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  1. rile


    Best early season for size and numbers ive had and didnt even make it out much. Slowing down for the summer. Smaller fish and floating weeds.
  2. The only guide worth hiring is capt larry jones. He has caught more big fish in the upper niagara and buffalo harbour and knows the waters better than anyone. I believe at the moment it is looking like he will only be guiding in american waters due to recent border laws. Of course as pauly stated when the season opens, which is an extended closed season on the upper niagara and opens 3rd sat in june.
  3. I was pulled over in my 14fter a few weeks ago. It is not manditory to wear them but they did suggest that i do.
  4. Well im not actually targeting them, ive already landed at least 8 this year while fishing musky, all 26-29.5" and lost a few more. Multiple fish somenights. May actually go target them, havent seen anyone trying yet in the area im fishing.
  5. From what ive told bass has really been tough this year on the river, the walleye has suree been amazing though!
  6. Good stuff Jim, now are you going to tell me where you spotted that fat musky?! I can confirm the lack of bass, sightings anyways, while fishing musky this year. Usually they are everywhere, but have been catching more walleye than any other years.
  7. For production lures, Hj14 Husky Jerk, Len Thompson Spoons, 6" Jakes/Grandmas, Rapala Glidin Rap, Bomber Herky Jerky are good to start with.
  8. Thats a pure musky. Not a tiger, nice fish though.
  9. rile

    Pike Leaders

    I fish gin clear waters for pike and musky, i dont bother with flurocarbon, these fish are not line shy, and yes i have been bitten off on fluro, 50lb and 80lb and have a friend who has with 150lb, they can bite through it. I can buy 175lb wire for $9 for a 1/4lb' spool vs $70 for 25yards of the same lb test fluro.
  10. 2 meters huh, thats an ontario record by far
  11. Looks like gibson lake not Martindale, i could be wrong though.
  12. Yep. I caught a bow through the ice last year, well, lost it at the hole.
  13. Gizzard shad, they come in by the thousands to from lake ontario and erie to the niagara river at both ends.
  14. I have the 899 with out the down and side imaging, i guess they call it the 859, love it, got it for a great price, very user friendly.
  15. Smerchly, ive had similar experience in there the last few years the very brief amount i have fished, remember having some amazing days trolling up river with crankbaits when the water was low, literally one after the other. Last few years, not so much. Then again, only fished it a handful of time lately.
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