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  1. I have used this product and have no complaints about it.
  2. It’s the end of one season and the beginning of Steelies, browns and laker season. Your right guys it was one hell of a great Wally season on Erie. Let’s hope it continues next year.
  3. Weed is legal next week, maybe you started a bit early. Hehehehe!
  4. Your absolutely right Symmetre. Yes it sucks that it happened and yes I would be frustrated too but 17 years is a go run. We would be lucky to get 17 years on a new boat now the way things are built now a days
  5. A bit embarrassing or better yet he forgot to hook the hose to the tank!
  6. My feeling is that Cliff has already found the problem as he is not responding to our suggestions.
  7. Borrow a buddies tank and line and try it. If it works than add your tank with the borrowed line and so on till you eliminate the issue
  8. deetch

    Lake update

    I went to look myself and she is a mad moma today. Hopefully she lays down like yesterday.
  9. deetch

    Lake update

    What does she look like out there. I’m guessing it’s rocking and rolling.
  10. Nice river boat. Watch out Steelies! Congrats
  11. Thanks Tombo, I will let you know. Much appreciated
  12. We know exactly the spot as we filled the boat with water and we know where it is leaking from
  13. I would say about 1/4 of a 17 ft boat
  14. I know this topic was just recently posted but does someone have a name of person or company around the Niagara region that will rivet my aluminum boat Thanks for the help
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