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  1. There is a wide range of material available for making your rigs. Different diameter and stiffness mono, flourocarbon, braid and coated braids. You can also use rig tubing and heat shrink tubing on your rig. Coated braids are popular because they are stiff enough not to tangle with your mainline on casting. They strip off enough of the coating in order to tie the hair rig, It is expensive at about a buck or more a yard and you'll need a stripper tool as well. Mono will do a good job but needs to be replaced often. That should not be a problem as the hair rig is very easy to tie once you tie a few. Also by using a semi fixed lead you will reduce the strain on a mono hook link because the weight will detach from your swivel and slide up the line when the carp shakes it's head.
  2. Here is the information on the grass carp from Jordan Harbour. http://nas.er.usgs.gov/queries/SpecimenViewer.aspx?SpecimenID=877688
  3. Anybody hear about a grass carp caught in Jordan Harbour a couple of weeks ago?
  4. Thanks guys. I had been told that it stays 10 -12 ft for a long ways out , over 200 yards. But I wanted some conformation from you guys.
  5. YY Yes they are different. The troubling part for me is, as Snags stated the grass carp are triploids that are released into ponds and reservoirs for weed control. Where did someone in Toronto get a hold of live fertile grass carp. That's assuming they were released there.
  6. I wanted to ask if anyone knows the waters off of Charles Daly Park. I had been told that the depth is pretty uniform out to about 200 yards from shore. Any body have some input on this.
  7. Even if they are fertile grass carp require a specific set of factors to spawn successfully. They cannot reproduce in Lake Ontario. The need flowing water that moves at a certain speed for the right distance. I have read that it is challenging to get them to breed.
  8. steelshady. Perhaps you are not familiar how carp tournaments are run. In this case a two man team draws a number that corresponds to a numbered marker on the bank called a peg. This is the spot from which they must fish. They get so many feet to the left and right of the peg but that is it for the next five days. Having 4 rods, two per angler allows them to explore all the possibilities in front of them . The equipment used, bait runner reels with sophisticated electronic bite alarms assures that fish that take the bait are attended to in a timely fashion . This is a standard practice for these tournaments world wide. Their fish handling and care are the best the world has to offer and their record of released fish surviving puts bass, walleye and any other species specific fish tournaments to shame. This was an opportunity to see the best in the world and see how it is done and our government blew it.
  9. Yes it is unbelievable. I thought that resources were supposed to be managed for the benefit of the people of Ontario. I guess the money and global recognition are not considered benefits . Well spoken Bill.
  10. Try outside of the spawning activity. Not all the carp spawn at once and there should be some carp close to the spawners that will take your bait.
  11. Nice carp.. Looks like you had a blast.
  12. Here you go . If you have any questions I will try to help. https://youtu.be/2Ksd3phNxjc
  13. On this page http://www.invadingspecies.com/invaders/fish/northern-snakehead/ at the bottom you will find a link to the Field Guide to Invasive Species in Ontario. It states this."Impacts: Because its establishment predates many of the earliest fish surveys, the impact of Common Carp upon native fish assemblages in Ontario is difficult to assess" It goes on to say.In other regions, substantial and varied negative impacts have been documented. Feeding activity uproots aquatic plants, reducing food and breeding habitat for native invertebrates, birds and fishes 9. The associated disturbance of bottom sediments may increase turbidity and further inhibit plant growth. Larval carp may compete with native fish species for zooplankton 9. Adults compete with native fishes for benthic invertebrate prey. Predation on eggs of native fishes may adversely impact prey populations. I would like to point out that they use the word may repeatedly. That means they are not sure. The guide also states NOTE - We are not seeking reports on Common Carp: This information sheet has been included to help you differentiate Common Carp from similar-looking species of carp in the guide, e.g., Grass Carp (Cypcte- ide) and Goldfish (Cyp-car-aur) which should be reported as per section 3.0 Reporting Procedure. Also the fishing regulation summary lists the fish that are "invasive" and states the regulations pertaining to those species. The common carp is not listed as an invasive species. Yes there is a bow season for common carp .I would like to point out that that means they are protected by the same laws as other species such as no snagging and other regulations. I think if you Google Lake Susan in Minnesota you will find out that removing carp from a lake can have unexpected and negative results. Honestly I don't think the effect of common carp on big bodies of water like the Great Lakes system is all that great. They are simply one more species. In small bodies of water they can overpopulate with negative results but so can other species. I would like to point out that the 15 year effort to restore Coote's Paradise Marsh by eliminating common carp from it has been a failure. Man has had a long association with the common carp. They have been raised as food for hundreds of years and have spread all over the planet because of that association. As far as bowfishing goes I don't think it has any real impact on the ecosystem anyway accept to remove all the very biggest specimen carp. They are not the most successful spawners though. Because they live a long time they are less fertile than the 8 to 12 pounders which produce the most offspring. Bowfishers are nor interested in 8 pound carp. Bowfishing and it's attendant wastefulness just don't fit in with today's fishing ethics either.
  14. Nice write up. YEAH! Spring is finally here.
  15. Hi guys. Nice carp smerch.
  16. I think you will do just fine Bubba. I use a 9ft. Ugly Stik and an Ambassaduer 6000. Here is the rig I use. http://i588.photobucket.com/albums/ss325/hammercarp/Paylake/BasicPaylakeRig_zpsbfa1b5bb.jpg Here is my set up. http://i588.photobucket.com/albums/ss325/hammercarp/HPIM1613800x596_zps962e31bc.jpg You can use a couple of bank sticks instead of a pod. Just put a couple of kernels of canned corn on the hook. Use a can or two to chum with. I had a post on this forum going in to more detail but this basic set up will get you into carp this spring. My PB is just a half pound short of 40. Good luck.
  17. I hope the pike do well but I agree with this statement. The failure was predicted by an initial study by Mac.http://www.nrcresearchpress.com/doi/abs/10.1139/f97-315?journalCode=cjfas#.U3PB-PldW8o and subsequent studies have showed it was a failure. "Results have been both spatially and temporally variable due in part to annual variation in environmental conditions and fish-zooplankton interactions." , "the future of the biomanipulation remains uncertain," http://wirenet.mcmaster.ca/publications/papyrus/Lougheed03_carpX.pdf.
  18. It is from 8 til 4 but you are free to come and go as you please it is an informal get together.
  19. If they are are that big they are koi , not goldfish. Koi are common carp that have been bred for their colours. So the same technique should work. I have never caught a koi but I know people that have caught them using standard carp tactics.
  20. WTG Bill. If I am getting " taps " like that I try a lighter weight. Sometimes it works. The water is still very cold and so the carp are still lethargic.
  21. I have not used a boilie in a long long time. They are convenient but I believe there are better baits. In the spring canned corn or prepared maize ( feed corn) work great. The boilie is favoured in European waters because it will help keep bream off the line. Bream are like a small silver coloured carp that only get to about 5 lbs. They are considered a nuisance by carp anglers over there. We don't have to worry about them here. Boilies are not considered an instant bait. If carp don't know they are food it may take a long time for carp to accept them as food. I believe that carp are caught here on boilies because the carp pick them up out of curiosity.
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