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  1. fishingking

    New here

    Ya most of the farmers with acreage or huntable land love to get rid of the deer and turkey from destroying their crops but unfortunately there's usually a friend ,relative or whoever that hunts or possibly multiple guys and getting a spot has become difficult over the past few years .but it doesn't hurt to knock on a door and ask !best not just trespass .I was tracking a deer on someone else's property before and a guy drove out to us on atv with a shot gun and told us to leave.without the deer which was shot a km away on property which I had permission for.made a bad shot oops!
  2. fishingking

    Port Dalhousie Kids Day Sat Sept 15

    See ya there fish dawg!
  3. fishingking

    Merc start problem

    If u see it leaking from where the bowl attaches to the carb u may have pushed the rubber gasket outta the groove it sits in between .u take screw out the bottom of bowl ,drop bowl down and run your finger around pushing the gasket back into place then ,put bowl back on but don't over tighten screw as it will cause it to leak again.then try squeeze the ball and check for a leak and make sure ball gets hard . sometimes high test fuel causes rubber gasket to expand out of position .I've seen this twice now .once we had to boil a gasket to shrink it back to size to fit .good luck with whatever it is
  4. fishingking

    Merc start problem

    Did u remove motor cover and squeeze ball to check lines and connections at the motor to inline filter,fuel pump carbs,etc
  5. fishingking

    Fish report

    There's still fish east of abino and yesterday my buddy got an 8 and a 10lber mixed in with the smaller fish .all 18 we got last trip outta port were 2 -4 lbs.55 ft crystal beach towards windmills running west along the border is where my buddy was.good luck!
  6. fishingking

    Fish report

    Yup got three man limit on Thursday afternoon . straight off port Colborne slightly west in 68-72 ft .all big dipseys 150ft back . trolling with the north wind at 2-2.2.stoplight and watermelon was working patterns.
  7. fishingking

    Wood varnish/protective coating

    Yup 100percent I agree with kgm .Helmsman spar is good stuff.
  8. fishingking

    Bay of Quinte

    Yes I also fished Gananoque about 15 years ago fora weekend and did really good on the smallmouth using tubes and dropshot rigs with minnow powerbaits .also got a couple pike and walleyes trolling over structure . mainly 10 to 40 ft deep we fished drop offs and shoals .I'd try bottom bouncers dragging a harness for walleyes for sure in about 30+ft .either drift or slow trolled.good luck
  9. fishingking

    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    I took the console , LiveWell ,storage compartment and floor outta my smoker craft and all the foam.i did it through the winter months but it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be .all the foam was saturated the floor was rotting out and rivets leaking . plywood was rivetted down to beams in the floor so you have to drill them out to get the wood up and theres quite a few.Removed the under floor gas tank rebucked the majority of the rivets.filled it with water to see if there was any drips .once it was completely gutted clean I refilled the floor between the stringers with 2" blue board high density.reconstructed the floor in three sections .sealed it with a resin epoxy sealer .PL the plywood back down .uses zip screws into the stringers.recarpeted reinstalled console ,axed out the LiveWell for space because I didn't use it.left one compartment for storage .all this took about 60 man hours alone .there was 80 lbs of saturated foam in that boat I took to the dump not to mention wet ply wood also .I gained about 8 mph after that but now after a few rough rides on Erie shes leaking bad again . about 10 gallons over 4 hours!good luck genec!
  10. fishingking

    Old Friends

    Yes sir I just pulled an easy 8 dozen out in no time .been a while for picking worms but almost 4$ a dozen at some places might as well save a couple bucks!
  11. fishingking

    Nothing like getting your limit !!

    Nice haul congrats!
  12. fishingking

    New Niagara underwater video

    Yes great video Jim .thanks for sharing!
  13. fishingking

    Boat prop problem question

    Cool ya I missed where u said it's a 2001 so probably not a shear pin good luck though
  14. fishingking

    Downrigger releases

    I've always used the offshore with the red rubber pads without a problem but im using 17-20 lb mono for those two rods and braid for the rest .I posted a bunch for sale new in classifieds if interested
  15. fishingking

    Boat prop problem question

    I'd say shear pin also .I had a82 evinrude I hit rocks with and it snapped.quick an inexpensive.hopefully it's that