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  1. Husky Jerk 10 would be a good size, the 8 is a little light to cast.
  2. compre 119.99 price point I believe
  3. I agree with Big Dog. Braid with a leader. However, make sure you keep your line taught because it is difficult to feel ticks with braid when your like is slack. When it is taught, you can't beat the sensitivity. Your line should be tight anyways when fishing tubes I guess. Good luck!
  4. Hit the Canal. Jerkbaits on the outside weed edge You won't be dissapointed! Oh yea, do you have a 10 ft orange tarpon? Do you drive a jetta? jw cause I saw a guy going through tims drivethru the other day at work with one on the roof and thought...ahhh wish that was me headin out hah
  5. I am interested. PM whenever you want to go and we will set it up
  6. Welcome joel! would love to get out there with ya when you get in town. let me know. phil
  7. Thanks for the info Yakfisher. Maybe we can get out together one of these days.
  8. I was reading a thread on here last week about Dils Lake at the Chippawa Creek Conservation Area. A buddy and myself are gonna put the kayaks in tomorrow and check it out. We wanted to launch at sunrise but I am now thinking that since there is a fee to get in, you probably can't get in til the park opens at 8 am. Is this true or can we launch earlier?
  9. I like the idea split-shot, but your attitude and tone is more than out of line
  10. Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120. 12 feet long and I think it weighs close to 65 pounds. So its pretty heavy actually. Its less tippier than a sit in kayak because the hull is a little wider. Lots of ways to sit...you can straddle it, turn 90 degrees and sit with your feet in the water, etc. The wilderness systems family of yaks has a few sit on tops also that you can stand and fish in and are surprisingly stable, like the commander and the ride. I don't use anchors so I am not worried about tipping and losing my gear. If I was anchoring, I would attach lanyards to all my rods and keep my tackle in an enclosed bag in the stern under a bungee. Fish Finder is mounted using a product called the Sideboard and TDA by a company called Mad Frog Gear . They make products specifically for the Slide Trax system that are standard on all Wilderness Kayaks. Goes on and off easily for transport too. [media=] [/media]
  11. Phranchise

    Best Day !

    Nice Carp Jack!! First of many
  12. Fished quite a bit this weeked in the Yak. 3 Different lakes over 3 days. Action was pretty decent. Here are the pics. The big largie is a PB and came in at 4 lb 13 oz and 20". Caught on a bronzeye in the pads in the evening. The smallmouth were all caught on buzzbaits and drop shots. It was a great weekend. Sorry for weird angles of the pics.
  13. First thing I was told when I got into Kayak fishing was to never use an anchor in areas where current is present. If I were you I wouldn't stay away from the Niagara just don't put down an anchor. Try a drift sock, they can easily be attached to an anchor trolley.
  14. a cheap way to just power the finder is to use 8 AA batteries with a double sided AA battery holder and 9V quick snap from The Source. Just splice your wires to the snap and you are on your way. I buy rechargeables and place everything in a waterproof tupperware box with some silica packs inside to suck up any moisture.
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