser known creeks you could walk for miles and not see another person though. I know I'll be out every day conditions co-operate. Also conservation areas seem to be regulating in accordance with the municipality they lie in. The ones my way are all still open to public.
  13. Steelies should be on the redds starting soon all through may in the pool. Not gonna get much of a break unless whirlpool stairs are shut down too...
  14. A small Erie creek I fish regularly for steelhead, bass and such has seen pike take hold out of nowhere. Started fishing this creek maybe ten years ago. Caught all kinds of trout, bass, course fish etc. Never seen a pike or heard of one being caught. 3-4 years back I can remember catching a small hammer handle pike one day and wondering what it would be doing so far up river in a small creek. Not long after I was getting them consistently and each year I'm seeing more and more and bigger ones, to the point now I would say they're the dominant species. I can remember chubs always annoying me while trouting in this creek as they'd be very dense in spots, now I havent seen one in a few years which is why the pike first establiished here in my opinion. Amazing how quickly an ecosytem can change.
  15. Mikes reel repair is one of the biggest online parts depots. Used them in the past with no issue. Lots of parts even for older reels and tonnes of schematics for each reel. I'd probably try a call to shimano in peterborough first depending on the age/model of your stradic.
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