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  1. I have a wife and four kids. I fill my garbage bag every single week.
  2. It seems as though the MNR has managed to change it up to a one-shot deal. My suggestion, if you have Windows 10 is to print your tags to a PDF file and print it when you can to paper. Now when I log in and view my available licenses/tags it shows "Printed" beside the tags and will not offer them up for printing again. I printed my tags a while ago and just went through the instructions that the MNR emailed out a few days ago and I was able to print my tags again. It's not a one shot deal. Here's the post with the instructions from the MNR: http://www.niagarafishing.net/forums/topic/36448-deer-tag/?do=findComment&comment=290455
  3. The MNR sent out an email the other day with this attachment.
  4. Any Service Ontario should be able to print it. What I do is print the tags to a PDF file. I then print the PDF and save a copy to my phone so that I always have proof of it. You're tag is very important this year verado, I plan to fill it for you
  5. Interesting Smerch... It was only a few months ago the US said the asian carp had breached into the great lakes. Wonder how the grass carp got into gibson. I miss the BOQ so much. I have actually stayed a number of feet away from your trailer a few times years ago when we camped there for weekends. Now we pay for the luxury of a rental trailer on the other side of the park when we come up.
  6. On the topic of zebra mussels... they are all but dead for the time being around here. I don't understand your question about water clarity though? Zebra mussels clean the water as they eat all the vegetation in the water. no more zebra mussels means no more water purification. When the BOQ went through this in the 90's the vegetation was all but gone in the bay. The zebra mussels starved themselves out along with being eaten by fish and are all but gone there now and the plant life and fishing is coming back to life. These are all cycles, some long, some short. At the BOQ for instance the zebra mussels came in hard late 80's or so. It took 30 years but they have pretty much eradicated themselves. Invasive species do adapt for a while and thrive but at some point they go away for the most part. Not sure about invasive "fish" as pike are invasive in a lot of bodies of water and have survived decades but crustations on the other hand come in, do their thing and die off.
  7. Are there asian carp in gibson? From what I understand they just recently made it into erie from the US side. I don't understand how there could be any attempt to poison gibson in the name of asian carp which won't make it to gibson for years. I think weather has more to do with it than anything.
  8. Why would anyone fish the upper or lower when we can fish for better fish through the ice?
  9. I was out from 7am-Noon straight out from the trailers at FM. Was in 15' on the south side and marked tons of fish but not even a nibble. I was able to count 62 huts from the dam down to VP's at one point in the morning. From the looks of it about half the people split around noon and I heard about 5 fish that were caught so it wasn't just me I guess. There has been massive fishing pressure there lately.
  10. What size suit are you looking for?
  11. If you hunt Gravelly Bay or want to support those who do, fill out the survey the town is doing now. You know the anti-hunting crowd is gathering the troops so hunters should be doing the same. http://www.portcolborne.ca/page/gravelly_bay
  12. Take a look at Port Colborne or Dunnville A&G as well. I am not a member of either but I have never heard a bad word spoken of either.
  13. The question is this... are there any provisions anywhere to allow someone to legally sell something like this online? If the answer is yes, I think you mind your own business and not be a nosey do-gooder. If the answer is no then make the call. If you are not 100% sure someone is breaking the law, don't get involved. If the person selling the mounts for some reason is doing such legally, now all you are doing is 1) wasting their time 2) creating a lot of stress for them without reason and 3) most likely costing them money. All that because you "think" they might be doing something wrong, not because you "know" they are doing something wrong. Maybe you guys like other people meddling in your business but I don't and I refuse to intervene in anyone else's business if there is any doubt whatsoever as to whether they are breaking the law or not. How would you feel if someone called the MNR because they felt you were fishing within 22.9m of a dam? Or maybe someone didn't see your flashlight in your boat and called the OPP on you? Some people need to get something better to do than tattle tale about something that is really none of their business.
  14. Are you a lawyer? I'm not a lawyer. One thing I despise is people who make false/unfounded accusations of others. Nobody reading an online ad knows 100% for sure that what this person is selling is illegal. Have you ever had false accusations made of you? I have, I have also seen it made of other people. I was indicted for theft over years ago. The trial lasted less than 5 minutes because I was innocent and the person who accused me was a wife beating drug addict. It cost me over 8 thousand dollars and a whole lot of stress. I know people who have had CAS called on them for no just reason and it is traumatic. Too many people "think" they know the law or "think" that something is wrong and set off a whole chain of events because they really do not know. I guarantee law enforcement regularly checks online sale sites looking for things like this. Let them do their job and for the rest of us, unless we are 100% sure someone is breaking the law, leave people alone. It's really that simple. Even more so in this case as no, I am no poaching by ignoring something like this because the animal is already dead. There is nothing about selling a mount that is even remotely close to poaching. Good way to try and spin it though.
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