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  1. deetch

    Port D Circus

    Cliff, finally us boat guys can fish Port D without getting harassed or lead thrown at us.
  2. deetch

    Port D Circus

    Maybe this will be the new spot to fish for browns. I can see it now elbow to elbow on that bridge, that would be a sight to see
  3. deetch

    Port D Circus

    It was fun to watch the circus. Too bad the brown trout fishing in November was a sight to see.
  4. Wow, took a drive to port yesterday and the west side is totally under construction and all the fishing spots are gone. The east side (old rookers ) area is fenced off from the life ring to the end of the pier travelling south. I guess fishing there is done for awhile until they fix the damage I am guessing.
  5. deetch


    Does anyone know who anti foul (paints) boat bottoms?
  6. 10lb cannon ball usually works. Lol
  7. Looks like a douglas fir! LOL
  8. I brought it to Shortwave in Mississauga Thanks
  9. Just an FYI, just called Grimsby tackle and they DO NOT repair Big Jon riggers
  10. Does anyone know here I can get a big Jon rigger repaired. I’m thinking it needs a new motor. Thanks for the help
  11. I have used this product and have no complaints about it.
  12. It’s the end of one season and the beginning of Steelies, browns and laker season. Your right guys it was one hell of a great Wally season on Erie. Let’s hope it continues next year.
  13. Weed is legal next week, maybe you started a bit early. Hehehehe!
  14. Your absolutely right Symmetre. Yes it sucks that it happened and yes I would be frustrated too but 17 years is a go run. We would be lucky to get 17 years on a new boat now the way things are built now a days
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