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  1. I've used something very similar for close to 30 years, fish'em vertical or cast and retrieve https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/manns-the-little-george-spoons
  2. They have lasted at least 13 years 🤣
  3. Just how does it snow inside a tunnel , just asking?
  4. Any word on the remaining payload after the batteries are figured in ?
  5. In the 60's dad had a high power spotting scope , we use to watch them on Navy Island along the Niagara Parkway. Maybe 15 years ago , saw one down just upstream from the mouth of Forty Creek on the far bank next to Foran's Marina a couple of times. Sat upright , definitely an Otter or it was the tallest , skinniest beaver I ever saw.
  6. Not a big deal , Quebec does it all the time https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/all-the-quebec-municipalities-that-dump-sewage-in-rivers-1.3286562
  7. Harry's Fish & Chips, 1138 Fennell Ave E, Hamilton, ON L8T 1S5 👍
  8. You have to be very selective about which species of duck you shoot, probably a Merganser back then, you only shoot one of them if you are smart.
  9. About the same time they trained retrievers in that pond, think they even held a few competitions there. Dad and I used to get crayfish in the cemetery on 20 Hwy back closer to Turner's Corners, knew the caretaker.
  10. Yeah , Holland and Kottmeier would be the best, if it is the bridge I think it is. Some good carp fishing down Holland to the north too.
  11. Pretty sure it was training for the fire dept, torching it is not standard operation for a demo.
  12. Should have replaced the Port Robinson Bridge 🤣
  13. Much the same here, 2 60 pound dogs on the bed at first light.
  14. I wouldn't cook the lawn dart in the house. Good going.
  15. Never fly fished with the Fonz, but back in the early 70's I used to fly fish Spring Creek and the Oatka River east of Buffalo in NY, couple of times I met Jim Lorentz of the Sabres and later TV commentator on the river, he was big on fly fishing too, wrote a book on fishing Atlantic Salmon in later years. edit:https://buffalonews.com/2017/11/15/former-sabre-lorentz-finds-the-net-with-fishing-book/
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