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  1. There are no trespassing and no parking signs all along faywell road and around the smaller reservoir properties around there, I stopped next to the little bridge once just to look around and snap a pic of the pond for a few minutes a couple years ago and had the OPG guys come and photograph my licence plate, point out all the signs, tell me to leave and warn me that if my vehicle was seen parked there and I was caught fishing(even though I had no fishing gear with me)/trespassing, the police would be called and I would get fined. The signs dont stop anyone that really want to fish there, and don't care about following posted rules, or anywhere else similarly marked/fenced for that matter. Because I do see and hear of people doing it there and elsewhere. People that don't like to follow those sorts of rules are most likely the same people that have no gripes about leaving their garbage all over the place or damaging property either.
  2. I use a piece of closed cell foam insulation cut off a roll to fit 1/2 the floor space of my Clam Basecamp, it transports easy(roll it up and put a bungee around it) and weighs next to nothing and does not pick up any water, it is similar to yoga mat but is 12mm thick. The yoga mat is a good idea though also.
  3. The rec canal is 30-35' pretty much right up the middle more or less the whole length of it, I've never fished up that end of the river though by the 406 but I don't imagine it's all that deep maybe 10-12' in the middle but that's just a guess.
  4. Depends where you were fishing, you can't fish inside the area next to Lincoln Fabrics to my knowledge, and if you have to jump a fence to access anything, like Snags said, you shouldn't be there(like on the concrete below the foot bridge as an example).
  5. I've seen the same mess there every time I've gone there; and even when you pick up as much of it as you can, the next time you return, it'll all have rematerialized to varying proportions. I just don't know how people can look around at all the sh** that is littered all over the ground there(or anywhere for that matter) and then ADD MORE to it and still enjoy "nature", oh wait... I know how... these people behave like animals and deserve to be treated as such, actually... animals deserve far more respect than these characters should ever come to expect... Chaining up another trash can somewhere around the area under the bridge where the mouth of the harbour is, might get a few more people throwing in their trash, but most that are making the mess'll still ignore it and if the can isn't secured it'd likely end up in the drink too. The marina had an enclosed dumpster on the west side laneway down to the docks/launch if the trash can by the boat is full which i've occasionally thrown a shopping bag full of trash into. It's really sickening, but the only way I've ever had any success negating it is to obviously call attention to people littering when I see them actually doing it and loudly inquiring: "Is it absolutely necessary that they throw their garbage on/in the ground/water/etc.?" gross
  6. Alot of people that go fishing like to plead ignorance to the rules or don't realize the implications of targetting out of season fish even if "they're just releasing them". Alot of them also don't give a **** about the rules either, or whether or not they are slowly ruining things not only for themselves but everyone else, these wonderful individuals are also the ones who leave their garbage everywhere, which means I spend more time angry garbage picking and less time fishing. There are 2 C.O.s that patrol the Niagara Region, unfortunately one cannot expect them to drop what they're doing everytime you see something going down that contravene's the Regulations. However, in speaking with them after calling the TIPS line a few years ago on people still dip netting pike in the Welland River in the spring(they do follow up on reports), I was told that action can be taken if you can acquire photographic evidence and vehicle plate numbers if it does not endanger yourself to do so and you are willing to submit it as evidence and they find grounds to pursue it. Letters to the editor are also a nice idea, but I have this feeling that alot of the people causing the problems aren't necessarily readers of much printed media, nor would it stop them.
  7. I've done two trips to the Brent Campground on Cedar Lake two years in a row, both years the first week of august, with no blackfly issues either trip although the first year there were a fair number of deer flies, mosquitos were only bad at sundown. If your gf still likes access to a toilet, I'd recommend one of the peripheral campgrounds. They're isolated enough that you feel like you're roughing it(no phone service unless you have a satellite phone, no hydro), and at the Brent campground the Algonquin outfitter shop is on site so you can buy bait, basic tackle, ice, and some other odds and ends if you forget anything. There's also alot of fishing opportunities right there in Cedar Lake for a nice mixed bag of species and most of the sites are really nice, large, some offer more privacy than others but if you check the site descriptions online, they're quite accurate with their descriptions. I'd definitely go to Brent again. Dave
  8. Here's a list pasted from Kijiji's posting policies page: The list below details what can't be posted on Kijiji: Adult or Erotic Products and Services Alcoholic Beverages Baby Walkers Blood, Bodily Fluids and Body Parts Burglary Tools Counterfeit currency, stamps or coins Counterfeit Products Electronic Surveillance Equipment designed or used primarily to illegally intercept/record the private actions or interactions of others without their knowledge or permission Embargoed Goods Escort or accompanying services Government and Transit Uniforms, IDs and Licenses Illegal Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia Illegal Services Hazardous Materials Fireworks, Destructive Devices and Explosives Identity Documents, Personal Financial Records & Personal Information (in any form, including mailing lists) Items which encourage or facilitate illegal activity (such as mod chips or modding services) Lottery Tickets, Sweepstakes Entries and Slot Machines Massage services New merchandise or services from network marketing companies, independent franchisees or distributors, or similar representatives* Obscene Material and Child Pornography Offensive Material Pesticides Pictures or images that contain nudity Police Badges and Uniforms Prescription Drugs and Devices Prostitution or ads that offer sex, sexual favours or sexual actions in exchange for money Recalled items Satellite products that violate the Radiocommunication Act Sexual services, including webcamming Solicitation of other users except by placing an Ad Stocks and Other Securities Stolen Property Tobacco Products Used Cosmetics Weapons and related items (such as firearms, firearm parts and magazines, ammunition, BB and pellet guns, tear gas, stun guns, knives, archery equipment, and martial arts weapons) * Representatives from reputable direct sale companies (such as Avon, Tupperware, Watkins) are permitted to post one (1) ad in the most appropriate Services Category of their closest Kijiji City, advertising their presence, or any new product lines or promotions that are available. Any ads in the Buy and Sell sections, or any ads attempting to recruit new representatives will be removed. I think it should be allowed but I can also see why they don't want any liability tied to the sale of questionable items, particularly weapons.
  9. The pier on Rankin st in Southampton is similar to fishing any of the piers around here(Port Dalhousie, Port Maitland, etc.), if you're looking for shore fishing. You'll have alot more opportunities with a boat, but as a previous poster put it, the OS Salmon Spectacular is probably on then and yeah, the shore fishing is not too bad where mentioned, though it may be a bit congested with more people during the contest. Good luck. Dave
  10. I would agree that it seems like there isn't much concern for what happens to the Welland River and it's adjoining tributaries. The annual spring garbage/refuse bonanza, as mentioned, that collects at the west side Recreational Canal Aqueduct(at the end of Aqueduct St.) is a testament to that. I don't know if people just figure that because the river "looks dirty" it's okay to add to the mess. I also wonder if the various official "governing bodies" supposedly charged with the waterway's well being ever take note of things that may be cause for alarm. I don't know if anyone else noticed last fall that a 70 yard long by 30 foot deep portion of the river shoreline along Biggar Road at the Port Robinson Aqueduct slid into the river and disappeared, I realize that that can be viewed as an act of nature, but one would think that man's development(however minor) of the area/roadway at some point may have had some effect on this condition as well, but what do I know. Every action creates some sort of reaction. I can sympathize with the sentiments expressed here.
  11. I have a Pfleuger Arbor Graphite Spinning Combo and quite like it.
  12. Jr's on King Street has a nice selection of rods, reels and tackle, I think the guy has a bunch of flyfishing stuff too, and a small assortment of other outdoor odds 'n ends but I'm pretty sure that the owner is well into retirement age hence the reason I'm guessing he only keeps 9 - 5 hours on the store, I think his wife also helps out, don't think he bothers selling bait though. I've driven by the Riverbottom's place but it never looks open and there isn't much product placement by the window to attract people.
  13. I will fish this event, the GF may fish it also if she's not working.
  14. I was gonna try there yesterday, but when I got there, the wind blowing off the lake was insane, as long as it's not too windy you should be fine.
  15. Apparently much like the sign by the bridge on Quarrie Road states "Stay off the Ice", according to the NPCA ice fishing is NOT allowed in the Wainfleet Wetlands ponds, here's a copy and paste of the response I received from them today because I wouldn't have minded trying them out but I'd seen the stay off the ice signs other years: Thank you for your inquiry about fishing at the Wainfleet Wetlands Conservation Area and its quarry area on Quarry Road in Wainfleet. Fishing is a permitted activity as per the Ontario fishing seasons with a valid fishing licence. Ice fishing at the site however is NOT permitted due to safety concerns. This applies for the entire property including the Quarry ponds, clay pits and other water areas on the property. Should you have any additional questions on the above or any of our other Conservation Areas please let us know. We can be reached via email or by phone at 905-788-3135. Enjoy your time at the Conservation Areas in Niagara. Kim Frohlich Ecologist Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority 250 Thorold Road West, 3rd Floor Welland, Ontario, L3C 3W2 phone: (905) 788-3135 ext. 241 fax : (905) 788-1121 Now if you're talking the quarry ponds right in Port Colborne then that might be another story.
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