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  1. Sugarloaf had about 25 to 30 trailers in the parking lot. No boats moored in the marina as of 1pm
  2. Grab a coffee and drive to the PC ramp on a gorgeous Saturday and Sunday after you get back from fishing of course and watch the free entertainment. Unbelievable at what you will see. So many different ways of backing in a trailer and putting a boat on a trailer. Lol.
  3. If so, the vaccine is a year away.
  4. My guess which means nothing but I feel the ramps will open first week of June
  5. Watch Ford today at 1pm he will introduce a plan to slowly reopen Ontario
  6. deetch

    Trout opener

    Did anyone by chance take the drive to Meaford or Thornbury and if so how was the run?
  7. deetch

    Trout opener

    It’s more of a tradition for my family and friends. We have been going there for 35 plus years and the only time I stream fish. No need for me to hunt for other spots as this is a once a year thing. I understand being remote is better obviously but the fun of watching people and seeing the same faces and reminiscing with family and friends is priceless. Many memories have been made on this river.
  8. deetch

    Trout opener

    Called up to Collingwood to a known tackle store to ask about a couple spots. He said most spots are barricaded off because of park land and others will be monitored closely for social distancing. The gentlemen also said that the cops and MNR won’t think twice for ticketing people fishing closer than 2 meters. Oh well for me I will pass on this year and hopefully get up there next year.
  9. deetch

    Trout opener

    That’s definitely a trout opener location
  10. deetch

    Trout opener

    I have a feeling that Thornbury, Medford and the Saugeen may be patrolled heavily
  11. deetch

    Trout opener

    Don’t know Chris, the law is very ambiguous
  12. deetch

    Trout opener

    Thanks guys. I am not educated on this so I will ask. Why would Crown land be closed?
  13. deetch

    Trout opener

    Thanks Snags. I understand unnecessary travel is frowned upon but I wanted to start this thread for other people’s opinion and if anyone is travelling to their favorite spots
  14. Since fishing is not cancelled. Is it legal to drive North for a day of fishing trouties on crown land?
  15. deetch

    Old Reel

    Ron Penfound did a lot for the SCGAF years ago
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