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  1. They need cameras in these remote areas to actually catch idiots in the process and fine them heavily!
  2. Yes I have cleaned up some garbage at a few spots ...one time I went on a Saturday and cleaned up when I left and on Wednesday went back and it was littered again...pisses me off !
  3. Glad you had a great trip with family and the great fishing is a nice bonus👍...I.have a spot similar to that 2 hours past thunder Bay....every drop to the bottom ...no more than 30 seconds before a strike...I've had 200 fish per person days there ... wishing I can retire up there ... hunting is awesome there aswell !
  4. Just got home from a quick couple hours on Erie...lost two caught two ...brought one home for dinner tonight 4.6 lbs about 26"
  5. I just got home And cleaned 3 walleye from Erie and didn't see anything ...I just went to check carcasses and stomach ... nothing.....three fish today ...got really bounced around out there but managed an 8 a 7 and a 5 lb off jet n harnesses in 40 ft off port Colborne
  6. Hahaha...I have only a few games under my belt ....but my son is addicted to that game ....him and his buddy's everyday with the headsets and the microphone steady drives me nuts! Whatever happened to bikes or road hockey🙄
  7. Yup just about all the points I've made in random conversation about gun laws .f#_* Trudeau!
  8. Sounds like heaven..yes health is what keeps us in the game😉
  9. I wish I could get back into moose hunting ....my group leader had a stroke at 71 ...second oldest just had both knees done and is struggling to get around these days ..our tag numbers for 12a plummeted to almost no chance with a 6 man group ...we've always done it the rough way ...large tents with wood burners and a generator ...always a full 7 days hunt early ...fish the afternoon away and hunt last few hours of the evening ..did very well throughout my 16 yrs but haven't been the last two....my other two buddy's started going to Newfoundland with a guide they know 3000$ each..can't do it!
  10. Ya genec I hunted 2 dozen times with only one chance at a Jake previously...I haven't hunted in 10 days and I actually been keeping a close eye on the pattern of these birds because they weren't responding to calls or even caring about decoys at all because they were with hens...when I arrived to the spot the hens were nowhere to be seen which was the game changer ...(got lucky)..I thought when I couldn't get a shot off because they were walking side by each I wasn't gonna get to shoot but the smarter tom turned away from the unlively decoy and made it clear for the shot and I nailed him 👌
  11. Been watching two toms and a few hens in a field for the last week in the same spot every day and decided to make one last attempt at shooting a bird this season ...saw them in the field around 5 pm so I went home got my camo on and made my way down the railway tracks to where ive been seeing the birds ...they were along the edge of the bush so I snuck out to the edge of a hydro tower and stuck a decoy hen in the ground about 3 ft from the tower and set up about 30 ft from the tower in some short scrub ...made 3 chirps with my mouth call and waited ...15 mins goes by and I was getting anxious to see a bird coming so I stood up almost to get busted as they were walking my way at 50 yrds and closing I dropped to my knee and chirped once more and got a gobble ...in came the tom along with the Jake following...they walked side by side the whole way to my decoy so I had no shot ..as they now have figured out the jig was up the tom started turning away from the slightly less smart Jake and I perched up and nailed him at 30 yrds..tom down! Sorry crappy pic but he flipped into a puddle when I shot him.
  12. I would say 75 percent for myself ..I know most of the techniques both off shore and on a boat....been trolling Erie and Ontario since I was 6yrs old with my dad (passed now ) bought my own boat at16 and a trailer on rice ...fished everyday for 90 days a season for about 8 yrs before I sold the trailer...fly fished mostly for trout and bass..locally ....never done any salt water though cause never been anywhere for a vacation outta Ontario....fished several lakes from Ontario to Dryden ....largest catches to date are 17 lb rainbow ..22 lb muskie ...11.6 lb Walley ...salmon in high 20s....same with carp ..couple 7 lb smallies and largies ...and many other nice trophy fish but now as a business owner my times been cut in half so if I get out a couple times a week I'm really lucky..I'm an Erie troller for the summer months with a few up north trips maybe in the mix ...fish the river once the waters cold and ice fish whenever wherever I can ..I could fish everyday no problem if somebody would pay my bills lol..any takers?
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