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  1. Nice good job guys.been thinkin bout trying shallower water this weekend
  2. No one catching eyes yet as far as i know .i know a dozen guys including myself that have tried with no success yet .water needs to warm another 5. Degrees i think
  3. Sorry to hear gunner 2 .tough losing a good dog ! I know it ive had 5 that have lasted 8 or more years .you get attached
  4. I made my own shore rod holders outta 2 inch abs pipe and a piece of rebar about 2ft long attached with 3 zip ties ( bigger ).they work fine but gotta check the length of the butt so they fit nice and easy to get out .
  5. Glad to hear u guys got out .yard work has got me locked down this weekend but erie perch wednesday or thursday if no rain either morning.congrats on the carp luck !
  6. Ya thats a fatty !
  7. Congrats on getting your bird gunner.and a bonus shot to follow on the yote very nice ! Doesnt happen very often .
  8. Congrats kgm ! Sounds like a nice mature bird for your first one .now youll likely go a few seasons trying to match or beat the size .my first was a big one also and for 3 years in a row i shot jakes as the toms were all hend up and and wouldnt respond.since then ive only shot 2 more toms so currently have 6 birds for 10 years 3 toms really.congrats again !
  9. Had carbs removed and cleaned and replaced needle seat float bowl etc.ran boat twice in the drive way .idling perfect .took it for a ride the motor shut off while goin 25 mph or so .tried restarting and wouldnt fire .got it home hooked it up to the hose got it fired but gas coming outta carb throat on lower carb so im assuming the needle or float is stuck.any tricks or tips on freeing it up without taking them off again?also its oil injected and been talkin to a buddy that bypassed the injection pump and just puts two stroke in fuel 50 to1 mix .any thoughts on this either good or bad ? Was hoping to fish this week but no boat till this carb problem is fixed.thanks for any advice !
  10. Hey bubba i just use a 1 oz sinker on the bottom with a hook about 6 inch up from that and another a foot above that .i use small snell hooks with the longer shaft and tighter gap.some guys use pickerel rigs .obviously minnows for bait.if u have a fish finder youll need to watch for clouds of fish or small hooks .try to stay on them and keep marking them .if you arent hitting them move around till u mark again.as for lake ontario i just use spoons and body baits off the riggers or dipseys.again u gotta findem but usually in front of canal off port weller is a good bet start shallow 40 ft and head outwest to deeper .2 mph speed trolling.let out 75 ft of line with spoons and clip on riggers and let down 10ft off bottom.dipsys i use a 6 ft leader to bait. Good luck !
  11. Congrats smerch enjoy it!
  12. Nice ! Successful outing .even though u let your sister out fish ya haha😜
  13. fishingking


    I heard there was a very small number at rami's bend in canal this year through the ice fishing season also .maybe just a bad year for them .or theyre just behind because of weather and water temps and levels .good luck!
  14. And we had this convesation in december about the same joker doin the same crap at the same spot and some of the opinions or mentioned options werent very appreciated by a couple forum members if i recall correctly.if no action is taken soon by the mnr we should do our part to protect our fishery against the ones that abuse it! Not killing anybody over fishing just givin them a hard time to make him change his mind about his actions and maybe have a little respect for others and the fishery!just sayin guys
  15. Well guys ive been hearing about this fella for a while now from a fellow fisherman that has also apparently called mnr on this guy and they never showed up in the 3 hrs he was there .i had a 2 day similiar problem at the buckhorn dam years ago on walleye opener where a korean guy was fishing beside me almost touch elbows even when there wasnt a bunch of guys down there.he would cross over me and grab his second rod and fish while i was untangling the line .stand right where i was standing and so on .totally rude and uncalled for .i pulled out my scissors or a lit smokeand reached over and clipped or burned his line every time he woild take his eyes of his rod .even said hey look big fish and point in a direction then snip! No words were exchanged but i believe he caught on because the last half a day i was there he was about 50ft away watching me catch a few while he was skunked.sounds like he needs a taste of something other than fish guys! Accidentally boot his stuff in the water .something! If mnr wont do their job .what do we pay for liscencing for like really .
  16. Thats what i thought but when i was fishing up by the aquaduct there was 2 guys casting with a husky jerk and a spinnerbait and i asked if any luck they said one pike and i asked if the season was open and they said open all year in there .i wasnt sure but my big motor has carb problems and wouldnt start up so i fired the kicker and tossed a couple spoons tipped with worms and putted back to the launch for 45 mins .i knew walleye wasnt open but i usually dont target pike anytime so wasnt 100 percent certain and last year before walleye opened i caught two crappies on big o's casting into the fallen branches.honest mistake i guess .should probably tell my 15 yr old daughter that was my fishing partner today that we were breakin rules .the thought had crossed my mind to check the regs but i had no data left on my phone either so just went with it🙏forgive .
  17. Put the boat in the welland river behind water treatment plant today for a quick fish and run the boat .not a bite! Tried worms,jigs and twisters couple shallow divers and trolled back with spoons on for pike .rivers a flowin and chocolate milk .but yes a nice day to be out .
  18. These pieces of of crap need to learn a lesson! Its too .bad things need to be locked up bolted down put away .ya smerch you are absolutely right they steal to pawn stuff for cash to buy drugs.i bet ya if we pushed them down stole their drugs and sold them to by fishin lures we would get charged with assault , posession of a controlled substance , intent to trafficking, theft under 5000 lol and whatever else because we are productive members of society and can likely pay off the fines without wasting the courts time and also the government paid representation ! What a corupt crock of sh!+ our law enforcement really is .its a damn shame.
  19. Ya lungpuncher i would engage in confronting and questioning both property owners and lie to them and say they have been ratted on and that someone saw them .i wouldnt let it slide not for a second .i dont pick fights but wont hesitate to brake a thiefs fingers😤.no need for that crap.its usually teenagers that need to know better! In chippawa theres a 17 yr old drivin on a quad stealin stands and cameras also .my buddy almost caught him but he got away on his quad.marshall rd beck rd area.pi$$£$ me off!
  20. Congrats on getting a bird mooseslayer ! Ya 3 1/2 s are a bit much in my opinion but to each their own .ive alwayd just used 2 3/4 cause my guns only chambered for them but doo-doo my buddys with 3 1/2s and was really suprised at the punch .almost like my 300 win mag !....havent decided if il try for another bird or not.
  21. Ya weathers hasnt really been cooperative lately for fishing but at least u guys had a successful trip in the end .used to go to thornbury and meadord about 10 years ago but gave up on it because of the amount of guys to fight with.
  22. Thanks guys and good luck to all .il try to get a pic up.
  23. Well got out this morning and im happy i did because by the time i reached my spot there was already birds on the ground gobbling about 100 yrds away and i had to set up a different way because i woulda got busted if i tried getting to the field edge .stuck my decoys in the ground gave a couple yelps and it was on! 3 jakes come runnin and just as they saw my decoys a gobble came in from another direction and those jakes stopped dead lookin that way .it was my bird all fanned and puffed up walkin right towards my decoy jake.he went straight to my hen decoy and circled it once and went towards the jake decoy swatted it with its wing and knocked it off the peg .thats when it knew the jig was up and i smoked him.still habe no idea how to get the pictures on here guys sorry!
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