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  1. fishingking

    NFN meet up

    Im in if available on the selected date .weekends work best for me usually too
  2. fishingking

    Digging, digging, digging

    Ya i frequently take the electronics away if they are asked to do things and they gimme a hard time .they have 3 small chores a day but other than that they pretty useless .but my daughter could run her own charter boat for walleyes or shoot a deer with a compound at 40 yards and shes 15 .my son is a cupcake .wont even bait a hook 😩computer smart though and good at school work just no interest in being outside .
  3. fishingking

    Digging, digging, digging

    Oh how times have changed .i used to shovel about 8 - 10 driveways on my street for money as a kid .now i have 2 of my own 12-15 years old and they are good for about 20 mins outside in the snow to shovel.yet they can sit in one spot on their electronics for 8 hours .arrrgh👹
  4. fishingking

    announcement to members

    Thats great news guys ! Thanks for all u guys are doing to keep it goin👍
  5. fishingking

    announcement to members

    Shite now whatll i do on the crapper?well i unknowingly may have met some of the great guys on here but never met up with any of ya to fish purposely .most of my time on the water is spent with my kids and cousins and buddies so i didnt post any pics along the way but have enjoyed reading about everyones adventures and opinions and sharing my successful trips out .i just have a hard time believing that some members are just on here for info to steal other guys spots and methods but it all sounds pretty selfish (2 cents).if a person is not an idiot ,respectful to others around,not a litterbug and if fishing legally and abiding by the laws than i like nothing more than to see others being successful and having luck on the water.if i go to a spot where i caught the previous day and someone watched me catching and go back the next day and that person is there .well i guess i shoulda beat them to it .everyone has there own tricks and secrets but at the end of the day its just fishing and we all need to share the fish the waters and the passion for the sport .nice chatting with yall✌
  6. fishingking

    Drinking, Driving, and Returning Empties.

    Its all about the money .generating income to pay for all the fancy breathalizer equipment and law enforcement wages .government income through greenhouse grow-ops.its not about keeping people safe on the roads .
  7. fishingking

    2-stroke backtrolling problem

    I had that problem with my 40 mariner magnum and once i started using hightest gas and using sea foam in it i havnt had that problem since .but id say u probably need the carbs (jets cleaned) .make sure u have the proper plugs in and are gapped properly as well.good luck!
  8. fishingking

    tackle swaps

  9. fishingking

    tackle swaps

    What exactly goes on there just trading , buying selling tackle?may be interested in attending .do u have to have a vendors table or no?any info is appreciated thanks guys!
  10. fishingking


    Likewise gents!
  11. fishingking

    My son's first deer

    Congrats on his first kill!
  12. fishingking

    Deep h2o float fishing

    Ive used pieces of balloon for this. Can use a piece as small as u can tie and trim if necessary
  13. fishingking


    And to all a good bite!
  14. fishingking

    Hamilton Bay Area Walleye Restoration Meeting Jan 17th.

    These people can carry all this garbage down to the waters edge with them yet they dont take the empty containers ,wrappers etc,away when they leave .so simple to put a couple grocery bags in your fishing bag ,tackle box or pocket and pick up the garbage when you leave.ive yelled at a few people about it Leaving their worm containers and coffee cups .one time a guy left 3 beer cans and while he was walking away i said hey u got a quarter i can bum off you and he said no so i said if you pick up your cans and takem the the beerstore youd have one 😜he wasnt thrilled but he tookem
  15. fishingking


    Likewise ! Cheers🍻🎉
  16. fishingking

    Make up a holiday rhyme

    Its time to drill some holes and rig some poles , jig for perch for walleyes we' ll search , so may the minnows be lively dont let the suppliers deprive me of the bait that i need to help me succeed in my quest for a beauty so im not so damn moody😜
  17. fishingking

    Make up a holiday rhyme

    Cast after cast i try to get deeper ,workin so hard just to catch me a keeper but with every damn snag my lines getting weaker , i tie on a sinker and a steal leader and maybe then i can catch me an eater!
  18. fishingking

    It's been a while

    Take it easy out there ! Good luck!
  19. fishingking

    Fishing with my old pal Jack (JWL)

    Ya nice catch guys makes me wonder why i ever put the boat away😩
  20. fishingking

    Some Fishing Laughs

    Haha.i find that last one most effective if i get skunked and come home mad and do a number on her! But youd have to know my wife .without having her tied up i wouldnt be able to leave to go fishing👹
  21. fishingking

    Need some advice regarding people crossing lines.

    I had this problem before but it was on opening walleye season at a dam .i just kept a smoke lit and touched his line with it everytime he got in the way.i guess if u dont smoke youd need a pair of scissors 😆.nobody wants to start crap while fishing but if hes being an idiot so be it just have some sort of protection or plan if he gets outta hand .id hook up a hook and sinker and tangle him up every time he does it to you .eventually he'll figure its not worth it.
  22. fishingking

    Making the best of a bad situation.

    I shot my deer last year sitting behind a pile of brush.had a milk crate for a seat and just left enough opening to shoot through towards a corn pile .ive used a piece of camo burlap bought from canadian tire with three sticks to form a triangle blind around myself for turkeys but all depends if using a crossbow or compound to get a shot off and you must be scent free on the ground or have the wind heavily in your favour .the rest is just stealthyness!.good luck!p.s. ... Find a used deer trail and set up 30 yrds from it and place some corn nearby and hunt first two hours in daylight and last two hours youll get one .
  23. fishingking

    All you DUI E-Bikers ...

    Ya for real.i had a piece of #!$@% useless uncle that o.d. on drugs a while ago and he had an e-bike he was running around town dropping drugs off with a back pack on while high and drunk.worst part was he was getting a disability cheque because he couldn't get off the drugs and was Perfectly capable of working but wouldn't.idiots like this on the road and i have to wear a seatbelt , get an e-test ,pay insurance ,cant drink and drive not that i want to but still .its ridiculous.i would lose my liscense if i hit one of them but if they ran into me nothing would happen!
  24. fishingking

    Again ??

    I vote snags the next pm.well said .they dont give a crap about law abiding citizens or working class folk as long as they line their pockets and make themselves look good
  25. fishingking

    Success for my son at the deer camp!!

    Careful in the tree stand fellas .was just on way home at 530 from a hunt and a guy in the bush on corner of mcleod rd and townline apparently fell from his stand and was getting airlifted outta the bush.best of luck to him in a speedy recovery i guess.