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  1. I heard about the collision. I didn't link the picture to the collision. There are two different videos on facebook. The story is that one of the ships lost steering. The two ships were in contact with each other.
  2. Am I missing something? I don't get it.
  3. Chrisb

    Erie bass

    Don't know Maitland but any rocky shore or point along Lake Erie should be good for bass.
  4. Regs don't specify an age. So when it says per person or per day it means per fisherman regardless of age, sex or any other persuasion.
  5. People need to know the difference between 'no wake' and a speed limit zone. A boat up on plane puts out no wake.
  6. There is no other use for those things than to drive fast and in circles.
  7. Must have been two idiots, the owner and the pump attendant.
  8. I just assumed it was the fresh water tank for drinking etc. It was a 31' boat that most certainly would have had living quarters.
  9. This is the result of filling the water tank instead of the gas tank. Here is the story from a friend who has a boat in the same Marina in Buffalo. About 8:30am Wednesday the owner of a 31 foot boat decided he would fill his gas tank at the gas pump approximately 150’ from his dock slip. After filling his gas tank he returned to his slip at Rich Marine. As he was walking off the dock, his boat blew up, throwing him 25ft from the boat. His boat sank to the bottom of the Marine (picture below) and started five other boats on fire. Tip of the day: When filling your boat with gasoline, make sure you fill the gas tank……Not The Water Tank with gas! He is lucky he wasn’t on the boat at the time. The top of the boat blew off the bottom part of the boat.
  10. The show came in from the north. There was not much show on Erie.
  11. It was previously identified as a Catalpa tree wasn't it?
  12. If it wasn't for climate change we would still be under100 feet of ice and in an ice age.
  13. It's a natural effect of waves and water on shorelines. People just build near the shore and make it a problem.
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