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  1. Looks like a coyote on your front porch 🀣
  2. dave524

    Unique 2

    Ditto on the one one the left, the 2 on the right were used with a large chub or shiner for trolling lake trout , you hook up the shiner like a quick strike rig for pike and musky.
  3. Why don't you launch at St Catharines marina on the east side of the Weller spit to fish the bar ?
  4. Nobody said what lake they were talking about, I sorta suspected Erie but I can see Ontario from the end of my drive
  5. I'm in Grimsby πŸ˜‚
  6. Looked at the lake a few hours ago , four to five footers with whitecaps rolling in out of the NE.
  7. Grass Carp were available up to about 15 years ago here as a biological control for weeds in farm ponds, still available in NY, Alberta and other places. Long lived and still a bunch out there, sorta fake news, its the other Asian Carp you need to worry about. https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/7973.html
  8. Bowfishing and spears perhaps, maybe they could expand the season, think it is just may and june you can spear carp now. edit: guess a bit of spinach on a 5/0 treble with a heavy sinker might be effective tooπŸ˜‚ they are filter feeders, so traditional angling is out.
  9. Asian carp are plankton feeders, totally different diet than common carp and are actually supposed to be quite good.
  10. I fished the ones just east of Cement plant Rd back in the '70's, used to be a popular swimming hole before the homes were built off Clarence. Best fishing was in the one north of the tracks, good Largies, ton of stunted,overpopulated Bluegills and I recall one large Pike about 10 pounds once.
  11. Went to St Kitts today , calm out from Jordan Harbour, going and when I came home.
  12. body recovered on CHCH news tonite
  13. 10 bucks a gram or so at the Ontario Cannabis Store while on the street you can get good quality for 7 a gram and no paper trail to get you barred from entering the U.S. etc.
  14. Update, looks like the Lincoln County Humane Society has stepped up and will handle calls across the region. https://www.wellandtribune.ca/news-story/9480575-lincoln-county-humane-society-takes-over-cruelty-cases/
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