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  1. 2 best bucks I ever shot I was smoking one of those tipped Colt's cigars ( rum flavoured /wine dipped) in my treestand, I always theorized it masked the human scent. Deer don't see particularly well too IMHO, don't move and they have a hard time identifying you.
  2. I used to do the glowstick on float thing on the Bighead at night in the fall, my old Shakespeare 1810 closed face underspin worked a lot better on my floatrod than the centrepin in the dark 😂.
  3. I recall Rick O'Banion posting a few pics of 12 pound class Walleye taken at Port Dalhousie pier at night.
  4. dave524


    we bought the android box outright through a reseller, he keeps it up to date with Kodi like addons for watching old shows and movies, for live TV there is hundreds of US and Cdn channels including TSN and Sportsnet and over a thousand if you include foreign stuff, we email him 15 bucks a month.
  5. Farmer should have offered you the opportunity to outbid the outfitter if you have been hunting there for years.
  6. Country Joe and the Fish, from Woodstock 69, the fish cheer 😲
  7. seen more swans than snow geese around here, big difference in size though , Swans are huge, Snows are quite a bit smaller than Canadas. Swans are very vocal too, were they doing a lot of calling?
  8. yes , just clicked on the fishing forum and presto, I'm here. touch wood edit: even the back button is speedy 😃
  9. Just keep changing the wifi password and hold it ransom till the chores are done 😃
  10. Importing more Liberals because Canadians won't vote for him https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/politics/canada-plans-to-admit-over-1-million-new-immigrants/ar-BBS7qTC?li=AAggNb9
  11. Best idea is making Trudeau a drama teacher again this year.
  12. Look on the Grimsby Tackle facebook page
  13. Good article smerch, those type plugs are my go to when fishing a particular river full of log jams that made traditional bottom bouncing or float fishing near impossible, just drop them back under the logs.
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