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  1. fishingking

    Success for my son at the deer camp!!

    Careful in the tree stand fellas .was just on way home at 530 from a hunt and a guy in the bush on corner of mcleod rd and townline apparently fell from his stand and was getting airlifted outta the bush.best of luck to him in a speedy recovery i guess.
  2. fishingking

    Success for my son at the deer camp!!

    Wow congrats to him ! Hooked for life .luck was definitely on his side during this hunt accompanied by some great shooting and i hope the dogs got some good treats afterwards 😆
  3. fishingking

    Controlled Hunt

    Ya congrats surf n turf.no tag soup for you!
  4. fishingking

    Controlled Hunt

    The deer have been moving more between 9-2 than any other time at both my stands in 89...with these winds and rain im sure they've been hanging in the thickets taking cover wherever they feel safest.i have two cams up and I've had a couple small bucks in eating acorns and apples and a few does but have only had one doe in while I was hunting but no tag .good luck guys!
  5. fishingking


    Hello fish guy ! Welcome .
  6. fishingking

    Queenston blocked

    Well that's Bs!
  7. fishingking

    Deer butcher near St.Catharines

    Agreed ! Been doing my own last few years and making sausage and jerky and don't mind spending the time to do it while enjoying a couple beers also.will not likely shoot anytime soon until it's cool enough to hang.good luck guys!
  8. fishingking

    Deer butcher near St.Catharines

    Thanks roly always good to have options.il keep that number handy!
  9. fishingking

    End of the season

    Greatly appreciated gents it was a successful fish this season.have a safe winter
  10. fishingking

    Deer butcher near St.Catharines

    Larry egerter across from Fox run golf course on hwy 20 does them.905 892 2721.makes decent sausage too
  11. fishingking

    I went a stalkin'

    Nice ! Success!
  12. fishingking

    Bass Pro Shops is Hiring

    Will they hire a 15 yr old girl with tonnes of fishing and hunting experience ? My daughter needs to find something to do after school and weekends to pay her dam cell phone bill lol?
  13. fishingking

    Boat questions

    I'd say family /Erie friendly you'd wanna go with 24-26 ft buddy cabin.big and deep and you can keep it in the marina at Erie for 1200$ for the year so it's always ready to go .very easy to set up for fishing with a few custom rod holders and a kicker .I have prices various models and sizes and I know you can pick up a very nice mildly used cuddy cabin with a trailer for 15000$ .the down fall of these rigs is the 500$ gas bill but it'll last a while if you just drive out and start up kicker.u then have the option of putting it on the trailer whenever to hit up lake Ontario as needed.im not sure of your experience with operations of a bigger vessel and it'll take some getting used to launching , docking navigating but it'll come easy.good luck on your purchase!
  14. fishingking

    Erie in a tinner

    Hey Scott .I have a 16 ft smoker craft with a 40 mariner and I really have to pay close attention to the weather channel.amy winds outta the west or south u can forget it .outta the north I usually go if it's less than 10 km wind early in the morning il go for a couple hours .it helps to have personal contact to get an exact condition by eye of the lakes current condition .any east wind under 18-20 km is fine if going outta crystal beach.port not so much sometimes..all in all crystal beach is usually an easier go for smaller boats .if it's dead calm your obviously good to go anywhere but keep in mind that can change within a 20 min period of time and Erie can become super nasty so being out even a couple miles can be dodgey.i always head out against the wind when I go out in hopes of having a safer ride back in with the waves and not into or across .I also try to stay in contact with someone who might be out at the same time just for backup plans .engine failure or other emergency etc.... and make sure you have all the appropriate gear on board !
  15. fishingking

    New here

    Ya most of the farmers with acreage or huntable land love to get rid of the deer and turkey from destroying their crops but unfortunately there's usually a friend ,relative or whoever that hunts or possibly multiple guys and getting a spot has become difficult over the past few years .but it doesn't hurt to knock on a door and ask !best not just trespass .I was tracking a deer on someone else's property before and a guy drove out to us on atv with a shot gun and told us to leave.without the deer which was shot a km away on property which I had permission for.made a bad shot oops!