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  1. Chrisb

    Under water flush light

    Or one of their lights got away and floating down stream?
  2. Chrisb

    Current conditions?

    none to report. smooth lake this morning.
  3. Chrisb

    Furnace/Air pump

    Does the furnace have a humidifier? Check it for a water leak. That is the only water source I can think of that might fill the pump when nothing else is running.
  4. Chrisb

    Current conditions?

    Yes. South east wind picking up. White caps starting to show up.
  5. Chrisb

    Current conditions?

    Right now it it raining and the lake is calm. Light breeze blowing.
  6. Chrisb

    Fishing Today?

    SSE wind. choppy but no white caps, yet.
  7. Chrisb


    Just saw a facebook post the erie tracker has them in.
  8. Chrisb

    Merc start problem

    Can we assume that there was gas in the tank? Always check the obvious first.
  9. Chrisb

    Merc start problem

    Portable tank? Drop tube in tank rotted off?
  10. Chrisb

    Lake update

    At 7:30 the wind is light and the lake is calm.
  11. Chrisb

    Lake update

    It was blowing all day. It has layed down for the night.
  12. Chrisb

    Fish report

    fished in 74 - 78 feet about 1.5 mile north of the weather marker. Got my 6 fish limit. They were all small. There was a bunch of boats much closer the marker. I stay away from them.
  13. Chrisb

    Wood varnish/protective coating

    A good spar varnish WITH UV blockers.
  14. Chrisb

    Hope to get out already

    strong winds and white caps Morgan's point.
  15. Hey Chris, I know the wind finally shifted out of the north. You think the lake is gonna roll out for an evening fish tonight?

    1. Chrisb


      I never know. I just check the winds at the weather buoy and use that as a gauge along with marine forecast.

      Current forecast does not look good. 10 knots is more than I want to be out in. It's not bad but I fish for fun not work and 10 knots is work in my small boat.

      Wind northeast 10 knots veering to east 10 Saturday morning then increasing to northeast 15 Saturday evening.