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  1. Jacko


    Took my son for a swim at the beach at the end of Quarry rd in Port Colborne on Monday and he noticed a fish swimming by his feet. We put on the goggles and there were smallies every 20 - 30 ft. Seemed like they were protecting their nests. Just wondering if it's late for this to be happening? It was pretty cool to see and there was some beauties down there. It's a pretty rocky bottom and shallow. Seems like a good place to wade in and make a few casts.
  2. Nice! The only time I ever caught one was when I was a kid. Used to fish behind K-Mart on Ontario st. Used to be huge gar in the 12. Would spend the whole day down there fishing. Might have to start targeting them again.
  3. Great stuff! Fishin' buddy for life!
  4. Jacko


    Check this out -http://www.ktvb.com/story/news/local/2015/01/16/eagle-girl-catches-world-record-yellow-perch-fish/21884705/
  5. Wow! Beauty fish buddy! Great pics too! Nice job!
  6. Hey guys, I sold an item in the buy and sell section and was wondering how to delete the post. Thanks.
  7. Give these a try too Ufindfish ifish Ontario Soundhound IMDB Tunein radio
  8. Just tried Crackle now and it works fine here.
  9. Flipboard is my favourite and it's free Crackle Photoshop touch Chrome browser Officesuite 7 pro Netflix Cbc news app Cnn news app Hd widgets That's just to name a few. I've had my tablet for just over a year now and haven't turned on my laptop ever since.
  10. I remember fishing with my grandfather 40 years ago and he always held pike that he was keeping by the eye sockets. Not sure why. I also remember the nipissing fish tasting delicious
  11. Jacko

    Pc Quarry

    The side I was fishing on isn't too kid friendly but if they enjoy catching fish, the side where people swim is pretty much unlimited sunfish. My little guy has a great time and gets the odd perch and bass too.
  12. Jacko

    Pc Quarry

    Took the family to the quarry today for swimming and fishing. I brought my kayak and caught 4 largemouth. Had my ultra light and had a blast. I Missed one pretty big fish, it made a really nice jump and shook the hook. There were a lot of weeds and I was catching them in small pockets of open space. White Mr twister was the lure of choice for today. I didn't have my phone for the first 2 fish but went back to shore so I could get a picture. Of course the first 2 fish were much bigger!
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