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  1. Damn low life’s! happened to my dad years ago, morning of the 444. He woke early and decided to put all the gear in the boat at 3:30 am. When me and the other guys got there at 5:30, all was gone! Rods, tackle, downriggers and fish finder!
  2. tombo

    Penn lake

    No kidding about those little pests! I can remember a portage once this time of yr there, sat down to have a sandwich afterwards and the cloud of black flies in front of my face was almost so thick you couldn’t see through them! It was a absolutely horrible experience!!
  3. Ya, used to fish there as a kid and always caught small specs. They hit almost anything!
  4. About 195 degrees on compass I think
  5. Upper grand is a good spot for browns. Forks of the credit park and surrounding area has a lot of fly fishing opportunities. It takes a little time scouting, but can be worth it. Brookies, browns and bows. As well as some stocked small cigar sized Atlantic’s
  6. I’ve been to Lakair twice, nothin but hammer handles in that area!!
  7. Buy a Curado dc, you wont regret it!
  8. Cool fish. I caught 1 about 35 yrs ago in a musdy creek that broke my dads rod, that I didnt have permission to use! Prob 6-7 lbs. Was a great fight, but not worth the smack in the ear! Lol. Never seen 1 since.....
  9. The end of quarry road used to be a good spot when I bass foshed yrs ago. From there you wade out and fish west from there. No need to do any scouting. Its all good wading, and you will find fish around there somewhere! I would assume probably more smaller fish though.
  10. In Niagara? Good luck!
  11. Replacing bad ones with sealed rivets much cheaper! I happen to have a bunch....
  12. I know of a guy between cayuga and hagersville used to do it. Cant remember his name, but I did find him through online search...
  13. Entire boat, or a few bad rivets?
  14. tombo


    From my experience, best time to fish in lower water conditions is early am. Gets high 9-10 am
  15. I run a Echo Shadow 2, 3wt with Rio euro nymph line. Nymphing is def the way to go for numbers!
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