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  1. It's not more than 20' apart, not 20' apart.
  2. The layed down this afternoon. 'Sheet of glass' as they say right now.
  3. East wind. Light but seems to be increasing. Light chop. Looking east towards PC. Point Abino 10 miles in distance.
  4. I don't think it would only for carp fishing. I think they would have to say for shore fishing.
  5. Chrisb

    kid fish'n

    Be careful where you park when at the quarry. The wainfleet parking police patrol the area regularly.
  6. Here is the image again instead of a photobucket link. The first area of the sanctuary is not shown. These are last two Gravelly bay areas.
  7. Went great. Parked on street at meter. I called ahead and booked a 9:15 appointment. Was there at 8:55 and they served me a 9:00. Out the door by 9:10.
  8. I went to the Welland office and they sent me to SC. Also if you check the website the next closest place is Burlington for enhanced.
  9. Service Ontario Welland says the only place for enhanced is St Paul street.
  10. I need to go to St Paul st. St Catharines to renew my driver license. Need some guidance on parking in the area. I have the enhanced license so I can only renew in St. Catharines. I am coming from Welland and know how to get there. I'm just not sure what to expect for parking in the area. Thanks
  11. Chrisb

    What to do

    I suggest you do NOT take matters into your own hands. YOU could get in trouble. Continue to report to the proper authorities.
  12. Chrisb


    Nothing again tonight.
  13. Chrisb

    Lake Levels

    Lake Ontario is 100% controllable by the damn at Cornwall. Problem is they can't open it to let the water out or Montreal will be flooded out. Once the Ottawa river slows down they can open the gates and let Lake Ontario go back down.
  14. Chrisb


    I am reading on another site that they have finished up in the Sault.
  15. Chrisb


    It seems to be getting too late but there was ice in the lake last week.
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