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  1. I usually keep to my self, but I find it amusing that on one blog we advertise for cast adventures but on another blog we codemm the fact that someone can't give the name of Denis bait store " Fishn Niagara" I have fished the Niagara area for 33 yrs and have helped every person I can when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, but it is these Stupid arguments that usually deter people from opening their mouth. I like Paul and think he is a good guy but seriously let's be fair about these things. A gentleman asked where do fish on the Lake Erie shoreline ? If that gentleman would like to pm me I will tell him where he can fish from Lowbanks to Fort Erie!
  2. Denis the white jig lure worked awesome today thanks! I found good fishing in 43-50 feet
  3. Great Fish!! what were you tossing at them!!??
  4. OR Gobies!!! I would be very Rich
  5. The Mother has a watchful eye out !!!!
  6. Walk around the Whirlpool in The Fall and bounce roe off the bottom!! You will find the right places to fish!! even wander down river from the pool,some great holes around the bend!!
  7. Looking forward to fishing Bronte this year!! Have never been
  8. Nice Find!! LOL Should have ben rather easy to find the boat it belonged to LOL
  9. Don"t Really Agree with his method! But sure am glad he did it!!!!!!
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