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  1. Importing more Liberals because Canadians won't vote for him https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/politics/canada-plans-to-admit-over-1-million-new-immigrants/ar-BBS7qTC?li=AAggNb9
  2. Best idea is making Trudeau a drama teacher again this year.
  3. dave524

    Whis is this forum so slow?

    still painfully slow
  4. dave524

    Any action on the Niagara Bar?

    Look on the Grimsby Tackle facebook page
  5. dave524

    Squarebills for trout????

    Good article smerch, those type plugs are my go to when fishing a particular river full of log jams that made traditional bottom bouncing or float fishing near impossible, just drop them back under the logs.
  6. dave524

    Squarebills for trout????

    By squarebills I assume you are talking the short fat lipped baits like a fat rap, don't cast them but have used them for hotshotting in rivers for steelhead.
  7. dave524

    Float fishing at whirlpool

    I always ran a slip float at the whirlpool and my shot bulked on the bottom half, makes the constant adjusting easier.
  8. dave524

    Controlled Hunt

    There is no issue with you checking your property for poachers and taking stock of what's around the area, actually commendable . BUT if you placed your buddy in a stand and are doing the same walk about without a license and unintentionally move a deer and it passes in range of your buddy , does he hold fire as you are now part of the hunt ? You are going to have a hard time proving that was not your intention all along if a CO confronts you.
  9. dave524

    Controlled Hunt

    That is not how any CO I know, ( and I worked for the Ministry at one time) , would see it.
  10. dave524

    Deer butcher near St.Catharines

    Honestly, I find the flavour better if you debone and remove the fat and silverskin, not difficult.
  11. dave524

    Flies in Port Dalhousie

    Yarn flies and minnow imitating streamers.
  12. dave524

    over fishing and rule breaker

    At those fine amounts it is just a cost of doing business, when pickerel fillets are 10 -12 bucks a pound. A suspended jail term means he is not in jail unless they catch him again
  13. dave524

    Android boxes

    the guy I got my IPTV with installed a patch for Terrarium , hopefully it will work for a while.
  14. dave524

    Android boxes

    Now that Terrarium is DOA what is everyone using to watch TV shows ?