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  1. Anyone have an info on the hunting course ... whether it can be done online or if there's any classes available in the next few weeks or if it's on hoLd from covid ....any info or a contact that may be able to help me out would be great...my 16 yr old daughter wants to go for deer but I've been told they weren't doing it
  2. Try fireman's park in the falls or in Thorold there's a tonne of spots (beaver dams road) being most popular for kids....all along the Welland river or Lyons Creek there's safe spots for kids also ...great for bobber and worms to catch anything really
  3. Nice truck congrats man!
  4. Yes very sad story.... thoughts and prayers go out to the family.
  5. Unbelievable ...sorry u had to go through that ....geez I wouldn't think twice but to defend myself with a weapon ...u tell someone to back off and they keep coming it's game on🤬
  6. Great video ...thanks for posting
  7. Two boats crashed in canal Chris b
  8. They need cameras in these remote areas to actually catch idiots in the process and fine them heavily!
  9. Yes I have cleaned up some garbage at a few spots ...one time I went on a Saturday and cleaned up when I left and on Wednesday went back and it was littered again...pisses me off !
  10. Glad you had a great trip with family and the great fishing is a nice bonus👍...I.have a spot similar to that 2 hours past thunder Bay....every drop to the bottom ...no more than 30 seconds before a strike...I've had 200 fish per person days there ... wishing I can retire up there ... hunting is awesome there aswell !
  11. Just got home from a quick couple hours on Erie...lost two caught two ...brought one home for dinner tonight 4.6 lbs about 26"
  12. I just got home And cleaned 3 walleye from Erie and didn't see anything ...I just went to check carcasses and stomach ... nothing.....three fish today ...got really bounced around out there but managed an 8 a 7 and a 5 lb off jet n harnesses in 40 ft off port Colborne
  13. Hahaha...I have only a few games under my belt ....but my son is addicted to that game ....him and his buddy's everyday with the headsets and the microphone steady drives me nuts! Whatever happened to bikes or road hockey🙄
  14. Yup just about all the points I've made in random conversation about gun laws .f#_* Trudeau!
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