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  1. Niagara River, water level changing so often...

    This has been the norm for 3-4 years now. Like said above its 100% green energy. Wind power mostly. The days of the big Nov. 1 drop are way behind us. As a kid we fished the queenston reservoir daily and you could set your watch to the level beginning to drain at 330 everyday. The power canal levels were always predictable too. That again is all behind us. Fisherman were spoiled with some good years of the lowest water levels I ve ever seen on Niagara during the new tunnel construction, which opened up some prime water but since the project was announced finished it's been completely unstable water levels.??? I've found some spots that fish nice even in the high water and see little to no pressure, just got to put some legwork in when conditions in the traditional spots aren't working

    I always found there's a short window right after dark where it's aggressive than dies off for a few hours. After that it's off and on in stages all night with another usual aggressive window just before daybreak.

    Farther east you travel along Lake O generally the earlier start to the salmon run. Late August is the time you just gotta get out and try. Boat can get you away from the pier gong show at the very least, probably in the casting zone of more fish too
  4. Little Pike Lake

    Little pike??!
  5. whats your nicest trout (s)

    Looks like 'The Fishing Corner' in the old Home Hardware. I remember weighing in derby fish there also
  6. SKI-ing

    Musky need a heavy setup not necessarily for their fight but for others reasons. I've caught a bunch on float rods and bass rods incidentally and none have taken overly long to get in or ran the way a big trout or salmon would. The reason for heavy braid is partly because the sheer size of the lures your casting. Anything less than 50-60# and any minor tangle whatsoever your lures gone. The thicker braid has less tendency to dig into itself and cause tangles.Also you can really put the brakes to skis in the fight but now imagine if you do break off and leave a big 3 treble 12" bait in the fish's mouth. That's a disaster waiting to happen and quite different than leaving a #10-14 hook in a trout or salmon.. Salmon rods will get you by but a specific musky rod is way more stiff mostly for the reason to hammer those big trebles into the bony toothy mouth of these fish.
  7. Port Dalhousie Report

    On the long net subject we used to use a mountain bike rim with the rubber mesh tie strapped on and 4 lengths of rope tied to a long 20-30 ft section. Literally landed thousands of fish in the forebays back in the day this way. Easy to make and Could be useful in a spot like the walk bridge
  8. The river

    Yup big Lakers.
  9. Bailey Bridge in Jordon

    The 'grey area' in many of these situations is the guys who "sucker fish" with roe bags, 13' rods and pins. Pretty common on a lot of Erie tribs. If you really want bass, carp and catfish there is much better spots in niagara to target that's for sure. Suckers tend to run the creeks to spawn around the same time as the rainbows though creating an enforcement issue.
  10. To cure or not to cure

    Find a lot is how you package it also. Loose bow and brown I air dry until tacky right out of fish than package in small individual day use containers from dollar store.(think there for salad dressing). Wrap the package in tinfoil than a paper towel, tape up and freeze. I have tried a combination of borax,brown sugar and pickling salt dissolved in water with my best success as far as curing. Commercial cures haven't worked well for me but maybe I'm doing something wrong. Skein I find is messier and needs cure if you want to freeze at all. Works great especially in winter though if you can get out enough to use up a skein before it's refrigerator life expires.(2-3 weeks)
  11. Drift fishing question

    Walleye on the lower aren't any easy fish to dial in on. You ll probably be busy with a lot of bass, sheep etc before you find them. The whole fun of the lower is the diversity of the fishery, you never know when you'll get something completely unexpected. My multi species summer favourite baits are either a fin-s style minnow 3-4" jigged or dropshot or a cleo or Williams spoon depending on current, worked SLOW similar to a jig. I've got walleye right of shore on husky Jerks and rippling redfins but that's generally earlier in the year
  12. Drift fishing question

    Harnesses might be a bit harder never tried it. Lots of experience drifting quikfish there and the current does all the work for you, just need the electrics to stay on course like u said. If your into tieing your own Harnesses maybe try ones that will float to keep it off bottom a few feet and I think that would be money. Doesn't take much resistance to get the blades spinning just like it doesn't take much to get a quickie wobbling
  13. Reel wanted.

    ^^^ just re-read the thread maybe shimano old fighting drag is the same design as what you call quick drag.
  14. Reel wanted.

    On the cheap you can always look for the old shimano reels with the fighting drag. It's like a drag overriding a drag and and can be used similar to a bait runner. The secondary " fighting drag" can be set to minimum allowing line to peel then turned up instantly for the hookset. These reels were extremely popular through the 80's and 90's and most were built like tanks. Should not be hard too hard to come across cheap. I've still got a few and that's what I use when I get the itch to carp fish which isn't often

    Take it the 5lb cat hit something other than your top water frog?