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  1. Cool video...would hate to see those head shakes too close to the jetski though!! ouch
  2. Hey guys...been awhile...if anyone is looking for a non-boater please shoot me a PM as I would love to fish the tournament but don't have a boat. Thanks Peter
  3. I would love to get out and have Thursday off if this offer is still available
  4. Very nice Cliff. Do you just use them privately or do you sell to any tackle shops. Just wondering how to get my hands on these. I use bucktails jigs alot of many different species (very good for pike too)
  5. Good idea to have this contest. Took this last night. The picture doesn't justify the moment though, honestly. The geese were almost in a perfectly straight line.
  6. Rented a boat on Little Lake Little Lake Bass These are about 90% of the catch of pike on Little Lake, tons of hammer handles in there
  7. Hey guys, I haven't posted in well over a month, just been busy with teaching (finally) and to be honest I haven't had much time for fishing either. I have been out a few times at my trailer and up on Little Lake in Barrie though and just wanted to share a few of the pictures. I'm back in Niagara for the summer so hopefully I will be posting a bit more and getting out fishing alot more than I have in the last two months. We're heading up for our annual fishing trip near Timmins on Thursday so I'm really excited for that, can't wait to get up there. The first 5 are from the trailer This guy was giving me a wave (or the finger, not sure which one) This is at the Talbot river where the walleye spawn in Lake Simcoe, this guy jumped just as I took the picture. This on hissed at me...I hissed back and went on my way. These three are of a really nice carp I caught in Orillia last week.
  8. Still hitting the grass Bill? I thought you wouldn't finished doing that in the 70's
  9. Thanks for the tips guys. I like the senko idea, will give that a shot for sure on the second rod.
  10. Didn't have any luck on my first attempt at the Pike Off on Sunday, but I did have a few follows. I was using a floating crankbait retrieved very slowly. On a few occasions a pike would follow it right into shore but never took a hit. I tried switching up the retrieve to something faster, also to a quick jerk every few turns, but same deal, they wouldn't bite the floating crankbait. So the million dollar question to you guys...what do you throw at these following pike to catch their interest enough to actually attack? Or do they just have lock jaw and better find one that's actually hungry.
  11. Good to hear they have closed seasons over there too. Is the walleye your referring to actually called Zander? In Poland there's a related species to our walleye that is called Zander, wondering if it's the same thing. Our walleye is Sander vitreus vitreus scientific name, and the one over there is Sander lucioperca so it's the same genus but different species. They look to be a bit larger over there too. Are their seasons the same as ours? (open mid May?)
  12. Great pics...Europe is amazing, unfortunately I never had the chance to visit Holland. It's on the to do list. Would love to do some pike fishing in those areas. Heard ze Germans have some monsters
  13. I'll be up on Buckhorn for walleye (trailer up there). No pike in those regions so it'll be the Barrie area or Niagara depending on where I happen to be at that point in time.
  14. Yeah the first part of my trip was to check out the notty for future steelhead excursions, but found that it's still completely flooded. I've never fished for steelhead before but plan on learning the technique in the near future, something I really really want to try. If your ever heading out and wouldn't mind showing a newbie how it's done, PLEASE let me know, I'd love to learn first hand from someone.
  15. Hey guys, I stayed in Barrie for the weekend to check out some fishing spots. I'm having a very tough time at finding some spots for perch and crappie, most of Simcoe and Couch is still solid so it might still be early for them to move in (that's my excuse at least!!). It was more of a searching trip, just to see where to fish in the future and found a few promising spots at least. Bigulgi told me about Perchfest which is happening in Orillia starting next weekend, might find out some more spots at that time. Anyways, went to the Holland river to fish with the huge crowds for some crappie. Couldn't believe how many crappie were being kept, even if they were within the limits (30 for sport license) there were thousands of fish kept in a very small area. Makes me wonder if this can go on year after year without it affecting the crappie fishing in the future. Crappie don't spawn until 14 degree waters and I'm sure it's nowhere near there yet, so these are all potential spawners. Whatever, that's just my thinking...I released all mine (to some shocked faces around me). Minnows didn't produce too well under a float, so switched to an artificial micro tube and did better. Here's a couple pics....first one is my first crappie since the summer of '06 (the smallest of the day of course). And most were in this size range.
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