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  1. Hey Chris, I know the wind finally shifted out of the north. You think the lake is gonna roll out for an evening fish tonight?

    1. Chrisb


      I never know. I just check the winds at the weather buoy and use that as a gauge along with marine forecast.

      Current forecast does not look good. 10 knots is more than I want to be out in. It's not bad but I fish for fun not work and 10 knots is work in my small boat.

      Wind northeast 10 knots veering to east 10 Saturday morning then increasing to northeast 15 Saturday evening.

  2. Chrisb

    Highest price ever ?

    Buck a beer is joke. All he did was reduce the minimum price they allowed to sell beer at from $1.25 to $1.00. That does not mean that the brewers will sell beer at that price. Most of them can't even make it for that low a price.
  3. Chrisb

    Boat prop problem question

    Probably a rubber hub
  4. Chrisb

    Boat prop problem question

    If the prop has a rubber hub it is spun and needs to be repaired. If the motor is older it might just be a sheer pin.
  5. Chrisb

    NEW invaders

    There was a guy from a university on the news today and said they were not Japanese hornets but cicada killers.
  6. Chrisb

    sugarloaf closed reminder

    Just a reminder that sugarloaf boat launch is closed Fri 3 and Sat 4th for canal days activities.
  7. Chrisb

    Text a Weather Buoy Service - Very Cool

    734 area code is Michigan.
  8. Chrisb

    Text a Weather Buoy Service - Very Cool

    If you want to check it online this link should work. It's the Canadian edition. Click the "weather conditions" and click the buoy you want to see. https://weather.gc.ca/marine/forecast_e.html?mapID=11&siteID=07503&stationID=YTZ If that one doesn't work here is the NOAA edition. https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45142 Online you can check the last 24hrs and see if it getting worse or better.
  9. Chrisb

    Erie fly fishing from Shore

    That's the area I was referring to. A bit to the west is all rocky shoreline. You can wade out.
  10. Chrisb

    Erie fly fishing from Shore

    West of Port Colborne at the cemetery should meet the rocky shore requirements.
  11. Chrisb


    I have done my own several times. Bilge pump, live well pump. Just need to get one similar so it fits. If you are not mechanically inclined you shouldn't need a legend dealer. Any marina should be able to do a bilge pump change.
  12. Chrisb

    Highest price ever ?

    But Doug Ford is going to reduce the price by 10 cents.
  13. Chrisb

    First launch

    And check the charts before you leave if you don't have map chip. there are some very shallow area in places you would not expect.
  14. The weather buoy has been deployed and is back online. http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45142
  15. Chrisb

    Ethanal free gas

    The gas prices are going wacky this week. I saw 126.9 a couple of days ago. Today it is 139.9. That more than just price of oil. It's all about profit gouging.