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  1. First as in your stripper guide? Or your tiptop?. Hot glue will work on your tiptop like was said. If its your stripper guide and you need a rewrap don't mess around trying hardware store epoxies. It'll yellow and crack in no time. Its not made to flex. It should be done with flex coat and cured rolling on a motor or finish will sag. I could do it easy enough for ya but am in London area. For any rod building supplies (guides, etc)use Johns flymaterial in London. Best walk-in store I know for rodbuilding supplies. Most big tackle stores have a piss poor selection if anything.
  2. With all the snags down there I'd be scared of losing the camera!
  3. Yup. I like the smaller jr. ones. Also the popping frog from them. Some of my biggest bass came from the Lunkerfrog jr. Something different as they have legs instead of skirts. Even the dollarama MAKO frog has been a good producer. Just takes on a lot of water to be squeezed out more often. I have 1 or 2 of most brands I try
  4. I'm surprised Niagara Parks hasn't monetized the Queenston and Upper river launches it has yet like its done to just about everything else! Just a matter of time. Pay some kid minimum wage to sit and collect ramp fees in season.
  5. Ya missed hits is the name of the game for frogs. I found the first night starting around midnight I only really have my ears to hear the hits and react. Terrible hookup ratio... Full moon is my favourite for topwater as you get that extra reflection to see the boils in. Next night went an hour before dark as I wanted to see where some of the open pockets were and my hookup ratio was fine. Think like 4/5 in that hour... Also helps to trim the skirts on your frogs and give the hooks a slight bend away from the body. I do much prefer a hard topwater bait like rapala skitterpop but in this dense of a spot weedless frogs are your only option. Should be even better this week now the nights have cooled slightly. Still waiting for a true hog out of here this year. Most years I get some well over 5#.
  6. Managed to get out 2x the past week for some night largie topwater action. Bass forum seems pretty slow so figured I'd add something to get it going. Fishing some super thick wetlands where you need to be fast or your hung up in 50 pounds of pads and slop. Probably about 20% blowup to land ratio but the violent strikes are the funnest part and its still one of my favourite ways to catch mid summer bass. SPRO frog in black seemed to get the most bites, best ratio and best cast distance for me. All brands and colors seem to get bit though
  7. steellee

    Full moon

    When bass open I often fish topwater frogs on the full moons. Seems to be the best action of the month. Also the only time I can somewhat make out my bait and its action in the reflection of the moon light.
  8. steellee

    kid fish'n

    Firemans park is right in the Falls. Always had your regular panfish/ course fish and about as safe as it gets. Lots of room to explore if they get bored
  9. Was excited for today with a full gameplan until yesterdays big rain. Now just have to keep my eyes on the charts and watch as a few of the smaller systems are on the drop. My 2 prefered creeks are on the smaller side and drop quickly. Just got to hope for minimal rain for a few days
  10. Johns fly material is a popular place for fly guys up here London way. He does mail order as well as his walk-in fly / rodbuilding supply buisness. Good chance he may have what you need.
  11. Took a walk in the nice weather this evening. Not much help to Niagara carper's but had a look at the Dalewood dam on Kettle Creek (Erie trib off Port Stanley). Surprised to see the carp run already in full force. Counted at least a few dozen rolling in the shallows. Probably way more but looking into like 18" vis and creek was wide open free of ice. Didn't see a fish under 10#. This creek seeks to attract every carp in erie in spring, you can almost literally walk across them but surprised to see them this early in the spawning motions. I'm sure anywhere with open water and right conditions are right behind now too.
  12. I've done decent in the past floatfishing roe with a glow bead or bottom bouncing roe with a glow corky. Always tie bigger bags if I no I'll be fishing before/after dark.works best in slower pools in clear water obviously. Browns and salmon are both far more noctural though I find
  13. Leader line can't beat Drennan. Toughest floro out there. Maxima Ultra green if the waters stained or fish aren't being picky. Cheap, crazy strong and was the go to before floro. If your spooling your reel I'd again recommend Maxima Floro.
  14. Hopefully it's better than the Berkley Vanish floro. The only thing that vanished was every fish off the end of your line. Was by far the worst line I've ever used as far as knot strength.
  15. 5+ years ago when Lower Niagara had a consistent low water level I seen quite a few spey guys have success spey fishing streamers in glen area. With water up so high nowadays must make a backcast pretty tough.
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