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  1. deetch

    Aluminum boat rivetting

    Thanks FF
  2. deetch

    Aluminum boat rivetting

    Thanks Tombo, I will let you know. Much appreciated
  3. deetch

    Aluminum boat rivetting

    We know exactly the spot as we filled the boat with water and we know where it is leaking from
  4. deetch

    Aluminum boat rivetting

    I would say about 1/4 of a 17 ft boat
  5. deetch

    Aluminum boat rivetting

    I know this topic was just recently posted but does someone have a name of person or company around the Niagara region that will rivet my aluminum boat Thanks for the help
  6. deetch

    Trout Opener

    Was up in the Collingwood area. First time I've seen the ski slopes with snow from top to bottom. I honestly think the resort was open for skiers. I've been going up for 30 plus years and never seen so much snow. The river was high and dirty. The rain Friday night did not help the cause. All the locals were saying that the run is late and the fish were still on their beds. 5 guys we landed 2 bows for those conditions I guess not bad but we usually do a lot better. Maybe I will give it a week or so and giver another shot. Also Saturday was windy, cold and rainy. No excuses just stating facts.
  7. deetch

    Chasing Browns!

    I understand the excitement but you guys need to what for a few more warmer days and then the fish will become more active.
  8. deetch

    Trout Opener

    This Saturday. Who is going where. I will be around the Big Head- Craigleth area.
  9. deetch

    Lower Niagara ice?

    Your are right Catfish, went down today for a drive and what a mess. A double double to say the least with tons of ice flowing. Might be a while till this mess clears up
  10. I've seen to many fishermen with the best of the best and it doesn't make them any better then anyone else. Learn with this reel, it will be fine and if you enjoy this way of fishing then progress according to your financial situation.
  11. deetch

    Worm harness colors

    Gil, very generic question as Lake Erie/ Bay of Quinte or smaller northern lakes all have different patterns for different months and even weeks.
  12. deetch

    Looking for brown roe asap

    A bit early Cliff, give it a week or so
  13. deetch

    Does anyone ever go to a fishing lodge?

    Waltonian Inn Lake Nippissing . $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  14. deetch

    Dickey Lake

    Looking for some information on this lake. Has anyone fished it? It seems deep, are there lakers there? Techniques, baits would be appreciated Thanks in advance
  15. deetch

    Erie Tomorrow any suggestions

    Head out of sugarloaf marina On your compass stay between 180 and 210 and drive about 10 miles you will see it