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  1. About the same time they trained retrievers in that pond, think they even held a few competitions there. Dad and I used to get crayfish in the cemetery on 20 Hwy back closer to Turner's Corners, knew the caretaker.
  2. Yeah , Holland and Kottmeier would be the best, if it is the bridge I think it is. Some good carp fishing down Holland to the north too.
  3. Pretty sure it was training for the fire dept, torching it is not standard operation for a demo.
  4. Should have replaced the Port Robinson Bridge 🤣
  5. Much the same here, 2 60 pound dogs on the bed at first light.
  6. I wouldn't cook the lawn dart in the house. Good going.
  7. Never fly fished with the Fonz, but back in the early 70's I used to fly fish Spring Creek and the Oatka River east of Buffalo in NY, couple of times I met Jim Lorentz of the Sabres and later TV commentator on the river, he was big on fly fishing too, wrote a book on fishing Atlantic Salmon in later years. edit:https://buffalonews.com/2017/11/15/former-sabre-lorentz-finds-the-net-with-fishing-book/
  8. Da Fonz, but it looks like a resident fish , not a steelie. Probably some high class river in Montana where the rich and famous play.
  9. Gun owner here, only been one way to vote since the '70's, well I did vote Reform in '93 😀.
  10. dave524


    Smerch do you remember before the QEW and Don Campbell's 😀 Edit; this bridge I believe is the one in the air shot
  11. dave524


    There wasn't a problem shore fishing there in the early 50's by the look of the cars
  12. dave524


    Did that trip many times in the 70's and 80's when Don Campbell had the marina in the harbour.
  13. Looks like a coyote on your front porch 🤣
  14. dave524

    Unique 2

    Ditto on the one one the left, the 2 on the right were used with a large chub or shiner for trolling lake trout , you hook up the shiner like a quick strike rig for pike and musky.
  15. Why don't you launch at St Catharines marina on the east side of the Weller spit to fish the bar ?
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