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  1. dave524

    Android boxes

    Now that Terrarium is DOA what is everyone using to watch TV shows ?
  2. dave524

    Highest price ever ?

    Sound decision on their part, people will buy it with the buck a beer program and when the price eventually goes up they might retain them as customers. Costco at 50 Road always has the best price on gas here, plus if you have the executive card you get a few more cents back with the yearly rebate.
  3. dave524

    Rod setup for carp.

    Smerch, you don't need a big reel I use 5000 or 6500 series Ambassedeurs with 12 or 15 pound mono.
  4. dave524

    Rod setup for carp.

    I like a bait caster, set in free spool with the clicker on, bonus is that you have an audible bite alarm. 10 1/2 foot west coast type steelhead/salmon rod works good.
  5. dave524

    Port Pier & Eels

    I tagged her facebook page with a link to the Standard article, she replied a friend had another one on since then but it broke the line lifting it onto the pier, guess they are more common than people think.
  6. dave524

    Port Pier & Eels

    Let it go, yeah, bigger than any I ever caught in my 68 years. Last one was like 30 years ago at the mouth of the Forty here.
  7. dave524

    Port Pier & Eels

    My step daughter caught one last week on the pier, big one too. edit: added pic May 28th
  8. dave524

    Otters in port D

    There was an otter around the mouth of Forty Mile about ten years ago. First time I had seen one down here since we used to watch them playing on the bank of Navy Island as a kid with dad's spotting scope about 1960.
  9. dave524

    Tim Horton

    It was on the morning news, CHCH has a guy from the deGroot School of Business as a regular and he questioned whether it a real company memo.
  10. dave524

    Tim Horton

    The original story was only 2 stores owned by Ron Joyce and his wife, not the entire chain was doing this, sounds fishy . Retired 9 years now, am I going to get a similar increase in my government pensions or DB pension now that I've fallen below the minimum wage ? or should I just re enter the work force . edit : found this on the propaganda arm of the Liberal Party http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/tim-horton-s-tims-timmies-doubledouble-minimum-wage-ontario-kathleen-wynne-labour-1.4470215
  11. dave524

    Tim Horton

    Heard on CHCH news this morning the letter was not even on Tim Horton's letterhead, me smells a fake and someone stirring the pot and looking for their 10 minutes of fame. I call a hoax.
  12. This one is much easier, been using it since the 80's http://www.steelheader.net/knots/whip_finish.htm
  13. dave524

    How to use this unique NO bail reel?

    I remember reels like these and ones with only 1/2 a bail in the 50's, nothing new. Dad had a half bail Luxor
  14. dave524

    Exactly !

    Trump has that piece of feelgood, toothless, economy killing agreement figured out, funny the Eurotard Globalist shrills can't and Trudeau has his nose so far up their asses he can't see the light.
  15. dave524

    Muskie - my dream fish

    The most obscene practice is the trophy sized smallmouth fishery in the fall off deep water humps in Lake Erie and they have to poke them with hypodermic needles to deflate the air bladder so they sink, OOPS , I mean swim away.