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  1. Hi guys I lost my kobo e reader at the launch at the palmwood. It fell out of the car while i was getting the kids ready to go out on our boat. It is a White kobo with a red leather cover. I have about 1000 books on it Thanks Shaun 289 257-0258
  2. Hi Guys I need somewere to keep my boat for the season. I cannot keep it at our condo and do not want to keep it in the water all summer. The ideal place would be some where secure that I can get 24 hour access. The boat is a 20ft Bayliner. With the trailer I need about 24ft of space. If any of you know a place I would really appreciate a heads up. Thanks Shaun
  3. The single most important thing to remember with circle hooks is... Do not set the hook.!! If you do you will pull the hook out of its mouth. The whole point of circle hooks is that if the fish swallows the bait the hook will slide back up and then catch in the corner of the fishes mouth. When the fish bites let it take the bait and then tighten up on it and start reeling. When done right they are almost fool proof. The hardest part to them is un learning the hook strike that we do automaticaly. One way to do it is to leave the rod in the rod holder until it is really bending withe the fish. Then pick up and reel. Dr Deathrow Fish
  4. A farmer that we knew back In Zimbabwe had is wife's car broken into and her purse stolen. When he reported it to the cops they told him that there was a group of thieves working the area and that they hade broken in to a load of cars. He went back to the farm caught a nice big puff adder put it into one of his wife's bags and then left it on the seat in the same area that he had his car broken into. It took less than an hour for some one to grab it. He ran down the street feeling in the bag for a purse only to find that the snake skin purse still had the snake in it. A couple of quick bites to the hand before he could get his hand out kinda ruined his day. By then the farmer had caught up to him. A quick citizens with a knee in the back an a couple of boots to the body as added persuaders convinced him to stay down. The cops took a little longer than ususal to respond and were held up getting him to the hospital. resulted in a doo-doo load of pain (- minus a couple of fingers) and a lesson well learned. They spread the word that more people would leave snakes in thier cars which cut down on the break ins for awhile. Unfortunately the country is so screwed up now they would probably break into your car to steal the snake. I don't say vigilantism is good but it sure does work sometimes. DDF
  5. I pass it every day when I drive into welland on the 406 near woodlawn exit. The pic was taken from or near the train bridge that runs on the right of that Picture DDF
  6. Finally. We might actually see some Niagara Green this year. Man I'm itching for a good steelie fight.
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