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  1. I have a 17ft with an 24v 80lb Fortrex. Love it. Cable steer which i personally like better but to each their own. Don't skimp or you will regret it. Having an under powered bow mount is just a waste of money.
  2. I think adopting the NY law that a lifejacket/automatic pfd must be worn at all times between Nov 1 and May 1 is great and I'm not sure why it's not already in place. During these months the waters are usually very cold and you are not just risking your life but the people's lives who might be trying to save you. A lot of people who say things like "it's my life and I can choose what I will and will not do" are selfish and clearly not thinking about possible family they might have and the rescuers lives.
  3. JFish

    Bar Lakers

    Def plan on taking minnows. Hopefully a good report rocknreel
  4. JFish

    Bar Lakers

    Always have both licenses so not an issue. Thanks Centre Pin Assasin.
  5. JFish

    Bar Lakers

    Do the lakers stay around the bar thru to spring once they drop back after the spawn? Haven't been out in spring and looking for options if the river is slow. Taking a newb out also so figure a laker might be easiest to start with.
  6. JFish

    Bar Launch

    Canadian Side would be Queenston. There looks to be a launch at the Niagara-on-the-Lake sailing club marina but I'm not sure if it's private to members only. I would assume there's at least a launch fee if it's open to public. I haven't heard anything about that launch so my guess is that it's private or closed in the fall.
  7. JFish

    Grand River

    I also love getting into the cats in April and was curious about the ice conditions in Dunnville myself. I called Caledonia Bait and tackle about an hour ago and they told me that the ice above and below the dam is gone. Hopefully Dunnville will be ice free by the weekend???? J
  8. Thanks for all the replies every Going toinght to see if I find one.
  9. Looking for advice from anybody who has recently financed a boat. Wondering if I should be looking to go through my bank, another bank or a private broker? Pros vs. Cons?? Jay
  10. Where did you get that rod "i'm a drifter"?
  11. Thanks for the replies from everyone. I sorta know what lengths I'm looking for and the stiffness and action its more actual rod manufacturers/models I'm hoping to get. I'm having a hard time actually finding these rods. Going to check out Grimsby tackle today or tomorrow. I think the loomis is a bit out of the price range for me but thanks for the info BONDAR. I'm going to check out the Berkley Air "I'm a drifter.
  12. My main line is 10lb. Leader anywhere from 4-6 lb.
  13. Looking to pick up a nice rod for bouncing niagara from boat. I see some guys using shorter rods and some using longer rods. I would think a bit longer rod would be better if you are using lighter line as it will act as the shock absorber. I have been using a 8 ft medium fast rod but it is way to stiff for light line fishing. I would think something along the lines of medium or medium light with moderate action? Any recommendations? I have also switched from using spin to bait casting reel.
  14. Thanks Dave. I will take a look at the Patagonias.
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