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  1. Ok, snakes freak me out. Is that a common water snake or a Lake Erie snake or an anaconda?
  2. Fishnsip, if your running a reef runner on a rigger 45 down in 55 ft of water you will get caught on bottom. Just be careful
  3. deetch

    Reel repair

    Went to Kenny’s. Great guy. Fast work and very reasonable. I would recommend Ken to anyone interested in getting reel repairs done
  4. It just goes to show that any Lake especially Erie should be respected. Unfortunately that day was very windy and rough. Stay home and pick another day it is not worth your life. If you have any doubt STAY HOME or just sit it out for a bit in the parking lot in hopes it calms down. This is a lesson for all of us! So sad. RIP
  5. It’s Lyrette (Mike). Great guy, worked for Nichols marine
  6. deetch

    Reel repair

    I have a couple sealine reels that need some tlc. Any reel Repair shops that are local to Niagara that I can drop them off at?
  7. Chris head to the condos and further down river. Waverly has been stupid good for a while
  8. Mike Lyrette is a stand up guy. He has done a lot of work for me!
  9. I have fished it twice and found it over fished and very weedy. Not a very productive lake for me other then the panfish.
  10. Nice fish boys. Keep patient they are coming!
  11. Nice fish. Post spawn real skinny. Good eats. Thanks for the update
  12. Sugarloaf had about 25 to 30 trailers in the parking lot. No boats moored in the marina as of 1pm
  13. Grab a coffee and drive to the PC ramp on a gorgeous Saturday and Sunday after you get back from fishing of course and watch the free entertainment. Unbelievable at what you will see. So many different ways of backing in a trailer and putting a boat on a trailer. Lol.
  14. If so, the vaccine is a year away.
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