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  1. how is the fishing been on the niagara havent been there in awhile thinkin about goin tmrw
  2. bazz

    spahr center pins

    no this is my therd pin....sounds like its a great reel thanks for the info
  3. i just bought a spahr center pin reel with a streamside im8 rod....and i would like to know what peoples oppinions are on the spahr reel..... thanks nathan
  4. bazz


    im goin down to niagara tmrw and was wondering where i should go....either pebble or the whirlpool
  5. I was thinking of goin down to bronte or port credit tomorrow and was wondering how the visibility is in the river thanks nathan
  6. bazz

    boat names

    I would like to put a name on my boat how would i find if the name is already being used. thank you
  7. Going down to the lower niagara tomorrow and was wounder if i should go to the whoolpool or go down the pebble.... thanks nathan
  8. i was just woundering when the ice boom ist let out.....
  9. bazz


    i was thinking of buying a boat for downrigging in lake ontario and lake erie.would like to know a good size boat to buy.thinking of buying a stripper or proline cuddy boat. does anyone know much on these type of boats thank you
  10. bazz


    thatsk for the replie stickelback...might go down tomorrow or wednesday..
  11. bazz


    dose anyone know if the niagara is muddy???
  12. bazz


    alright thanks for the information \
  13. bazz


    dose anyone know if niagara is muddy or is it starting to clear up...
  14. bazz


    dose anyone know if the lower niagara is dirty or clear??? trying to figure out where to go tomorrow....
  15. bazz


    i was thinking of taking a trip to big creek on the weekend and was just woundering if anyone has been down there this year..... thanks bazz
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