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  1. When you consider that during hunting season the majority of interactions they have are with armed individuals who may not be happy to interact with them, darn straight they would be armed.
  2. It has been said before, but just to stir the pot, it would be more beneficial to have an actual on the water test. Sort of like a driving test for your car licence.
  3. Martin is a good guy to deal with and will give you clear unbiased advice. None better in my opinion.
  4. Are there any perch near Port Maitland? If not where on the eastern side of the lake do I need to go to find them?
  5. Wow, the Welland river has everything, doesn't it.
  6. Don't forget, the police can also enforce the fisheries act.
  7. Very well written, are you studying writing by any chance? And nice kitty!
  8. Why not leave early in the morning and head up to Gananoque for the day?
  9. Bump, cause this is important. I cannot make it - family wedding.
  10. Try this site for up to date info: http://weather.gc.ca/marine/region_e.html?mapID=11
  11. I see a lot of people fishing off the seawall at Port Maitland as well. If you try to fish off the rocks on the east side of the river you will be asked to leave, as that is private property.
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