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  1. Hamilton isn't any better with the Red Hill being repaved over the next 2 months 😖
  2. Smerch, that is the exterior of the building in the Standard article, looks like a few bags at the one door , maybe the others is underwater. Wow, first taxes can act like a thermostat controlling the temperature of the earth , now they can act like a dam floodgate controlling the lake levels, who would have thunk 😏 Guess I should have got a degree in drama instead of a honours science.
  3. Just around the corner from my home, highest I've seen it in my 35 years here, down a bit now, it was wind that pushed it that high. edit: this is the exterior of the building in the Standard article
  4. Income source ?????????? 😂 last I heard the government is losing money selling drugs so far, how screwed up is that ?
  5. I grew up a bike ride from St. Johns. When it first opened , the first few years, early 60's, they actually put Brookies in there and there was no trash fish or algae. The pics I have seen recently it looks pretty sad.
  6. Some of those old ones had a small reserve tank, no gauge, when it started to sputter you switched a lever to the reserve tank and looked a gas station. Mine had a heater that actually burned gas, still didn't defrost the windshield worth beans, one hand steering and a scraper in the other, was worse the more people breathing , helped also to keep the window open a crack.
  7. I recall putting 2 bucks in my '68 VW Bug, darn near filled the tank.
  8. Serves them right for voting in a NDP Government 😎
  9. If I am not mistaken , I think income tax was originally a temporary tax to pay for the war effort, not sure if it was the first or second WW.
  10. Went out a bit ago, skunk patrol before letting the dogs out, tons of dew worms/nightcrawlers all over the back lawn.
  11. Cops should be the first ones through the door, when the situation is secure bring in the SPCA.
  12. Good call on the SPCA's part, people that abuse animals often have a criminal background and a propensity to violence, better an armed officer than a part timer or volunteer enforcing this if it becomes a SHTF situation. In a lot of cases they could be in a much danger as a CO. and they are trained at police college and carry a sidearm.
  13. 2 best bucks I ever shot I was smoking one of those tipped Colt's cigars ( rum flavoured /wine dipped) in my treestand, I always theorized it masked the human scent. Deer don't see particularly well too IMHO, don't move and they have a hard time identifying you.
  14. I used to do the glowstick on float thing on the Bighead at night in the fall, my old Shakespeare 1810 closed face underspin worked a lot better on my floatrod than the centrepin in the dark 😂.
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