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  1. dave524

    Old Reel

    All on Channel 13 on the CB Radios, overflow went to 15. Now not a peep on CB.
  2. I like it better when one year was blue on white and the next year was white on blue.
  3. Just wait till Cormorant season opens and a bag limit of 50 and you can let them rot and couple of guys dump a 100 dead cormorants indiscreetly and the press will be all over it like stink on a hog. sorry if I offended any pigs 🤣
  4. Yeah , they really need to dispose of the carcasses more discreetly, I assume there is not enough money in the pelts anymore to make it worth while skinning and shipping to the fur auction like we did in the late '70's. Back then we'd get 50 to 60 bucks a pelt and making $7 a hr. at a good job, like a days pay per yote.
  5. dave524

    Upper river

    very few, don't think anybody is actively stocking Erie any more but the odd one shows up
  6. Orvis was a Fly Fishing shop that used to be where Stoney Inn was near Grays and 8, Didn't last long, it was a high end Fly Fishing shop. Yeah , that was started by Searle Industries. They manufactured clay targets for trap and skeet shooting in a facility at 35 Covington, just off Barton . They had a high end gun shop at the front of the factory and I spent a lot of bucks there in the 70's. Expanding and moving into the Orvis shop was their downfall and as you say it didn't last long.
  7. You remember any of these ? maybe the last one 🤣
  8. Remember launching there in the '80's, when salmon fishing was a 100 times more popular than today, parking lot was full and overflow on the service road went a long ways back to regional 24.
  9. Globalists need a global crisis that requires global government, therefore we have a manufactured climate crisis , no science involved all politics.
  10. There was a vaccine for Lyme, it was legal for human use for a few years , then withdrawn as a few developed side effects , so now only my dogs get it https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/is-it-time-to-bring-back-the-lyme-disease-vaccine-1.4059767
  11. I've used something very similar for close to 30 years, fish'em vertical or cast and retrieve https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/manns-the-little-george-spoons
  12. They have lasted at least 13 years 🤣
  13. Just how does it snow inside a tunnel , just asking?
  14. Any word on the remaining payload after the batteries are figured in ?
  15. In the 60's dad had a high power spotting scope , we use to watch them on Navy Island along the Niagara Parkway. Maybe 15 years ago , saw one down just upstream from the mouth of Forty Creek on the far bank next to Foran's Marina a couple of times. Sat upright , definitely an Otter or it was the tallest , skinniest beaver I ever saw.
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