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  1. Went to St Kitts today , calm out from Jordan Harbour, going and when I came home.
  2. body recovered on CHCH news tonite
  3. 10 bucks a gram or so at the Ontario Cannabis Store while on the street you can get good quality for 7 a gram and no paper trail to get you barred from entering the U.S. etc.
  4. Update, looks like the Lincoln County Humane Society has stepped up and will handle calls across the region. https://www.wellandtribune.ca/news-story/9480575-lincoln-county-humane-society-takes-over-cruelty-cases/
  5. Looks like cut bait for Channels. 🤣
  6. Only country?? the 2 rod thing is provincial legislation is it not ? If it goes through we will see a big increase in people supposedly fishing carp.
  7. I'd suggest the Rocky Saugeen, there used to be a ton of small pan size Specs there, they are dumber than a bag of hammers and usually not fussy on the fly or even the presentation.
  8. So sorry to hear that . " Having a dog will bless you with some of the happiest days of your life and also one of the worst " so true.
  9. And Trudeau can't form a sentence with a dozen or so ums and ahs in it. So sorry that the younger generations have heard the Liberal lies repeated so often that they now believe them to be the truth.
  10. at another time it was covered by a massive glacier, all without mankind's influence. It's going to happen again, with or without anything we do or don't do. I suspect my flushing the toilette has about as much effect on the flooding as my carbon footprint effects weather trends. Either way, it's an after I'm dead problem, I just wish I could come back when the cycle swings the other way and laugh at everyone that got duped by the climate change cult, Justin and Climate Barbie remind me of Jim and Tammy Baker of the " Pass The Loot Club".
  11. Hamilton isn't any better with the Red Hill being repaved over the next 2 months 😖
  12. Smerch, that is the exterior of the building in the Standard article, looks like a few bags at the one door , maybe the others is underwater. Wow, first taxes can act like a thermostat controlling the temperature of the earth , now they can act like a dam floodgate controlling the lake levels, who would have thunk 😏 Guess I should have got a degree in drama instead of a honours science.
  13. Just around the corner from my home, highest I've seen it in my 35 years here, down a bit now, it was wind that pushed it that high. edit: this is the exterior of the building in the Standard article
  14. Income source ?????????? 😂 last I heard the government is losing money selling drugs so far, how screwed up is that ?
  15. I grew up a bike ride from St. Johns. When it first opened , the first few years, early 60's, they actually put Brookies in there and there was no trash fish or algae. The pics I have seen recently it looks pretty sad.
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