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  1. If there is a no trespassing sign I would obey it no matter how old it looks.
  2. Yes cottage between Rathfon and Morgans point. This may be the last week for reports. I am getting ready to close up and move back to Welland for the winter. Depends on the weather over the next week.
  3. SSE wind blowing. A few white caps. The fish sock is flying this morning. Cottage_20191011094158_Record.mp4
  4. Light NE wind blowing. 1 foot rollers coming from SE.
  5. I believe the clear bag thing has been abandoned.
  6. You guys use a three way swivel? I have never fished a three way trolling. My downrigger setup is swivel on end fishline, keel with leader and swivel, worm harness. Substitute keel with leader and swivel to jet diver or dipsey with leader and swivel when not using downrigger.
  7. I believe the new plan does include two bags every two weeks.
  8. I thought it might be, but wasn't sure.
  9. So it turns out I do not need the power head pulled. When they installed the water pump seal kit at the marina they used a new seal between the pump and the riser tube. It is a 3 inch tube with a seal inside. The issue is the riser tube is smaller diameter than the water pump output. The old seal was two different diameters. The new seal was the same at both ends. So with the new one no seal at the tube and much of the water was not being pushed up into the engine. Good thing I made them save all the old parts. I was able to find the issue myself. I could not believe the power head needed to be pulled.
  10. Every two weeks would not bother me. I live alone and only put out trash every 3-4 weeks anyway. I putout more recycling than trash.
  11. Lake looks nice. Light north wind and small rollers coming in Cottage_20190917074521_Record.mp4
  12. Do you know the actual name of this plant. I get nothing searching the amazing plant.
  13. Wind light but the lake is still rocking and rolling. Probably 2 foot rollers coming in which are probably larger out in the lake.
  14. I don't turn around quickly unless I get multiple hits fast. I do come back over the same spot though once I have reached the limit of my troll.
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