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  1. If you fish Lake Erie Pike is all year.
  2. Chrisb


    No smelts tonight. Had my light on from 9:30-10:30 and nothing.
  3. Chrisb


    Anyone getting them yet? I might go tonight and try. The ice looked clear from my Lake Erie spot on Saturday
  4. Did not check the dock but Gravelly bay was still probably 70% ice on Saturday. From Rathfon west looked clear of ice. You might get out of Port Maitland, but I have no direct knowledge to be sure.
  5. You can enter once a day. It runs for another 39 weeks. Bookmark it and go back everyday.
  6. I hope this is permitted here. If not mods delete. Fish'n Canada has a contest running to win a 9.9 mercury outboard. Fish'n Canda Contest
  7. If you just want to drive it out A wildlife guy told this once. Take a rag and soak it in ammonia, put it in a can and set it in the attic. The smell will drive them out. Also they like dark places so leaving a light on up there will also help. Once they are out you need to find where they are getting in and block it up.
  8. On pc you can resize them with a simple addon. Phone must have something similar or set the resolution of phone lower.
  9. You can attach files up 200k right here. Imgur is the alternative I use after PB went monetary. PB is back however with a large photbucket watermark.
  10. Chrisb


    Too late in Welland price went from 85 to 95 today.
  11. 406 would definitely be better than Netherby road.
  12. For anyone interested the Welland river west of Prince Charles is frozen and is being run by snowmobiles. I have no idea how thick or safe it is but I do see snowmobile tracks running west up the river.
  13. For some reason it is ONLY the fishing forum. I don't know what is different about this one forum.
  14. Thanks to Cliff for rescuing this site several years ago and thanks to Tyler for rescuing it again.
  15. Chrisb

    Liscence renew

    Paper is most likely a temp copy so you can fish now. You should get a card in the mail.
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