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  1. I believe anything from a 22 to a 270 is legal and most guys depending on whether they are keeping the furs will use just a 00 buck shot for close range with shotgun or a rifled barrel with a sabot slug out to 100yrds .for rifle i think most guys are using 223 or 22-250 but my buddy raves about the 204 and ive shot the 17 and would probably use that if i coyote hunted.
  2. Not familiar with flytying equipment but i know amazon.ca has them i believe anywhere from 20$- 120 $ im assuming basic to high quality but again not sure .ive seen all kinds of fly tying stuff on there.

  3. Yup ive had them walk right up to my turkey decoys 30 yrds away with the wind blowing from them to me and just walk away like i was never there .cool video dan!
  4. and i wear camo just so people say ....oh sorry didnt see ya there ! Getting old .get a stain on a colored shirt it sticks out like a sore thumb .get one on some camo and it blends right in !...as we do with trees
  5. They fall off because their testosterone levels plummet after breeding season.they are made of blood and bone which continue to grow while its covered in velvet .then the velvet either falls off or they scrape it off on trees and they are grown to their potential for that year .
  6. I cant post pics either .all are over the 2 mb and not techy at all .i build s&#! And works with tools .skipped all computer classes back in highschool to fish hunt and smoke grass .now i smoke fish and meat and cut grass lol.oh how things change .hope my 15 year old daughter doesnt read this lol!
  7. A friend of mine has video footage from a trail cam where two coyotes take down a fawn and the mom doe is 40 yards away blowin at them and the fawn is bleeting like crazy .hurtfull to watch really.
  8. I use scent killer every outing .i spray clothes , hang to dry pop them in the dryer for 5 mins( with nothin else )then back in a rubber maid bin till i get.outta the truck .i also have a trick that works which ive been using only in december every year .instead of putting apples down for bait i let like a few dozen rot in a bag till brown and juice leakin out .i fill a chunk of panty hose up with the rotten mashed apples and when i get in my stand i hang it on a branch and acts as a great scent cover and attractant .currently have 3 wall hangers above 150 inches .two of which came in lickin the air constantly.i dont usually get to hunt much till december as i do exterior renos and stay busy till then.
  9. Im not really into either but i wont let one walk by within bow range .at this point your deer hunt has already been spoiled and not likely to see anything .i followed tracks a coiple years ago after finding signs ofshredded deer parts and hair i found a den in the side of a hill under logs and brush .when i dug my way somewhat in there i found 2 deer carcasses and an antler .if they arr killin the deer im hunting i should try to stop it. But i dont hunt with a gun and target them by any means.thats my way of handling it
  10. Went for a walk yesterday to get the kids outta the house and hit up a couple of my hunting spots .got outta the truck walked to the field edge and saw a shed right away .it was a nice big 4 point probably 70 inch.continued on and another 4 point a bit smaller .then my daughter finds a small one 3 points and we walked another hour and nothin so we head back across the bean field and walk right back over our tracks and looked off to the left a bit and saw a tine stickin out .it was another 4 point.found 4 sheds in one walk thats more than ive found in the last couple years combined.makes me think the deer in that area dropped late because i know there has been people out there lookin.
  11. Ive caught 1 rainbow on a glow spoon but at the end of the salmon run in port dalhousie.never tried this time of year though
  12. One of the 10 lb walleyes we cauvht a fea years back outta quinte had 2 6-7 inch perch in its belly still fresh like they were just eatin and it still took a williams whitefish spoon.they can be pigs!
  13. I knew a couple older fellas that took him trolling on ontario for kings and they told me hes a riot and loves his booze lol
  14. I know jethro tull had a cd catfish rising.tragically hip fifty mission cap ,johnny cash boss jack , bob dylan catfish, and every other country tune lol! Oh ya and i dont know why i remember this but the fishin hole theme song to the andy griffith show lol
  15. Keep a look out on kijijji for your stuff for sale .it happened to a guy i know .stuff outta his garage .ended up goin to get it from the guy .then theres always the finders keepers thing that most as#$@@les go by unfortunately .karmas a bi$@@ though.with any luck someone seen it happen and they grabbed your plate number and they nice enough to get it back to you .
  16. Hitting up erie tomorrow guys ! 👍
  17. Ya she was ok just sore and its slippery out there so didnt wanna risk her falling again.gotta buy her a pair of cleats like i have.she also was concerned about the broken open hole where u guys got on.im not worried about that sorta thing when im on my own but shes only 15 and gotta keep her safe eh!
  18. Smerch it was nice meeting you.you may have seen my daughter fall at the edge getting on and she smacked her knee pretty good so i didnt end up coming out there .unfortuneately i didnt have the chance to meet anyone else .hope yous had some luck and maybe we can all meet again!
  19. Ya it works but ive been fishin port dalhousie 25 years and theres so much line attached to the bottom and zebra mussels that you will snag just about every other cast and lose your gear !i usually cast out let sink for a 10 count and slow retrieve and twitch and lift and pause etc ....but id use different baits now .white twisters and jigs get lakers and bows .streamers or imitation minnows on a three way rig ,real minnows work best larger sized.welcome back on board!
  20. Thats all part of the game my friend ! If hot pockets didnt work the only thing i could recommend is one of those handwarmer things that go around your waist like a fanny pack and hang the rod over the side of the boat up off the bottom so u don't snag and leave it until a fish hits but not exactly an effective approach.you need to invent heated rod grips maybe.or maybe try a few different types of gloves your hands could possibly be sweaty which would make them freeze in colder weather.
  21. Well if u caught 6 its 6 more than me .ive had afew days down there where we caught 20 fish 3 guys in the boat but that was 6-7 years ago now not much time so boat goes away and ice fish when i can untill erie is back in action.anyways go gettem guys!
  22. Congrats on a great day guys !
  23. U gotta get to quinte slowski if youve never been .ive brought in at least half a dozen 10lb plus there over the years!
  24. Was this the guy 😆
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