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  1. agreed /\ /\ just make it two rods across the board your allowed 2 fishing from a boat on the great lakes but you cant use 2 fishing from shore on the great lakes.... stupid your limit is the same if your keeping
  2. http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45142 http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45159 http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45139
  3. imo carp are a harmful invasive fish. they destroy underwater plants and have no real predator to keep the numbers down. i have seen on forums guys told to chum a weedy "swim" for a few weeks and the carp will uproot all the plants and clear it out for them. that is not a good fish other then carp fisherman no one really has a use for them. i dont bow fish but i dont have any problem at all with bow fishing for them. i enjoy fishing for them but they are vermin
  4. by that logic people must eat a lot of crow,ground hog, coyote, raccoon and prairie dog .
  5. https://www1.shoppersdrugmart.ca/en/Health-And-Pharmacy/Everyday-Medicines-And-First-Aid/First-Aid/details/057800006909 glycerin work good to protect pva as well
  6. i wanted to try a thru line weight for a running rig this spring. most times i just have a sliding bell sinker i am too cheap to buy specific carp weights, i just flatten bell sinkers with a hammer( thank you Carp Fishing In Canada , great book ). so i drilled out the center of a flattened weight and epoxied in a plastic q-tip tube. turned out pretty well
  7. just in time for spring salmon congrats
  8. dwc67

    Lead - where?

    i used to get lead wheel weights from tire shops but its been a decade since then
  9. i have never been in this yak so this is just my thoughts after reading reviews and looking at specs it is 96lbs!! heavy b!tch to car top no side carry handles it depends on what you want to do. small lakes and river fishing without traveling too far it will be good. at 12'8" with a 33" beam it will slow and a clunky. it will need at least a 240cm paddle but 250 260 if your tall. a lot of complaints of warping so likely thin plastic i have a native slayer propel and a wilderness thresher and have owned a jackson coosa and wilderness ride 135. the beach style chairs are not that comfortable for long periods for me, they kill my back. the electrical plugs are just a problem waiting to happen. think about it, some offshore cheap electrical fittings in a wet environment imo do not buy it go to outdoors oriented and get a ride 115 or ride 135. i could stand and flyfish easy in my ride 135 and it was still nice to paddle. the ride 135 was made to fish erie bass
  10. like everyone said take the lessons my only advice is have fun catching. if you start out saying i want a steelhead you stand a chance of many hours of fishless time. when you could start learning flyfishing on panfish like bluegills. gills are fun and a blast with poppers
  11. poachers are everywhere my almost poacher story i was hunting on manitoulin island at a family friends property. my tree stand was set on a trail that crossed a bush rd that led to the back of some other propertys. i had a doe decoy out and as i came out of the tree stand a jeep came down the bush rd and jack lighted the decoy. i started screaming because i was behind the decoy. they drove off. the owners were not happy and put a gate across the rd the next year
  12. i am getting corn ready for sunday and thought some carpers might like to try this i saw a video last year on using a pressure cooker to prepare field corn. it works great no soaking over night, no boiling over and a 1 hr start to finish your done. so if you have a pressure cooker gathering dust or a pressure canner like me you might want to try it. i use 1.5 prts water to 1 prt corn
  13. might have been me, i did talk to a few people. black chev pickup with red/blk yak
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