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  1. Broods


    My personal rule is not to go to port if there is any kind of north wind... could be a N15 km wind at home (barely a breeze) get to port and it's like a hurricane.... but that's just me, I hate the wind.
  2. I don't know why there's so much fuss over a golf course in florida.......
  3. Broods

    Port D

    I saw one cruising the bank at queenston already... but I've been skunked at Port D a bunch of times
  4. Broods

    Salmon Return?

    There's a vending machine at Bob's fast n Fresh in thorold that has Roe - seems legit, I've used it a few times but don't remember if I caught anyhting with that roe specifically. Bags look and feel just like the roe bags from petes. What do you guys think about this?
  5. Broods

    Port D Aug 27

    When I got to the pier last night and saw the waves and heard the wind whistling through the sail boat sails I turned around and went home.
  6. Broods

    Float Tips

    Wanted to go down to the river last sunday. Got to the glen parking lot at 5:45 am, stopped counting the cars when I got to 12... needless to say, we kept on driving down to queenston. Moral of the story: get out during the week if possible. This my third season with my centre-pin and I only hooked my first fish ever on it this week. And now I keep hooking up, It's like something just started to click. I am 1 for 4 this year (all this week). first 3 I missed due to frayed leader, bad hook set but I got the hang of it now. So Keep at it, keep throwing the float out, and follow the advice stated above,,,, get your bait on the bottom then raise it up from there, try different colours. Streamers and minnows are hot right now. Good luck!
  7. it was calm when I got there last night. By the time i was done tieing up the waves were splashing over the pier and soaked my legs and shoes.... so I left after about 2 casts. needless to say I didn't catch anything
  8. Broods

    Lower River

    I thought I had a sturgeon on down there once... turned out to be a Coho. Wish it was a sturgeon, that thing is a hog! Nicely done,
  9. Hows about a school of Garr pike? My dad took this picture about a month ago while working at Hamilton harbour.
  10. I tried to go down there 2 days ago... very over grown, no shore access at this time of year. Don't waste your time
  11. We, as a pair of rookies, barely got the white stripe ever, but it was always 1 fish days. Either I got one or my fishing buddy got one, never both in the same day - from shore at the lower, or port D. BOTH of us have still not hooked into one on a float... might have to take lessons from one of you pros on here in the fall. short story: At queenston early one february morning I had a silver quick fish on a 3-way rig, pulled it to the shore 5cm from my feet just to check the action as I have never used a quick fish on that set up before. As I watch it 'swim' at my feet a nice rainbow come out of the darkness and hammers it... only problem was the fight was too short! This is her I should also add that my fishing partner did catch 5 trout in one day at Port D. He is superior to me in all aspects of life, good looks, fishing, arson, weddings. He enjoys long walks on the beach and curling up next to a fire with a good book. Stay breezy
  12. Guy, I bought my float rod and pin reel 2 years ago and I still have not caught a single trout on it at the pool, in the glenn, queenston or Port D. I inspect other floaters setups and have determined I am using the same type rig as they do, but I have no luck either. Some guys slam the trout every time they go out, but I don't get how. I will usually get skunked 4 out of 5 outings, but the 1 out of 5 is usually a nice one so it's all worth it (bottom bounce). I would love to hook up on the float reel though. Just keep at it! Peace. Good luck.
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