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  1. Johns fly material is a popular place for fly guys up here London way. He does mail order as well as his walk-in fly / rodbuilding supply buisness. Good chance he may have what you need.
  2. Took a walk in the nice weather this evening. Not much help to Niagara carper's but had a look at the Dalewood dam on Kettle Creek (Erie trib off Port Stanley). Surprised to see the carp run already in full force. Counted at least a few dozen rolling in the shallows. Probably way more but looking into like 18" vis and creek was wide open free of ice. Didn't see a fish under 10#. This creek seeks to attract every carp in erie in spring, you can almost literally walk across them but surprised to see them this early in the spawning motions. I'm sure anywhere with open water and right conditions are right behind now too.
  3. I've done decent in the past floatfishing roe with a glow bead or bottom bouncing roe with a glow corky. Always tie bigger bags if I no I'll be fishing before/after dark.works best in slower pools in clear water obviously. Browns and salmon are both far more noctural though I find
  4. Leader line can't beat Drennan. Toughest floro out there. Maxima Ultra green if the waters stained or fish aren't being picky. Cheap, crazy strong and was the go to before floro. If your spooling your reel I'd again recommend Maxima Floro.
  5. Hopefully it's better than the Berkley Vanish floro. The only thing that vanished was every fish off the end of your line. Was by far the worst line I've ever used as far as knot strength.
  6. 5+ years ago when Lower Niagara had a consistent low water level I seen quite a few spey guys have success spey fishing streamers in glen area. With water up so high nowadays must make a backcast pretty tough.
  7. A few hundred yards left of there is another sketchy way down scaling a cliff than on to the telephone wire lol. We always called it 'Bass Bay'. Sometimes we'd start there and work our way up to the metal ladder out. Certainly a bass factory. Was once relatively popular as a party spot for locals but was down a few years ago and its really grown in so I don't think too many venture down these days
  8. Fished that whole hydro area right up until they began enforcing heavily. We had an old mountain bike rim with rubber mesh on a rope we drop down the wall to get the big ones up. The bottom end of that canal system was so packed with a multispecies barrage of fish! Remember summer everyday we'd hit the cray pond in there catch 5 dozen or so softshell in 20 mins. Head to the canal, use cray or vertical jig cleos, krocs, or williams which ever was hot for the day. Run out of crayfish than head back to the small cray pond catch another 5 dozen or so and by that time the reservoir was beginning its nightly 330 drop you could set your watch to. Never even pit a dent in that small ponds crayfish population. Head out there to the point where the smallies only had one channel to get through to get back to deep water for the night. Fish til it was either too low or run out of crayfish again. Than repeat that pattern the next day everyday all summer. Once september came, in through december we'd fish the deer ramp just before Beck 2. Stacked with rainbows until your arms were sore. So many old photos out of there too. Still think I knew that entire section as well as anyone. It all came to an end around 98' when Ontario Hydro changed to OPG and around the same time another local angler sadly fell in to his demise. Looking back all the times we spent fishing off those walls hanging over landing fish I always feel pretty lucky none of us ever took that plunge.
  9. Remember the days of keeping a disposable camera in my vest while fishing. Never knew what you were going to get when you took those 24 shots in lol. Still have tonnes of old developed fish photos
  10. I've had many 40 rainbow DAYS in the power canal forebays.. many 20 rainbow days in the Queenston reservoir. Seen both Brown and Palomino trout caught in there too. Best mixed bag of fishing I've ever seen. All these fish only have access to the hydro canals from the Welland river. Of course this is going back 20+ years
  11. Mostly fishing smaller L. Erie tribs so far this year. Best producing bait has been tiny gold F5 flatfish on a 3way with 1/4 oz drop shot sinker. Silver/blue has been decent too. Start at the top of the pool and work it slowly letting currents do most of the work. If no bites after a few drifts move a few steps down etc. Work a pool in 15 mins. No bites, no fish on to the next! Last 3-4 years find my self bringing the floatrod less and less. Hard to beat the smash on kwikfish/flatfish
  12. They can put in for it I'm sure. At the end of the day it's a hassle they make no $ off
  13. Local tackle shop I use gives you a plastic slip one side paper licence, one side card with their logo on it when you buy a license. Keeps everything neat and easy. Also seems to be the only place left nowadays that gives you a paper copy of the new reg's with your license. Most places nowadays couldn't care less because theres no money in it for them
  14. Use the thill nylon stoppers or look up bobber stop 'nail knot'. Its a knot some old steelheaders used for floatfishing before stoppers were popular commercially. Then just trim it closely as possible. Like was mentioned earlier a small bead is needed with either method
  15. Boots are usually wading boots. Thats the only thing is the upfront cost of 2 items. Wading boots can get pricey but should be able to find a cheaper pair if you look around. I'm using Cabelas Guidewear ones right now and they're great. Another word of advice is get boots with the removable steel studs if possible. They go a long way for grip not just in winter but in any hiking/climbing you'll encounter
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