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  1. Climate change for sure, the glaciers on Lake Superior are disappearing faster
  2. Retired 12 years ago as well, 2008 just before the big stock market meltdown, this virus downturn is small potatoes compared to that one.
  3. a 3D printed gun is more dangerous to the person holding it than in front of it
  4. New York is not the wild west, the gun laws there are almost as anal as the ones in Canada. Every state is different , typically the areas of the highest crime rates have the strictest gun laws , if that makes any sense.
  5. Couple of boats with fishing gear just drove by my place, I would guess they are looking for Forans. Anyone own a Smoker Craft with a Merc 75 or a Mirrocraft with a 60 ??? 😂
  6. Bought a Nintendo Switch Console, wife plays Zelda, I play Fortnite, helps pass the time. With our health problems we will be under isolation for a few months yet.
  7. dave524

    NEW ROD !!

    Built a lot of rods on those Fenwick/Woodstream fibreglass blanks in the 80's any numbers on it ? https://www.fishingtalks.com/fenwick-rod-catalog-1982-16901.html
  8. Bronte might have a few Brookies above Lowville dam, check it out
  9. Good luck, Canada is governed by a few urban metrocultures that don't even resemble Canada anymore, the way our voting and ridings are set up. Haven't been to TO in over ten years and I lived there 5 years going to university '69 to '74 , felt like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, " we aren't in Canada anymore Toto " probably worse now.
  10. Get a weight forward Hi Density sinking line and run black Wooly Buggers
  11. A few years ago they were reported to be here as well, turned out to be the native Cicada Killers. They are the same size and look just as scary. https://www.cicadamania.com/cicadas/10-facts-about-cicada-killer-wasps/
  12. This really burns me "Indigenous hunters will be excluded from Canada’s sweeping ban on 1,500 assault weapons announced Friday. “There will be an exception for Indigenous people’s exercising a section 35 hunting right, as well as those who use the weapon for hunting to feed themselves or their family,” said Justice Minister David Lametti. “They may continue using firearms that were previously non-restricted for these purposes until a suitable replacement can be acquired.”
  13. The framework of the firearms legislation is such that he can bypass democratic process and do this through Order in Council, doesn't matter if he has a minority and it would not pass in the house. But I'm sure the Dippers, Blockheads and Greenies would have been onboard anyway.
  14. Order in Council , no debate, favourite method of gun grabbing Liberals. You have 2 years before they have to be turned in , hopefully we will have an election before then, but then again elections go the way a few urban metrocultures that don't even resemble Canada anymore vote, like TO. Quite a few are not even registered on the list with the the long gun registry SUPPOSEDLY gone 😉, so there are no records, I suspect more than a few will go underground as you say , break out the cosmoline 👍
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