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  1. Ya great story guys ! Wow 5 brothers eh! Dont see that too much anymore .always someone to share those memories with .im an only child but my daughter is into hunting and fishing so i do have somebody to experience the adventures along side me .happy hunting guys! Cant wait for deer to open freezers empty lol
  2. That sucks about the paint washin off smerch ! I do siding and aluminum work and windows and doors and believe me i know how you feel about the legs .im only 40 and have been in this trade for 21 years now and i already know il be pretty crippled up when im your age smerch.hope the paint sticks better this time ....be careful on those ladders!
  3. Thats b.s you had to wait around for that crap .it was alot easier before .....my group has diminshed and i havnt moose hunted in 4 years cause of no adult tags applying individually in our wmu .goodluck guys! Hope you fill your tag
  4. Yup absolutely a chinook
  5. I heard a few months back at a grocery store in hamilton that an employee got bit by a small black widow spider carrying boxes or containers of fruit of somekind .there was 2 found in one shipment apparently both black widows.scary to think how easy things like that make it here .
  6. Congrats jmaz well done ! Ive been fish erie for 25 years steady and still have slow days .cant dictate the bite.sometimes you can be right over them and they wont touch a thing .weather shuts them down .but when its on its awesome!
  7. Ya just for turkey so far this year right .not the deer i shot last december?
  8. Lakes flat .about 40 boats out at C.B from what i hear .
  9. We have a tonne of creeks and ponds in niagara .i used to just throw on the hip waders and use a scoop net on a pole with small diameter holes and just walk along diggin in the bottom .bring it to the edge and dump it out and sort through and pick out leeches , crayfish, and creek chubs .just make sure your allowed to be in there.
  10. Ya limey not really alot of cottage rentals offer cheap packages anymore . 3 years ago i had rented a 6 man cottage on rice lake southern end in bewdley .fishing was great but we rented a couple boats with motors and it was 800 plus tax for the 5 days cottage use and an extra 120$ per day per boat .its 1 hr from toronto.we got a few walleyes each day lots of bass and crappies and perch as many as you wanna catch.it was alright but id shop around for a few weeks before you book and dont wait too long cause they go fast.
  11. To you guys as well ! Nice day out there.jack dont forget to give those tomatoes some nutrients! 😉👍
  12. Hey guys ive fished the kawarthas mostly buckhorn lower and upper and pigeon ,stoney a few times .in also fished rice lake, jack lake , sparrow now twice and il be honest outta every method possible trolling the weedlines the either spinners tipped with worms ,or a single blade crawler harness also tipped with real worms or sometimes a white or yellow twister tail on there will catch fish in any of those lakes .i usually try to find 12 - 15 fow maybe a bit deeper depending on the weeds and troll the edges and around islands and the best if u can find that depth with the weeds about halfway down and just put on quarter ounce split shot about 2 ft above the spnners seems to work well .the twister tails are more durable so if you catch a weed you rip it through them and using braid is also key with that method.good luck next time if you try this.hope it works.
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