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  1. Is there anyone from the forterie area going? I might be able to join in. Non smoker
  2. jesse

    Awesome day

    That's what it's all about cold miser. I catch & release alot anyway so don't care really about bringing home an empty bucket as long as i can relax for a while
  3. It's been a while since I caught a big slab like that.Very nice!
  4. jesse

    Heads Up

    Honestly it is worth stripping down to undies when coming out of any tick areas.I have had a few people look at me strange while doing tick checks but I almost always find some so I check before I bring them in the truck.
  5. Nice clean install,that round deck looks sweet!
  6. This time of year drag around a J9 or J11 Rapala near the green water/mud line for browns.Not a lot of special equipment needed for them.If you get into Salmon later on a okuma convector 45 is a good real for the $$.
  7. Probably fine,unless you get a pig stuck in the weeds like you say & you don't have enough backbone to pull it out.You pull & the line just peels off because of the loose drag setup? I say 99% good to go
  8. Yes my friend was trying to use 1 year old gas is his mower & it wouldn't run.I told him to dump the half full can on the fire pit & put new gas(not gales) in it.Did that & it ran perfect,the gas would not even light in the pit.It was like starting diesel fuel.Old gas is bad news
  9. KGM it barely mentions anything in the regs.Maybe someone can post a link to the VHS management zones which Now include Lake simcoe as having it already.Of corse there are other invasives like rusty crayfish,gobys,& soon im sure Asian carp to keep in check.You cant take them up north at all & should not be in your bait bucket.
  10. We all need a minnow regulation refresher corse.Local great lakes minnows cant be taken North to ANY inland lakes.This is to prevent vhs disease.Simcoe is included in there but I think its too late for her! Gibson minnows are the same category as Lake Erie/Ontario minnows.
  11. That rod I picked up from you today is beautiful & well built,Thanks again Cliff
  12. Have you seen whats walking around st kitt's? LOL
  13. Largies in the slop.
  14. jesse

    Oh Boy !

    Yes it is coming,Hopefully for a day or 2.I just filled up the plow truck & im ready to go & pay some bills.
  15. Yes Grumpy,a little North but mostly East of there.
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