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  1. Ya nice one I will likely see you ....il be with Luke the younger fella at your archery club and a few others that have deer in the contest.👍
  2. Ya mooseslayer both my big bucks on the wall came in cold snowy weather in Congrats again..maybe see you at the dinner!
  3. Yup all done thanks for the reminder though!👍first year in 8 yrs I didn't shoot a buck ...passed on lots of young deer early waiting for 2 specific mature bucks and went hunting 17 times in December to not see a buck at all ...went completely nocturnal all photos at night between 730 pm and 4 am ...I believe they patterned me walking in in the am through crunchy snow and ice and coming in at 1 and leaving at dark ...sat all day twice also both times saw nothing and usually only hunt on a good to decent wind for my spots..that's hunting for ya
  4. I believe i heard it was like 24 billion litres over the past 6 years!😩😡
  5. Thanks for clarifying the situation dave c.....the hunter is going to take a look this weekend in the area last blood was found and try once more now that he knows it wasnt his deer.hes after his 10 dollar arrow and 20 dollar broadhead and possibly the antlers if its found ! .
  6. I mostly eat perch and pickerel but i stopped at newfoundlands own in welland one day and man it was delicious i had the cod ..reAlly enjoyed it and my employee had the haddock and was good also ...havnt made it back though🤔
  7. Congrats! I know how you feel bout it getting late in the season but ive had great late season success over the past 5 years .....ive passed up about 6 bucks and 3 does within 20 yards waiting for 2 different 160 inchers this year and still no meat in the freezer but doe down soon if no buck shows up ive got a doe tag to fill also. Again congrats on getting your buck!
  8. Youll leave at home the first time a good fish takes a rod down the hole lol.. Happened to my buddy on simcoe ...looking at his phone on facebook and a pike or something took it down quick !
  9. The hunter that shot the buck is a friend of a friend that has only hunted maybe 10 times in 4 yrs of having his liscense.....i was told that he shot and watched the deer run about 100 yrds lost sight of it in the thickets so he got down and checked for blood at the sight of impact and then left the bush in the opposite direction to go get help and a toboggan...they put the time in to track it but the blood trail was scarce forcing them to go back in the morning omly to find fresh melted snowand blood where it had bedded twice through the night so they figured it was alive and they pushed it but from there they didnt find more blood but several deer tracks goin every which way so they searched an hour more and were outta time at this point....im hopin that dave c. Will see this all soon enough and can elaborate on the whole thing as to where when how and if its even the same one or coincidental...the guy is waiting like a child for a christmas present just to know details as its now just a lost deer and time to move on...but curiosity is killing him and he even asked whether if its his arrow and if dave or anyone removed the deer from the sight cause he woulda went to at least get his arrow and cut the antlers off for his dog....well see i guess
  10. As i stated in my previous post that i know a guy who shot an 8 point buck in port robinson along the railway and canal area ...he had searched and followed blood as far as he could till the blood was gone ...it was shot what he thought was right behind the front (right)shoulder and he said at least half the arrow was stickin out while the deer ran away ...blood was just drops here and there until it was lost..not that it really matters now but it would give this hunter some closure as to where it went and if it lived or if its not the same deer at all and just a real crazy coincidence! It was shot 430 friday evening and it he jumped the deer off its bed saturday morning it probably wouldve started bleeding again and succumed to its injurys or expires shortly thereafter...just waiting for a response from dave c...and it does happen alot as gunner pointed out .....i lost 2 deer in one year back in 1999.one jumped in a river an drowned right in front of me!
  11. Iknow a guy that shot one near port robinson said it was a good shot but very little blood trail and he searched for 4 hours.then went back next mornin found where it had bed down bleeding and thinks it was alive and he pushed it through the bush further and completely lost blood and there was other deer tracks all over the area?the guy was pretty bummed as he had only shot 1 other before....and i msgd him and he said green n yellow arrow fletchings ?
  12. I know a guy that shot one out by port robinson .would that be the location?

  13. Yes at one time wed take the canoe in and get crappies along the back by the bullrushes also ...wed get quite a few perch as well. The water was super low one year and it froze completely solid snd everything died ...i think just frogs turtles tadpoles in there now ...i take my kids skating there every year as i live by the bridge .....oops my bad i thought this was about the pond off holand and hwy 20 the old mountie camp pond ...was good for pannies also
  14. Yes congrats verado and also to the group members that shot the deer its nice to get in on the action and contribute and experience success.
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