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  1. My biggest is a Marlin in mexico. He couldn't bring it in and said it was around 200lbs. I am almost 200lbs in that picture to do a some what comparison. Haha
  2. Would love to chase brookies with that new rod I bought my son from you, have no idea where to go thou. Haha
  3. charlieD

    Yakin The Bar

    Is the Bar good in the summer for bass?
  4. We didnt get to do the opener 2 years ago like planned cause of me. Haha. When is opener again ( yes I dont know)? Would I be able to tag along if I can? Might be able to do a Saturday trip
  5. Dunnville area, always heard it was good there. If there are high water and current I won't go out in the yak that's for sure
  6. Is it a decent time to go there? Always wanted to fish for cats in my kayak there
  7. I didnt end up going to the Grand. Chose to stay closer and head to the Niagara. Thx for the help guys
  8. Probably just north of York.
  9. So how is the water level and clarity of the grand? Was thinking of going and wading out and doing some fishing
  10. Nice fish. Got a nice setup there.
  11. Ya I will need help, you posted alot of stuff I have no idea about. Use to using tube jigs, works and minnows. Haha. Might have to get you to buy it all and then pay you. Haha. Just kidding Bass is open 3rd saturday on the Niagara? May have to do that as Saturdays are one of my only days. Go drifting in my Yak and bottom bounce tube jigs.
  12. I was thinking Erie mostly. Dont have anything to check depths as I just have my Kayak. I will lookinto someof the baits you suggested but dont want to spend a fortune. Haha. Pretty much all I have is tube jigs right now but it might be to weedy for them.
  13. Just down stream from Caledonia, so cant use kayak. Usually just wade out and float fish with worms. Haha
  14. Already trying to plan. Got 2 picks to choose from. 1. In my Kayak on Erie but havent decided where or 2. on the Grand River float fishing out in the middle for everything. Dont have a boat or know anyone with a boat so these are the only 2 options I could think of.
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