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  1. I agree, photobucket is a drag and a gallery will make it easier!
  2. That's what drives me absolutely nuts, people who think that we in the Niagara region are the only area to ever have out of towners come to share the water...guess what, the water is here for everyone to enjoy so shut up and fish. Ultimately, like most things, how people deal with different things such as the internet and social media comes down to choices, asking yourself how are you going to deal with it. I'm with Thorold fisher on this one, hike hard and find your water. This forum used to be really great and I really enjoyed some of the posts, and certainly I have learned a lot from its members, and met some fantastic people, but not as much any more. I think the last straw for me was when someone encouraged the members to share info about the whirlpool for early salmon... give me a break, that's the very reason this forum doesn't run like it did, and isn't a "forum" for much discussion at all.
  3. Sounds like a fair trade Smerch!
  4. Rest in peace Kenny. I was able to share a lot of great memories with Kenny this trout season, often talking with him while fishing and helping eachother land fish. He was always helpful and always willing to share a theory about fish migration or behavior. My did that man know his icthiology as well. He was as it was mentioned earlier a true gentleman who had a lot of respect for the fair chase of sportfish, along with those who he shared the water with. I will miss him this fall as I return to my home water as I know he's watching over us and cursing those who call the browns "German Browns" in november. He was a very nice man who loved the aspects of fishing that make fishing amazing, he will be missed.
  5. The pinks will be running in ketchican. There is a nearby shop which rents rods (at least they did when i went on that cruise). Of course you would also need to get a 1-day licesnce. You will see guys shoulder to shoulder on the main bridge in town where the river meets the ocean and hundreds of salmon directly below. We used pink and purple hair jigs from that bait shop and got a mess of pinks in an hour.
  6. Smerch I am trying the same thing this year. Already boiled a batch and turned out pretty well. Trick is to soak the maize for 2 days then boil until soft enough (about 45 minutes) to crush with your fingers as to avoid expansion in the carps' gut.
  7. Was hoping to hit it soon... Such big water though, could anyone point me in the right direction?
  8. That may be for new boat owners, likely old boat owners would be grandfathered in no? Otherwise theoretically if you owned a boat for more than ten years before this change, you would have to get renewed regardless.
  9. I caught my first one yesterday, very fussy as you said. Just a bit of worm weightless tossed to where the pack is.
  10. Calling the tips line is what it takes. If they dont record it, they cant put it towards their stats. And without stats, they can demand more funding for increased protection/enforcement from the gov't.
  11. Went out to Binbrook with my Papa in the kayaks and we had a blast, even though I forgot the fishfinder...whooops. Lots of small stuff appeared to be getting caught off of the shore, and there were lots of kids out fishing too which was great to see. We fished primarily around the island, the west wind made us some decent drifts, and we were somewhat able to key in on spots. We used dead minnows (they died on the way there ) on christmas tree rigs and jigs, fish seemed to still be out in the deeper water as we experienced little success in the bays with slip floats and tubes. Bonuses were a healthy (roughly 3 pound) OOS bass which was promptly released, and a channel catfish which surprised both of us. I would imagine that the warm week ahead will get the crappie moving even closer to spawning areas, but then again the water is still very cold. Great day out there!
  12. Great fish you guys. Love the spring time mixed bags.
  13. Thanks Smerch! Looking forward to it tomorrow with my grandfather. Something about those 4am departures that get the blood pumping though am I right?
  14. Wanted to try the 20 with the yak this weekend. Any sense with all this rain? Also, what is the launch like at the old Campbells?
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