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  1. Yes congrats verado and also to the group members that shot the deer its nice to get in on the action and contribute and experience success.
  2. Next time u go there try night fishing with lighted bobbers with a hook and split shot about 4ft down with a live minnow ......i had a trailer for 17 yrs on rice lake and i had real good luck at night .all night sometimes wed light a fire and sit around drinkin beer and watchin bobbers.caught 2 over 8 lbs from shore....one night 28 walleyes between 2 guys ! Rice is a tough one to figure out during the day unless you spend lots of time exploring and tryin different teqniques.
  3. Yup saltn vinegar chips finely crushedand used as a coating on pike is very tasty!
  4. Ya looks good mooseslayer ...i used pete janssen for my 2 wall mounts ...he did good work also but they look too alike so i might give alain a try next big one.... ..
  5. Complete B.S.! ...ID LIKE TO CHOP THEIR FINGERS OFF.sorry to hear boogaloo.hope you get it sorted out in your favour.x2 on borrowing anything if needed im hunting deer this month and not using any of my stuff anyways....
  6. I was using the normal rapala for the last 6 years and picked up the deluxe for the erie eyes...they both work great ...if i use the older one for bigger fish i gotta just press down a bit and torque the knife a bit of twist and it goesno.problem.!
  7. fishingking


    Thanks for sharing those pics guys .....way before my time but i did grow up down there fishing for everything all the time .....interesting to see how things used to be ...geez when i started driving gas was about 53 cents a litre lol!
  8. Let the braggin begin i guess .congrats mooseslayer!
  9. Congrats mooseslayer. ! I saw the pic of your bull from a member of the archery club before it was on here .ya its alot of work once the moose is down .we shot 3 in one year with 10 guys in a group and seems like all we did was work for 10 days .lots of good eats there! Good luck on getting your target buck this year as well .ive got a doozey on cam too that im after but need a perfect wind where i am .
  10. Good luck on getting your deer tags filled guys ! Shoot straight and may the winds be always in our favour!
  11. Good luck getting your deer guys ! Happy opening season.shoot straight and.may the wind be always in our favour

  12. My father inlaw considers this (craft) disease......cant remember a f#!Ă—ing thing !.... We all get it some way at some point temporarily or not smerch!
  13. Thats funny that u mention the fish netting (accidents) coyotehunter cause foe 15 years i hunted with 2 brothers at moose camp that were from thunderbay and every year we would fish a few times amd the one brother for about 8 of those years had the biggest pickerel and pike and the last year i was there the younger brother who was my buddy had a monster pike on ....about 48 inch and the older bro grabbed the net from my hands and said let me net it so he reached over and hooked the lure in the net and popped the hook outta the fish .and it got away ....they argued all night and next day almost a fist fight when the beers were involved.lol just reminded me of that trip
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