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  1. we've been killing them at the glen for the past 2 weeks
  2. I was down at the whirlpool a couple months ago and I believe I left my box there. its one of those small green and beige ones from canadian tire? anybody come across one?
  3. thanks guys think i'll give tim hales a call
  4. was thinking about booking a trip to simcoe. anybody go through dave's fish huts before?
  5. i'm sure somebody here has had success catching these over here, anyone know what bait to use. i was there 4 hours today and they were just swimmin by laughin at me!
  6. this is kinda rediculous if you ask me its just a little fishing forum do we really need all these rules? if this keeps up all the fun will be taken out of the site and people will stop coming lighten up
  7. I was fishing the river yesterday and we also noticed a lot of dead bass floating around
  8. what do they charge for wings there?
  9. we had 2 riggers and a flatline. this was caught onthe flatline
  10. this was our first time getting the boat out this year. launched from st. catharines marina about 930. spent about 4 hours out there and managed to land one rainbow about 12lbs. my pb rainbow amazing how fast time flies when all you're doing is sitting around waiting
  11. beauty fish. how far out were you guys?
  12. http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/Article....aspx?e=2522267 A body was recovered from the Welland River on Tuesday morning, but few details are available. Members of the Niagara Regional Police are at the scene on Riverside Drive. A Riverside Drive resident saw two men in a canoe towing the body to shore and the resident believed it was a male. Police have yet to confirm any details.
  13. was there with 3 guys on saturday. 7-4, nobody even got a bite. we were in 70 fow, fishing for lakers and whiteys. went through "steve's fish huts" tried minnows, spoons. jigs... threw everything we had at them. highlight of the day was a pike swimming right by us at the surface
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