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  1. fishingking

    tikka, remington rifles

    Never owned a tikka before but have a rem 700 270 and a rem 770 whitetail pro 300 win mag .I just shoot corlokt for the 270 and Winchester biG game x for the 300 win mag and they are both bang on at 200-400 yards but have yet to shoot further . recoil will vary with Wood stock to synthetic and calibers also .both bolt actions and they cycle smoothly and never a jam in 6 years but I also constantly clean and oil per use.
  2. fishingking

    No more fishing at Port Marina!!

    Good on ya for making an effort at least Boogaloo! Not too many of us will clean up other people's s..t and some of us like myself bring a grocery bag everywhere I go so Im not one of those littering idiots.
  3. fishingking

    Thieves in Welland

    Ya hope u get your stuff back man what a piss off! Can't trust very many people nowadays.i know a guy that actually caught a teenager in his SUV stealing change from the cupholders .he kicked the door shut on the guys legs and then opened the door punched the kid in the head and when the cops came the kid wanted to press charges lol.imagine that b.s.
  4. fishingking

    must haves for basic tackle set up

    I've fished it years ago we used to use small spinner rigs called little Joe's topped with a worm or if trolling a twister tail on it and a small splitshot 18" above it.works good in flowing water if shore fishing also.also black and silver Wally divers cast and retrieve or slow trolled 1.2-1.4
  5. I have an old school set I tried selling at a yard sale and they didn't sell 20$ is what I asked .the wire is worth more than that .you'd have to make the mounting brackets as they were plastic and broke but that's easy enough


  6. Could u possibly tell me whether u were using jets and harnesses and if u caught up high or near bottom ? Taking my daughter out in the morning and would love to getter on some fish . thanks for the help.! Greatly appreciated 👍

    1. curious


      We were using 20 jet, and harnesses, however yesterday we seemed to be in the wrong spot they were getting them in front of pc just a bit west of the mouth of the canal. 

    2. fishingking


      Thanks for the info!


  7. fishingking

    Port Pier & Eels

    Probably just an excuse for putting the pier work on hold for now because of all the people.complaining and asking questions when it's getting done
  8. fishingking

    Great time at Quinte

    Nice sounds like fun . jealous wish I had the time to go while Erie's not happening . congrats on the success
  9. fishingking


    Thanks for info mooseslayer unfortunately in not allowed over there lol.young and dumb got a charge for a few grams of weed and such bs trying to get a pardon couldn't be bothered .
  10. fishingking


    Ya duck and wine I recently cheaped out for 60$ in my tanks and I made it out about a half mile on Erie and my 40 HP Mariner bogged down on me so I ended up just trolling with kicker to windmill from crystal beach.my motor has been running great And I usually use premium in it.i blasted it with seafoam at home running in driveway and it's back to normal so Im just emptying my second tank into my truck .hate having boat problems on lake arrrrgh😠
  11. fishingking

    Tiny hole in my aluminum boat

    I buy it from my supplier it's called royal building solutions on Eastchester in st Catherine's genec
  12. fishingking

    Tiny hole in my aluminum boat

    I had four holes from an old transducer mount and I moved the location so I use this stuff called geocell .I install eaves trough and windows and siding etc.i use it for everything .it's a construction adhesive stays rubbery never cracks .it's been six years and holes are still closed solid .pumped in a squirt let dry 24 hrs then put a skim over top and smooth out with wet finger .where u located I probably have open tubes in my work trailer if you're near Thorold or at Catharines instead of buying anything .but in not around till Monday morning
  13. fishingking

    Welland River Thursday 5/17

    Good job .been hoping to get in there soon .I did well also this time last year . congrats
  14. fishingking

    Spring sessions at Hammy Harbour

    Nice fish .good job!
  15. fishingking

    Turkey Opener Coming!

    Congrats genec .I've been hunting 5 times in the last week and Haven't got a gobble or seen a thing . apparently a guy purchased the property behind the farm I hunt which is divided by a creek has been shooting off a shotgun steady so either he's blasting turkeys or just shooting and they've left the area .first year in about 4 I haven't got a bird first week . usually there's a dozen or so at least .oh well il try a couple more times before it's done.good luck all