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  1. fishingking

    2018 Moose Hunt Guaranteed Group Size

    It's complete b.s. .while I was up fishing there was moose every where .they got us by the short and curlys.if we don't apply or donate our tag money I should say we go to pool B and no chance at adult tag which most hunters won't even go if it's only for calf so population control and cutting down on number of hunters but if guys stop applying they'll eventually see the money lost .alot of businesses ,motels etc feel it too.i could see nockin it back to 5 guys per adult tag even 6 but groups of 12? Come on.my neighbor has hunted Quebec for a few years and last year they shot a cow and tracked it into another camp where they were told to turn around and walk the other way by a couple of French guys who loaded it up on their trailer and left shortly after .my neighbor is 72 years old and his partners not much younger so they did what they were told .came home with nothing after7 days hunting for a bull and cow.
  2. fishingking

    went for perch caught bows

    Good job fella's
  3. fishingking

    Just a few questions

    Well congrats on the one lunker anyway.not skunked is a win
  4. fishingking

    Turkey Opener Coming!

    Genec is it your first time using ultra sheild and if so how well does it work?
  5. fishingking

    Turkey Opener Coming!

    Sounds like good times .il be out on opening morning and then won't be able to get out again for a week unless we have rain days and I go hunt in a blind in the rain.good luck on your hunts with your grandson.The memories are what it's about.last year I had a group of 5 Jake's practically pecking at my daughter's boots 5 ft from me .she was a statue and I was proud of her.we couldn't get the Tom to come over because of them but still a great hunt!
  6. fishingking

    2018 Moose Hunt Guaranteed Group Size

    I hunt 12 a outta Upsala along the firesteel river and we haven't gotten a tag for three years now because we only have 6 guys .I'm applying individual this year.i might be done moose hunting in Ontario anyways cause my buddy just purchased a small house in newfoundland Unfortunately we have to go through a guide because he won't be living there enough to be considered a resident.5 years ago we ended up with 2 bull and 1 cow tag .we shot the two bulls in three days and on the fifth day we were shooting partridge and a cow and calf popped out on the trail in front of us .one guy was still in the truck and he jumped out and shot the cow after we had just talked about not wanting to get another moose and have too much meat and all that work to do again .6 guys had alot of meat and we paid a fortune in thunder Bay at the butchers not to mention the gas and the three hours each way .it was warm so we had to no choice.
  7. fishingking

    Crystal docks in?

    Thanks for the info!
  8. fishingking

    Eating catfish

    Forgot to dry it before u try it !
  9. Yes sir my daughter is my number one fishing partner.unfortunately that doesn't help the gas bill but I've never heard her complain once about wind ,rain, waves , heat, slow bite .she can run lines like a champ with exception to the weight of the equipment , dipseys ,netting , riggers ,planers but she's learning to make it easier on herself with the rod holders and drags etc... No better feeling than seeing them bring in a nice fish and you see the excitement in there face.and then they go home and tell your wife they outfished ya !


  10. fishingking


    Very tragic.condolenses to their friends and family and every one else who's mourning over it as well.😞
  11. fishingking

    Just another day in Canada

    Damn if I was an eradification specialist I'd be considered a poacher .but wait I'm only allowed 1 tag and if I'm very lucky I can get a doe tag.which each cost me almost 50$ and nobody will pay me to shoot deer.and my tax dollars pay for these deer eradification specialist! It's no wonder that guys are out poaching whatever they see during any season on any property .I don't agree with it but our government upsets people and these people will make up for it somehow someway maybe not the right way as it hurts the do gooders.
  12. fishingking


    I believe we need to shoot them all ! I've had coyotes following me out of the bush when recovering a deer at dark.i live along the canal and they run across the highway right up the middle of the road in the night to another bush and when they get a kill they make a heck of a racket .I seen at least 8 one night together. I ve only been able to kill two in my deer and turkey spot but usually a gut piledoesn't last the night.
  13. fishingking

    I'm getting my Ice Fishing Stuff back Out

    Agreed.just got the boat completely ready to hit the water .was supposed to be trolling Ontario this weekend and hoping to get out for perch soon too! I work outside all day everyday and I've had enough of this garbage weather.
  14. fishingking

    Nice Day

    Guess I'm trying the wrong spots . tried 3 spots for crappies and they aren't hitting artificial baits for sure .maybe minnows next time.
  15. fishingking

    Ice out carping

    Tyler some pics u posted look familiar are u fishing Thorold?