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  1. The max fines have been upped. Question I have is how often do the current max fines actually get imposed. So does it really make a difference?
  2. Dredging the bottom is one of the options they have listed. So is capping the crap and leaving ti there.
  3. You can take Holland road. It comes out between the dead bridge and the canal bridge on the west side. People living along that road probably won't be happy with the increased traffic they are going to be seeing.
  4. The official detour is Regional Rd. 82 (Allanport Rd.) to Regional Rd. 63 (Chippawa Creek Rd.) to Regional Rd. 84 (Moyer Rd.) to Regional Rd. 27 (East Main St.) through the Welland Tunnel, through the roundabout, Hwy 406 north to Regional Rd. 20 (Hwy. 20)
  5. I would say new bridge for sure. The question is how long it will be out and what they will do in the mean time. HWY 20 is a major road.
  6. https://www.thoroldnews.com/local-news/temporary-road-closure-of-highway-20-regional-road-20-in-thorold-1781669
  7. It makes a good training exercise for the firemen. They can light and extinguish it several times before letting burn down.
  8. Drove past Sugarloaf marina today. The side docks are out, but the center dock is still in. There were a half dozen empty trailers in the lot.
  9. The water was so high the canal was over its banks.
  10. Chrisb


    Ask for a rain check if they are out of stock.
  11. All is well. But this is only the beginning of the storm season.
  12. It was A big one but I am afraid it may not have been THE big one for the season.
  13. The wind today at PC at noon was 48 knots gust 56. That's 88km and gust 103 km.
  14. Where is that forecast coming from? None of the forecasts I look at go that far out.
  15. That will be worse than today.
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