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  1. Thank you very much. I look forward to an update. I hope so. Thanks.
  2. Can anyone tell me if the crystal beach docks have been pulled out for the winter yet? I know typically it is late October or early November. Searching the archives I found that last year it was on October 22nd. Anyone have a definitive date or been to the launch in the past day or two?
  3. Hey Steve, Port Maitland/Lower Grand is usually my 1st choice due to the size of my boat. With a bigger boat I would be on Erie more often. The beauty of this area is that I can fish for perch at the mouth or walleye out further. If the winds pick-up as they so often do without warning, I can fish the lower Grand between Port Maitland and Dunnville. I have a buddy in St Catharines that is going to try to get out with me tomorrow and if he can, we'll be going to Port Dalhousie. If he can't, I'll head to Port Maitland on my own. I just visited your website. I can see you open at 9am Mon-Fri. Do you still have a bait shack for pre-opening hours? ( I know you had numerous problems with the bait shack years ago at the other locations). Denis, I have been dying to try the mouth of the Upper Niagara and hope to get there this summer. Unforunately the mouth and Crystal Beach are a bit of a drive and It will have to be another time as I am limited on Friday. Thanks, Ken
  4. Not targetting any species in particular, however I enjoy fishing for and have the gear for perch, bass, walleye, trout and pike.
  5. I have Friday morning open and if the weather co-operates, hope to get the boat out for the 1st time this year (way overdue). I’m trying to decide on where to go. I’ll have about 5 hours. I’m considering launching at Port Dalhousie but have only ever fished there from shore in the fall on a couple of occasions. Alternatively, I could go to Hamilton Harbour. Never fished there either but am curious to try. Erie would be my preference but is a little far for the amount of time I have. I have a 14ft Lund with 20hp Yamaha, fishfinder, trolling motor, in-line planar (downrigger is currently out of service). Any opinions/info. regarding opportunities at either location would be appreciated. It’s not often I get out so just want to make sure I make the most of it. Fifty Point would be the closest spot for me but as far as I know, this time of year there is not much in the area. Thanks, HG
  6. Last year there were some rumors of either the beach or the parking lot being sold to developers. Just curious to know if this has happened or if we will still have access to the beach. Thanks in advance.
  7. Wow! I hope they consider stocking trout in their again after it is cleaned out. I can remember at the age of 12-13 riding my bike 5 kms up the length of Dorchester Rd. to fish there. Spent many summer days doing that. Even cleaned and cooked them there on an open fire. Great place to get kids involved in fishing.
  8. Got it and replied. Thanks Cliff! Thanks JayB as well.
  9. This is a funny thread. I feel for you. My luck is not any better. I do have a couple of questions. What is the significance of the banana comment? Secondly, I've heard about St. John's before. Is this in Fonthill? After several years of persuasion, I finally got my 20yr old stepson interested in fishing but each time we go out we get skunked. I'm afraid he will become quickly discouraged and give up. St. John's might be a good idea if the chance of success is good. Can any of you provide me info? Thanks in advance. HG
  10. Had planned to be fishing the Queenston drift this morning for my first time and was very much looking forward to it. Have fished from shore on a number of occasions but never from boat. Drove down yesterday to have a look at the conditions to find it was full of ice flows. Plan B to fish Port Dalhousie so I head there to check the water there. Water was like chocolate milk which was no surprise thanks to Friday's rain. No one fishing from shore or boat. Any idea how long it might take for the water clarity to improve? P.S. stopped at Peter's Tackle and found some great deals. Rapala line ranging from 6-25lb test on for $2 a box.
  11. Was there yesterday with my dad as well and was impressed with the selection. Certainly beats driving to Toronto.
  12. I expect that is probably what happened. I had a job in 2008 that prevented me from fishing much. We canceled our annual spring fishing trip and only had the boat out twice. Therefore had very little to contribute. Still frequented the board, just no posts. Got a new job now. One that will allow for a little more time on the water and hopefully time to be more involved here.
  13. Don't tell me you've resorted to fishing for those dirty bottom feeders? Oh the shame.
  14. Not sure what happened with my profile but had to create a new one. Well my wife, daughter and mother-in-law are off to Florida for the 1st week of April and without the usual responsibilites at home, I may actually get in some fishing. My original intent was to fish for perch off of Point Abino in the Eastern Basin of Lake Erie, but I'm told the ice may not be out. As an alternative I may have to stick to shore fishing Queenston or Port Dalhousie. Any suggestions? Will salmon be in at Jordan Harbour? I'm sure regardless of where I end up, I'll just be happy to wet a line again.
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