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  1. The Escarpment is one big Yote & deer highway. My dogs are chasing Yotes out of parks in downtown Hamilton for chrissakes. Up here there are definitely packs of them, and they are definitely taking down deer. My house is not even in the suburbs and I hear them at night. I used to run my dogs through the local woods but there are simply too many Yotes around here to do that anymore.
  2. And they're even the right species of salmon!
  3. I've had a gun license with a prohibited endorsement since they were called FAC's. Every now & then I flirt with the idea of going bigger than a small game license... But the BS keeps me target shooting & helping clean other people's Whitetails. BTW If anybody bags a deer and wants someone to hide, clean & butcher... PM me. I do take my fee in back straps.
  4. Every fisherman that loves salmon & trout in Ontario should chip in to a bronzed statue of Chronzy.
  5. From somebody that bought a new car this year...a month away from my birthday...what country do you think you live in?
  6. Caught carp on lots of oddball baits as "targets of opportunity". I've slayed river carp on silver Mepps lots of times fishing for bass or trout. For some reason, only in current, and only silver. I used to sight fish carp with breadballs all the time. Once I flubbed my cast and was burning the dough ball back in over weeds and a 2lb largemouth nailed it. Lots of bass on roe under a float drifting creeks & river mouths. Probably my fav oddball fish was my first ever salmon, a 3-4lb Coho caught off Bronte pier. On a spinnerbait. The guy next to me had two fish and told me to use "anything chartreuse". Only thing I had was an old Bushwhacker.
  7. CLofchik


    As long as you are going to have thousands of big fish stuffed in tiny water, you are going to have Salmon Fever. Ain't nothing gonna change that.
  8. CLofchik


    Oh and Bronte had a couple guys with shotguns. Yes the police report indicated alcohol was involved. Gillnets. Crossbows. An ancient Ukrainian woman that blocked a river with chicken wire and was canning salmon for the winter incase the Germans invaded. A guy running around Streetsdale with a sword pretty much killed river fishing.
  9. CLofchik


    Somebody needs to take a trip to the fly only sections on NY tribs. Yeah...not many tweed jacket types around.
  10. Salmon out of a canoe is even better, always have a spot to cast. For bonus points, always land your fish on the pier side of the boat.
  11. One bass on a Jitterbug is always worth the effort!
  12. CLofchik

    Egg Cures

    Skein lightly cured with borax, using scissors to snip off a quarter sized dollop with all sorts of leakey egg juices everywhere... Messy as hell, but even on a hard hit pool it can be Steelhead crack. Egg loop knot is your friend.
  13. Wolf is good, but the GREAT fishing is on the lakes north of Anstruther I don't get away as much as I'd like to lately, but I've been back country fishing everywhere between Muskoka & French River. More great fishing than you can manage in a lifetime, and all free as long as you have a canoe, tent, and map. PM sent.
  14. CO's don't have a minimum quota they have to fill to justify their inflated salaries, so they are not like the police. And they are both unionized gov't workers...which makes their humanity debatable.
  15. White spots or black spots? There's lots of rainbows and a few Browns swimming around Erie too, I'd think one of those would likely be shallow this time of year over a big Greaser.
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