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  1. Nice smallies.Havent been on for a while did they put in that dam yet on the 12 mile?
  2. Nice video! I always wondered if you were allowed to scuba dive and fish at the same time? You could place your bait in the exact spot you want to then let out some line and wait somewhere else.
  3. Whats wierd about this is they don't say the fish was "eaten/cooked alive" they just say its "moving" so I'm pretty sure this is just the nervous response of the fish(similar to that of a chicken that has had its head cut off) and that the fish has already been killed because if the chef is holding a live fish by the head and putting 3/4 of it into hot oil i'm pretty sure the fish is gonna thrash and splash hot oil on everyone because the cook would have both hands on the upper portion of the fish while the rest of the fish is still able to move but if the fish was already dead the chef would not have to worry about getting burnt by hot oil. That being said I would much prefer my fish dead(and not moving) and cooked through before I eat it.
  4. Nice perch! tiny footballs
  5. Erik.T.

    Fishing Gods

    lol yeah i don't like fishing contests that much. the last cast I took at that creek I got a mid sized bullhead and whilst bringing it in something BIG hit it and i ended up with the head and pectoral fins of the bullhead and the rest of the fish was gone. The odd part was that nobody had ever caught any big predatory fish in there, no pike, no muskie, no bowfin etc.
  6. Erik.T.

    Fishing Gods

    I once saw a couple large bullhead but they couldnt be bothered with my worm instead they took the liberty of eating all of my splitshot off my line even though they were crimped on pretty good.
  7. The thing with the adipose fin is for madtoms not flatheads Therefore I was trying to say it could be not be a madtom. the other part of what I was saying was that im almost 100% sure that the fish is of the bullhead family and the reason that It may look different from the other fish is that it could be another species within the bullhead family. For example you could have been catching yellow or brown bullheads wile you were there but this one might be a black bullhead. Or it could be an example of polymorphism where this one fish slightly darker than most of the others. In one book it states that bullhead are commonly confused with small flatheads which makes sense because they look quite similar but if you look at the front of the adipose fin in relation to the anal fin you will see that the anal fin on the fish ketichian kid is holding starts way before where the adipose fin starts, on a flathead catfish the start of both the anal and adipose fin should be lined up almost the same, but on his fish they are not. You can even check on the pictures you provided. Therefore we could safely assume that this is of the bullhead family. Also the gillplate could look different due to the way it is held i.e. holding the bottom jaw can change the look of the gill plates.
  8. Love the colours on the last one!
  9. Nice fish! 12 mile creek is more like a river...the creek near my place is named the rouge "river" and yet its the size of a creek. Nice sucker!
  10. Its a normal brown bullhead. you can see this because the adipose fin isn't joined to the tail. also if it was a flathead it would look different e.g. bigger adipose fin more blotchy looking mottled skin even if it was a baby. Nice fish either way!
  11. Erik.T.


    Thanks everyone! I might try the forks of the cred but it seems to get a fair amount of pressure already plus from what I understand I have to use artificial bait only and I'm not really good with flies. Brookies are my favourite fish and it seems finding good trout streams is an art in itself. I was thinking of taking one or two home to eat but decided not to. Mr. pike Yeah I always wanted to go diving for bottles, maybe in the future for now im just looking along streams and creeks as well as digging.
  12. Erik.T.


    Thanks i'm lucky the streams are so close. I got into bottle collecting and so I have been hiking throughout my area looking for old dumps circa 1930s and older and havent been fishing much.
  13. Erik.T.


    Pretty nice day for fishing, slightly overcast and no bugs! I figured I would get some brookies seeing as I haven't fished for almost all of the summer nor have I really been on the forum. The first guy was the biggest but not exactly the most colourful. I found that the ones caught in the sections exposed to sunlight were more pale than those in the shade of the cedar forest. One caught in forest section. One caught in an exposed section. It kinda looks just like something that would be caused by the camera but they visibly differ in darkness, I have seen this before in other fish where they change their colour to adapt to diffeent types of water and I know its not polymorphism but rather just a cool adapting feature fish have.
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