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  1. been fishing several times and saw balls of light in the sky. the last time we were at Lake Gibson. we fished till about 4am and there a bunch of lights that night, but one that came down really low, then took off towards the southern horizon and arced up vertically into space. the neatest time at Gibson was fishing the boken road from the North side, looking south. the Canadian Air Force and US Air Force were doing excercises over Welland and out over Lake Erie. we started fishing at about 6pm and ended about 3am. during the day, we could hear the F-18's and F-16's and occasionally saw them when they got close enough, but after dark, it was one of the best light shows I've ever seen. collision lights and afterburners looping and turning as they were digfighting each other. absolutely amazing. another time, we were out on Lake Ontario fishing for Salmon. we were about 5 miles off the shores of Niagara on the Lake. this was back in the 80's, so the F-4 Phantoms were still at Niagara Falls Air Force Base. w were trolling along and then all hell broke loose. several of em took off from the base and were scrapping over the lake. then they started coming low over the water for high speed runs. they came over the boat at an estimated 100 feet, or about two aircraft lengths above the water and they were streaming compression vapor from the leading edges of the aircraft. this happens when they approach the speed of sound, but don't quite cross it. these guys were hauling the mail, big time. you could see em coming at that height, but you don't hear it till they are past you. they did continuous passes from East to West, then they'd turn around somewhere around Hamilton and haul ass back East towards Rochester. that was a very cool day on the water too. by the way, the F-16's from Syracuse still practice over the lake like this, but you've got to head about half way between NOTL and Rochester to see them. Rich
  2. street donkey.......................now that's funny. LMAO. if you have a problem, take pics, video, etc and post it on here. I'll get my buddy from NRP marine unit (if it's local) to check into it. they always want to know about incidences like this. as a truck driver and now an instructor, there's one thing I've noticed after more than 2 million miles driven...........common sense is something that a large percentage of folks are born without, or were last in line when God was handing it out. funny how ignorance and lack of common sense always seem to go hand in hand. we were on a houseboat in Pidgeon Lake I believe it was. I know it was extremely shallow, so it must have been Pidgeon. some of you may remember Three Bouys houseboat rentals............they were friends of my step father and they gave us a real good deal for two weeks. there were four families on that boat, so it was a bit cramped, but loads of fun. anyway, the one family were quite obviously drunks and they always had something wet in their hands. the one day, the guy was driving and was so obviously drunk, cause he was all over the place in a rather shallow section of the lake. there were guys fishing all over the place and he was rather too close to them. next thing you know, my step father hauls ass up the stairs to the flying bridge and starts yelling at the guy and he starts swearing and slurring back at him. then all of a sudden, you see him doing a rather impressive back flip and double pike that most divers would be proud of, right into the drink. followed by the life ring. my dad had thrown him off the bridge into the water and also the life ring, just in case. it was freakin hilarious.................maybe not for him. everyone who was close enough and fishing in the boats were laughing their asses off. he never drove the boat again that entire trip. he did manage to screw up the docking procedure in the lift lock at Peterborough though, cause he was trashed. I got it in there perfect, but he was so hammered that he let the ass end of the boat drift out cause he forgot to tie it off. I got quite a few stories about irate cottage owners, idiot boat operators and payback stories, but there's not enough space available, or you'd get bored before you finished reading them. LOL. Rich
  3. that is an amazing spot to fish. lots and lots of species can be caught in that location. that's disgusting what people are doing to it. not surprised though. look at the way they treat the Queenston dock, especially during the smelt run. we stopped fishing there because of it. we have yet to fish this location this year, but when we go, we'll take a bag with us. by the way, the Musky fishing has always been very good there and the Drum are huge. that pipe likes my lures too much though. one of these days, I'm gonna go int here with my Scuba gear. I bet I could make a killing off reclaimed lures. LOL. Rich
  4. yup, shorter paddle makes all the difference. we were out at Penners yesterday and I'm gonna buy the Nucanoe Frontier 12. there's nuthin but good things to be said about this boat, all over the internet. it's the ideal yak/canoe hybrid and is about as stable as stable gets. you can even stand and fly fish from these things. we are also gonna buy a few Point 65 yaks too. although, they did have some very nice Necky's on sale too. soo much to choose from. LOL. Rich
  5. how long is your paddle? you can increase your speed by purchasing a shorter paddle with larger blades. depends on your torso height from the water. the more vertical your paddle is at each stroke, the faster you go. the longer paddles they generally sell are too horizontal in stroke and less quick. of course, a good yak with lots of rocker and secondary stability will perform much better than the typical flat bottomed fishing yak with lots of primary stability. longer yaks are faster than shorter yaks, but require much more strength to overcome the friction of the water. bigger yak means more wetted area, which means more friction. over short runs, a shorter yak will be quicker, but over distance and with the right paddler, a long yak can outperform a short yak.
  6. it's actually roughly 500 bucks per truck at the scene and about 250 bucks per hour. if it took 4 hours, that's 1000 bucks, plus however many firetrucks responded. deffinitely not cheap.
  7. honestly, I don't know if it was a Gar Pike. I can tell you this, I've seen Gar Pike up close at pet stores and bigger ones at Marineland and this thing was darker than that. everything was happening so fast because I just wasn't equipped for a fish this size. my net's nowhere near big enough, etc, etc, etc. that reason, plus the fact I also knew it was foul hooked and being a good sportsman, I wanted to get this over with fast. that being said, I believe it was more of a snout like a Pike/Muskie, than the long slender snout of a Gar. it looked a little more pointed than the snout of a Pike, but not long and slender like a Gar. make sense? LOL. the idea of a Sturgeon is intriguing. the tail was more pointed, like that of a Sturgeon or a Muskie and not rounded like that of a Pike. although, I seem to remember Sturgeon being more shark like and this was defffinitely very Pike like. when I look at the scale up close, it's very green of differing shades and a metallic sheen to it, but in the water, it was dark, almost black with no markings of any kind.
  8. I had a fantastic day at the Rec Canal today and fished just off the parking lot at Merritt Island. I went to fish for Carp, but there was nothing going on. decided to throw a 6 inch tube out for the heck of it and that's when the action started. the fun started with on the third cast, which is when a huge largie hit the tube. got him out of the water and measured him at 24 inches, which is my pb. the next guy to hit was a nice little Walleye, measured at 18 inches. the action did not stop from that point and the tally was 3 Walleye, 6 Bass, 1 Pike and 1 Muskie............the Pike and Muskie were snot rocket size. what I'm really jazzed about is the last fish that was caught, kind of. I don't know what it was because I couldn't tell what it was. this is going to sound like a fishermans tail, but the fish was about as long as I am tall and the girth was unbelievable. I'm 5'10" by the way. it had my big game rod completely doubled over. I had it close enough to shore that it was sitting on bottom and it wasn't thrashing around at all. I could see that it was foul hooked, so I don't consider it a catch and since it didn't come out of the water, it's not a catch either. the fish was hooked behind the gill plate, through a scale and into its flesh. I tried to get my pliers at it, but at that point, it went nuts and shook the hook anyway. the really neat part, was that it left me one of its scales. this sucker is huge. it's between 1 and 1 1/2 inches square and thick like a finger nail. in fact, it's got the consistency of a fingernail too. it's kinda square all the way around, except for the rear facing edge, which is slightly rounded. so here's where I'm needing help identifying a fish that you haven't seen and I could not identify. it wasn't a Carp, that much is for certain. it had the body shape of the Pike family, but this sucker was enormous. I've caught a 48 incher before and this thing made that one look small. it was a very dark olive colour, much the same a smallmouth, but not the same markings as a Pike or a Musky. the was also no colour to the fins, but had a more pointed Caudal fin, like the Musky. I have the scale in front of me and I took pics with my cell phone. now I'm home, I'll take better pics with the camera and I'll upload them. the colours are slightly faded after 6 hours off the fish, but I'll upload the camera and the phone pics. hopefully, one of you more experienced guys might have an idea,.cause I'm stumped. I'm thinking a hybrid, but hybrids don't generally get that big, since they don't live as long and they are sterile. I'm open to suggestion. Rich
  9. anything under 2.5-3 lbs is ok anyway, since it has less chance of accumulating the toxins. I ate several Bass last year that were under this size and they were tasty. I was told that there are as many toxins in fish you buy at the supermarket, just different amounts and/or different types. the ocean is a much dirtier place than our lakes, so eat em up if ya catch em. Rich
  10. the hand drill and hook is right above the carp baits, almost at the top of the shelf, right beside where you got your spring hair rigs.
  11. is that the 12 mile? nice Carp there. gotta get me into some biguns like that.
  12. not to give away too many of your secrets, but I'm curious as to what spoons you are chucking? I've never fished for Trout or Salmon before, so I'm wondering. I'm guessing Cleo's are a no brainer, but wondering what colours seem to work more than others, etc.?
  13. great videos. love the colours on the one Bass close to the end of the first video. very pretty. gotta love the Muskie showdown at the end of the second. how cool is that!? welcome to the board. can't wait for more video footage. Rich
  14. I would agree with her that 4 inches is plenty, under normal circumstances. but not on fresh ice at the beginning of the season. it's just too unpredictable.
  15. my brain tells me that it just isn't safe yet and you wouldn't catch me out there. I mean, if they are telling guys to not go on the ice on Lake Simcoe, then that's telling me something.............and they've had much colder temps for longer, than we have. it's jsut too early in the season to take chances. we've had this discussion on Facebook Joey, so I'm not saying anything new, but if you must go out on the ice, then at least take someone with you, wear the right clothing (not jeans AT ALL), carry some ice picks and a whistle. even though it may be only 5 feet deep and you are 6+ feet, you can still drown, especially when your body hits cold water and goes into shock. that's just human biology and it happens to everyone, so don't think it won't happen to you. if you go in, you'll need to get out fast, so carry a pick of some sort and keep it on your person while fishing. carry dry clothes in your back pack, in case you go in. getting wet clothes off and getting dry clothes on fast, is key to survival, or hypothermia will set in fast, even if you aren't in the water. noone was trying to troll your thread. he was giving you some good advice. the "dumb" thing might have been a bit harsh. I don't think he was calling you dumb specifically, just your actions. I mean, let's face it, it's not the smartest thing you've ever done. we're just looking out for you and don't want to read about you in the local newspaper. we'de prefer to see you at our favourite fishing spots. take the proper precautions and carry the right gear for the day.......................a day of fishing isn't worth risking your life. nothing's worth that, right!? Rich
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