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Yeah, what about me?

Short, simple story. Born and raised off the shores of Lake Michigan where I cut my teeth on bluegills and the occasional perch from the lake. Seven or so years ago, I moved to Oklahoma, where I took up catfishing and carping, two of my new favourite chase fish. Since then, I've started learning about so-called "strange" methods of fishing. I'd like to try spear fishing, I actively bowfish when the law permits, and I've even taken a shot at noodling (a strange concept of sticking your hand in an underwater hole, and pulling out a live catfish by the mouth).

Now I live in the Niagara Region, and I'm looking to get into some good sport fish. I'd like to get back into bass, recently caught my first pike, and still working on my first muskie. I've never really fly fished for trout or salmon, both of which I'd love to try.

I'm also an avid hunter of deer, turkey, small game, upland bird, and my favourite of all, wild boar (sadly, it's an animal I left back in the southern US). I've wanted to duck hunt for some years now, but have never had the chance to try it.

I also enjoy photography, of all types. I love wildlife photography. Nothing better than catching an animal in it's habitat.

Another hobby I enjoy is long range rifle target shooting. I've almost made it an obsession, striving to best myself as far as I can reach. It's taken me to learning about firearms of all styles, and even custom building some to my own specifications.

Anything else, feel free to ask. I rarely turn down a fishing trip, and once all my paperwork is in order, I'll be hard pressed to turn down a hunting trip. It's been those two activities that have given me peace of mind in a sometimes crazy life.


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