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  1. I paid that $85 bag once. dog hated it. I have a 11 year old Sheppard/lab mix. I myself have been feeding him Beneful for the past couple of years, simply for the fact that it seems to be the only dog food he'll eat. Guess the search is on for new dog food.
  2. I like using these. As above poster said, no matter what I use, I find myself adjusting it every so often.
  3. Topwater for bass/pike is awesome. Those are the only fish I have caught on topwater.
  4. Nice! I can honestly say that I have never caught a small mouth.....I need to change that this year. Now I have a fishing goal this year.
  5. showed up looking like this.
  6. Pike's are fun to catch. Last year I was belly boating at a local small lake/pond for pike. It was a slow day, really slow day. I had my fishing rod hanging over my belly boat and the lure was pretty much 6 inches out of the water. I yelled to my friend 'It's so slow today', as I say that, a small pike jumps out of the water and snatches my daiwa lure clean off the line. Little bastard.
  7. Hi, wanted to know what kind of fish everyone hear likes to go for? Up until a few years ago I would have said float fishing for trout. After years of wading up and down rivers I got hooked on fishing for bass with plastics. Curious to hear what you guys like to fish for. Cheers
  8. that look's pretty good. Good stuff! Don't think I can do something like that. Got the shaky hands.
  9. This. I enjoy the MacD coffee a lot better. I don't mind Starbucks coffee, once I figured out how to order one...
  10. Nice little report. I love crappie fishing.
  11. Very nice looking dog. Like the shape of his face.
  12. This is off topic but just curious what kind of dog is that in your profile pic.
  13. Thanks for the responses. Will probably wait until I can test some put first. If i find a deal soon I will go for it.
  14. That was the issue when I tried the pontoon. The wind. But I gotta admit it wad quite comfy. Never taken a water craft on the river. Usually fish for trout in the rivers/wading. I enjoy fishing small lakes and ponds in the summer. Thought about a canoe also.
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