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  1. Check simple things fist.. air vent open as to not create a vacuum ... make sure hose is connected to both tank and motor all the way .
  2. The article seems to more refer to Grocery Stores mislabelling not even restaurants. So just when you think your doing your own buying and cooking to be safe ..you may not be.
  3. Glad that all worked out for you. Nice job on the bears for sure. Did anyone get a moose tag..? .. My friends didn't and were waiting for the Northern draw. We really hit a good fishing week. Took a couple worm harness's cut the hooks off and replaced with a slow death hook .Just bottom bounced with worms. Only downside was my buddies G loomis and Sahara reel went over board and couldn't snag it. Good thing they own a bait and tackle store ..LOL
  4. So we were visiting our friends on Lake Kenogami and had 6 great days of fishing .This is from our last day when we had our limit in 45 mins. and just kept sizing up from there.
  5. Probably made out of Topgun which I believe is more breathable than the sunbrella material. If you want custom with snaps and such call Brian in Fonthill 289 213-2783 ..Just made a bow cover for me.
  6. So are you looking for something as a generic fit or a custom fit made specific for boat.? Now I also believe the old water proof covers weren't very breathable and led to that canvas mold smell where as the water resistant may not keep as dry but is more breathable and helps dry out and less mold.
  7. Great days haul..! Thanks for sharing.
  8. If you're going to Bodner's better pick up some Gas Line Broils while your there.. It's their version of London Broils .Top of my list for Niagara area ! Bob and his sons are good people .
  9. I'm hoping for tomorrow and this weekend .. Son had basketball camp last weekend
  10. Think I drove by today and didn't stop ..i'm an idiot. Is there a spectrum boat in the driveway?
  11. Out of curiosity what are you guys trolling with threw there ..? I keep my boat in that area but farther up stream at my trailer ...Just put it in this week (busy summer ) I usually go up past Webber and anchor but wanted to try trolling now that I've sorted out my minn kota issues. BTW I'm in a Starcraft SFM 170 (white and blue ) so say Hi if you see me.
  12. To me fishing is just as much about the memories and chats with a buddy as it is about catching fish. I'm heading to my friends place in Kirkland Lake this weekend and love that my son is now 13 and comes out with the "boys" .
  13. I also agree with too many sub forums . When things are slow you need to jump around to find a recent post. I've been a member of several other sites (most snowmobiling) and many "organic" conversations arise out of a thread about something totally different. It's how people get to know each other makes the threads entertaining ,jokes arise ect. But on here it seems as soon as a topic morphs into something else someone has to comment about a high jacked topic. This is for talking and sharing ,friendship not brain surgery .
  14. Nice .. Kinda been a slow summer all around as far as posts and activity. Think people have the blaa's with all this rain . Even our trailer park has been abnormally slow.
  15. WOW ..That goes back !! Just saw Leonard the other day (assuming LakeLea orchards on service road) .. I went to school with his and Doug's kids. Funny though . I've used an old cedar strip on the pond bank to go camp out on that Island years back ( not Paul Anka back !!)
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