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  1. Let me know when you head out to try. I usually catch a bunch in spring time around the river
  2. No perch dinner tonight then eh?
  3. I would rather pay the extra then go to one of those shops and be talked down to by one employee that has a holier than thou attitude and I know alot of others who do the same
  4. but one of them only opens at 5 on the weekend if I'm not mistaken
  5. There has been turkeys there for a number of years now. Its like Turkey Paradise, fenced in from predators, cant be hunted and lots of food for them to gorge on
  6. I like to use my knee to rest my crossbow on and then there is less movement when a bird does come in. Make sure to scout, scout, scout. Use a blind if possible when using your bow, it will help conceal your movement more. good luck and cant wait to start seeing some pics of everyone's birds soon. (hopefully I will have a pic with that purdy white un)
  7. I was sucker fishing there today and didnt see a single Rainbow and only 1 other person was fishing along with my kids and I. River is still pretty high. Dam was packed yesterday with families all fishing, Havent seen anyone even attempt to wade in yet.
  8. I think it was dead before also. Maybe it was roadkill someone found and used to bait Coyotes
  9. How can you tell if someone is a Vegan? Dont worry, they will tell you It's disgusting about what happened to your tree stand too. I worry about the new land I got permission to this year and leaving cameras and feeders up on it.
  10. field dressing wasn't too bad as I went out with friends and helped them with theirs through the season to learn. This was taken at 10:30 am with him coming up from behind my stand and walking by, I made a few grunts which stopped him in his tracks and made him circle around to 30 yds in front of me. Had a perfect broadside shot in between 2 trees. I took a breath and pulled the trigger on my Excalibur. He made it another 60 yds over a hill and thats where I found him
  11. Here was the trophy he received, which I thought was a great idea instead of just the regular trophy that is given out. Gives him a memory to last forever That pic there is the pike my youngest caught there Smerch, I had to hold him by his life jacket on the boat so that pike wouldnt pull him in. Which almost happened a few times with the rod going under too lol
  12. The fishing in the rain one, we spent 3 hours out there in pouring rain after he would not let up about practicing for the tournament coming up on our lake. It paid off too because he won biggest bass for the second year in a row
  13. Here are a few pics of the young uns catching pike and bass from the summer. Needless to say, they can't wait for spring to get here soon enough so they can show me up like usual
  14. I know this is a little late to post in the season, but heck, I just learned how to finally post pics on here!! lol
  15. Sorry about the crappy pics but this is through my camera phone and looking through my binoculars
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