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  1. White starting form now.
  2. SE wind blowing 8-10 knots. Medium chop. No white caps at this time.
  3. Lake looks good, but north wind so it could be choppy further out.
  4. 9:15 am - white caps now.
  5. Morning report - Lake Erie Was looking good at 7AM but now there is a SSE wind blowing 8-10. No white caps yet but it looks like they will be building.
  6. AHH Lake Ontario. Different story there.
  7. Mine came in 72-74 feet. If anyone is thinking of going out tonight. West wind is picking up now. Getting choppy. Starting to see whitecaps.
  8. I hope you made it out because the lake laid right down to glass right now. I headed out about 9:30. I ended up with three fish.
  9. Undecided. I will just keep watching and see if the wind lowers.
  10. It is about the same as yesterday. Calm near shore with a North wind. Forecast is for winds to become light so it might get better. Environment Canada forecast.
  11. That surprises me. I know north winds don't look bad from shore but 4-5 footers I would not have expected today.
  12. East or south east wind, medium chop, no whitecaps visible.
  13. Calm near shore but there is a north wind blowing. A few low rollers coming in.
  14. A bit late but the wind is picking up from the SW.There are white caps now.
  15. Chrisb

    Wave report

    That is what I am seeing as well. SW wind 8-10 knots. Forecast has strong wind warning up.
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