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  1. I dunno about fancy bait needles. I used a #6 hook, straightened it out, and closed off the barb. Ran a snap swivel through the eye for something to hold on to, and voila. Home made bait needle. Just remember not to ram it all the way through the bait, or it won't stay on your hair rig.
  2. I have, and I found the one I want online (I've got a DSLR, so it also has to be able to hold all my lenses), but when I went back to order it, they were sold out. If anyone's selling one, let me know! It has to be one of the big ones, though. 1500 series and up.
  3. I know for a fact roe from the alligator gar is poisonous. They're well populated in the southern US, and in the Oklahoma fishing regs it has a note on one pages that specifically says not to consume alligator gar roe, as it's highly toxic. I'd imagine the other gar are as well. I'm not about to find out first hand, though.
  4. With all this bad news, all you guys need now is the wild boar that plague the southern US, and you'll have every square covered.
  5. Oddly, I use both. I just recently got my first soft bag intended for use with tackle, and I'm loving the extra storage so far. But when I'm traveling, I love my hard box. For some reason, I have to pack everything in a crush proof container, or it will end up broke. I'm still looking for the right case for my camera.
  6. DarkEdge

    12 mile creek

    Good looking bass, Rockfish. I saw you getting rigged up, but didn't realize it was you. I was in the green truck that pulled down, and I crossed the foot bridge right behind you, maybe 10 metres back. I went the other way, just beyond the bridge, and got hung up twice by something rather large. Never pulled anything out, though.
  7. Good luck if you're trolling in the swift current. I was down there today, by the Glendale bridge. even with two ounces of lead on my line, I had to cast at a 45 upstream to get the hook to touch bottom roughly straight out from me. And that's with the water slowed down. I understand they're opening the dam back up tonight.
  8. I know I wouldn't take a boat up by the 406. I've walked from Glendale to the footbridge by the 406, and the entire way is too swift for almost any boat. Maybe the whirlpool jetboats could get through it. Might want to try chartering them?
  9. I wouldn't bet on that. Maybe if you took the motor off. But I'm far from the expert on the subject.
  10. Sure, tease us all, chilli. I'd love to be able to frame a picture of me holding a beauty like that. Especially in that colour.
  11. I try to avoid the skunk. The few trips, though, I think it snuck into my tackle box.
  12. I think he means me. Does he mean me? And why are there SQUIRRELS in here again? Never seen a black and white squirrel before.
  13. Rich saw one, but I didn't get a bead on it. He was trying for them, though. I saw a massive snapping turtle try to eat a duck. That's about all the entertainment there was today.
  14. That is all. Corn didn't work. No musky to be seen. A number of good sized carp swimming around, but they just weren't biting today. Still had a good day fishing with Luvevolution, though.
  15. I know I've caught them on chicken livers while fishing for catfish. I've even seen them go after minnows used for crappie. I'm pretty sure they'll eat anything at this point. So it doesn't surprise me you got one on a lure. I figured it was just a matter of time.
  16. Right now the pond at Beaverdams and 58 is a bit dead, unless you want to catch carp. They're still moving around. It's not very deep, see, and I think the pike have moved to cooler water. There's bass in there, as well as pike, tonnes of bluegill (I've caught some that were massive), and carp. Marlatts Road, as well as all of Gibson, I've been told if it swims, you can catch it. I've caught my share of bluegill and sunfish, and last year my wife caught a nice 10" perch out of there. The Welland Rec Canal has largemouth, smallmouth, pike, drum, carp (because they're everywhere), tonnes of panfish, and just as many gobies. Shore fishing is sort of limited in some places, but I've done it. Bit of a hike to get to most of the clearings, so I'd wear a good pair of shoes or boots. There's small floating piers off the shore that offer a chance to get a bit deeper. But be warned, the smallies are pretty picky out there. Once you find a bait, they go nuts, though.
  17. DarkEdge


    So seems the common answer is medium heavy rod, stiff line, and glo-baits. I'll be investing in just such a rod tonight, my reel is lined with 30# Power Pro, the baits will come next. If anyone wants to PM me, and tell me where's a good place to pick up my baits, I'd appreciate it. And Wayne, maybe next Tuesday night, if the weather holds, since I'll have Wednesday to myself again. But I'll let you know by Monday.
  18. They get helicoptered in at night. I've seen them. And they don't like being seen, I can tell you that. So I wouldn't go looking for them.
  19. DarkEdge


    Since you guys have all the knowledge in the area (and I'm sure collectively, that's completely true), maybe a little help for a newbie up here. In my short fishing career in the Niagara Region, I've caught bass, carp, tons of pannies, and my share of gobies. But everyone talking about salmon being upon us is making me excited. So, my new inquiry. Where can I get some? I'm looking for someone to show me the ropes, on where to find some salmon from shore. I know a boat is a great help (I've fished Lake Michigan for salmon with downriggers, but I don't have that luxury now). Is there anything, gear wise, I should have that I might not? Are there tactics I need to know? Is there anyone that'll take me out for one or two trips, so I can get my feet wet? I'm not interested in trophy fish, just ones that I could eat by myself for dinner. I figured ten pounds at the most would make me happy. Thanks for the advice in advanced.
  20. My two cents worth. Last Monday morning, while fishing near my house with corn, I hooked into a mother of all snapping turtles. The creek isn't very big, but this guy sure was. Had to be an easy 15 pounds. Now I know a snapper doesn't seem like the fighting kind, but this guy had some shoulders on him. I fought for a good ten minutes, every time I got him to the surface, he'd just dive again. Took a fair amount of line off me, until finally he bent the hook enough to get it out of his yap. And to clear it up for you, Senkerik, my new carp reel has 175 yards of 30# Power Pro on it. Once I get it paired with my new rod this weekend, I should be an unstoppable menace to just about anything that swims. Though, I hear the salmon will give me a run for my money.
  21. The pink lure with two treble hooks. I like it. I want one.
  22. I rather like that pink trap, Autumn. Don't remember where if came from, do you?
  23. DarkEdge

    reel parts

    Call Shimano. You might have to send it in, but they should be able to help you.
  24. Tomorrow? I've got some house work in the morning, but I should be free in the afternoon. Or any time after 5.
  25. Any of the ones I've seen have had much more jagged shells. Maybe I'm use to seeing a different breed? I dunno.
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