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  1. Better be before the first of November. Not long after that, I'll be on my way back to Oklahoma. So that's as long as I have to get into at least one good pike.
  2. Bending the rules, Smerch! I can't say the same thought hasn't crossed my mind. My wife and I both have conservation licenses, so that's a total of 4 bass between us. So that means I can catch up to four, and she claims two?
  3. That's my second of the year, sadly. I wish I could admit it was more, but both were caught in the same waters. First was OOS, though. Strange how it works, I fish for pike, I catch bass. Which was exactly what I was doing last night.
  4. What made my day was I caught it on the new Rhino. First fish caught on that rod.
  5. There's perch in Erie? Kidding or course.
  6. Decided to kill a little time tonight, so I went over to a not so secret fishing hole by my house. Started walking along some rocks, throwing spinners. Only fish I found was a long dead pike that'd washed up on shore. Not a very hopeful sight. So I decided to walk. Came upon a nice little bass in the water, but casting over him spooked him into the weeds, and out of my sight. Not discouraged, I walked on to another promising spot. Very first cast, I barely snapped the bale closed, and apparently I'd served dinner. I figured it between two and three pounds. A pleasant surprise to be sure. Shame it wasn't in cleaner water, or that'd be dinner tomorrow night. Oh well, the battle was still worth the walk.
  7. I believe that would work, based on what they consider to be "possession". Fish filleted and in your freezer are in your possession. I'd make sure to read over the regs closer, because I'm almost sure you have a daily/possession combination. That being, I have a conservation license, my daily limit of bass is two, my possession limit is two. So if I had three bass in my freezer, should a CO come to call, I'd have to explain why there was one more fish in my possession than there should be. Now, if, say, the possession limit actually applies to catch fish not ready to be eaten (shore lunch not withstanding), then perhaps you have found a loop hole. But that does raise a question. If you catch two bass, eat them for lunch, do you have to wait 24 hours before you can catch more, to ensure they're out of your system? I may be splitting hairs with this argument.
  8. I caught one a few weeks ago, was every bit as wide as me. The only camera I had was my phone, and it was getting dark. The guy who lives at the end of the street took the picture, but you can barely see me. Fish went from my shoulder to my waist, and anyone who's met me in person knows this, but that's every bit of 26", maybe a little more.
  9. DarkEdge


    I've got tonight, after 6, all day tomorrow, and the whole weekend after 6 on Friday. Just give me a shout, we'll meet up, take a walk down the hill to the whirlpool. I should wait until Sunday, though, I need new spoons from Peters. Edit: I correct myself. I won't be around Saturday night, and I won't be coherent Sunday morning. Party for a buddy Saturday night. But I'll be in touch.
  10. If it was tomorrow, I'd be all over that. But today, my attention is taken up by other things.
  11. Beautiful fish. I'd love to catch a musky one day. If I ever get brave enough to handle one, that is. I got a good little nick from a pike in the spring, I can imagine what a 40" musky could do.
  12. It was a complete fluke, Dan. If you look under the fish, on the ground, you can see my iPod laying in the wet grass. I was just so damn excited about catching a mirror, I almost fell in trying to get him out. I even ended the fishing day on that high note, letting Steve take over my spot, which was producing better than the swim I'd baited for him (that might have something to do with how I've pretty much baited the same area every week all summer. The carp pretty much stay in that one area now, which saves me some waiting time most days).
  13. DarkEdge


    I might be in the same boat, fishkid. I did the bright idea of buying discount glow spoons for night fishing, and they don't exactly glow the best. Plus, half the ones I got were trolling spoons, and I have to reel them in so fast to get any action. If you're up to a trip to the whirlpool one evening, let me know. I'll gladly go. Maybe we can take all our knowledge, combine it, and come out with at least one fish.
  14. I recall the same thing happening to chilli down in Fort Erie over the spring. I'd been out fishing with him only a day or two before, we were commenting on the storm front moving in. The next day, there's a post. He'd been standing on an old pier wall, fishing like no body's business, and the same thing started happening. I recall someone mentioning the name, "St. Elmo's Fire". Something to Google for you guys.
  15. Hardly an expert, but I have read the regs book we get close enough to know a bit about live bait. Live bait (in the form of fish or other aquatic animals [crawfish]), the regulations restrict the collection of live bait to only Ontario residents in possession of a recreational fishing license. Meeting these requirements, one may possess no more than 120 bait fish. Now, my understanding (and a good assumption to follow, I think) is that includes any combination of allowable bait fish, as long as the overall number in possession does not exceed 120. If he was in possession of more than 120 bait fish, perhaps the CO could hold him to the fine because he had more bait than is allowable on a recreational license. However, seeing as he had 7 chubs (which I believe are listed in the book as allowed for bait, correct me if I'm wrong), he may have a case against the CO. But that's entirely up to the person who received the fine. I know this because, being a non-resident with a conservation license, I've memorized so much of the book, just so I know what I can and can't get away with myself. It's also caused me to question what's not listed in the book. For instance, I'm not allowed to use a net to catch my own minnows. However, I am allowed to catch chubs with a rod and reel, and use them as bait. The restriction to Ontario residents applies only to the specific use of nets for catching bait. Something to think about.
  16. I was in Dain City, west side, between the train bridge and Forks Rd. Threw spinners, cranks, spoons, plastics, you name it. Finally managed the gobies to show Steve what they looked like.
  17. Where were you fishing at?
  18. Started out this wonderful Thanksgiving morning at 5, ready and waiting for my buddy Steve. He's new to fishing, and has the salmon bug already. So we headed down to the whirlpool for some first light salmon. Unfortunately for us, glow spoons weren't on the menu. So we decided to head to Welland, and try the Rec Canal for some bass, pike, perch, whatever was biting. Result there was three gobies, one for him, two for me. Not wanting him to be discouraged (this is his third fishing trip, he only started fishing over the Labour Day weekend), I brought him over to the creek by my house. Threw out some corn for chum, baited hooks, and the wait began. Slow to start, like I'm use to. About an hour later, while he's off exploring new fishing spots along the bank, I nailed this beauty: Close up of the same fish: That brought him back to the baited spot. I threw my line back in, something I've never done in that water before (not wanting to stress the few fish I know are in there, once I catch one, I pack it in). About a ten minute wait, and the Fishing Gods smiled down upon me again, giving me this little guy: So now I'm excited, and wanting to see if I could catch the big one in there again. I know he's about 8 or so pounds, and seeing how excited Steve was just to see me catch the fish, I was hoping the big one would grab his line. The big one didn't show his head, but I did managed a nice surprise. My first ever!: Right before we decided to call it a day, Steve hooked into one about the size of my first, but lost it just as we went to get it out of the water. I know he still had a blast, even just throwing his spoon down at the pool, let alone to feel a four pound carp pulling at his line. You can definitely say, he's hooked.
  19. I think I'm goin'a hit the Rec again Tuesday morning again, after I drop the wife off at work. This time I'll try the white spinners, and maybe a spoon or two. Might even take my salmon glows down there, since they're really all the spoons I have at the moment (need to stop losing the other ones). Anyone who wants to join me, I'll be parking at the Lincoln St. launch, sometime around 9AM. I'll probably only fish an hour or two, unless anyone else shows up to teach me how it's done.
  20. I'd seriously join you Richie, if my day wasn't already spoken for. Maybe sometime next week. Or even over the weekend, as long as it's not Sunday (that's the wife's birthday).
  21. Fishing a few hundred metres south of the Lincoln St. launch. The weed beds were still fairly thick, but I've seen them far worse down there. I tried throwing cranks and raps along the deep water edge of them, but couldn't find anything. I didn't think about throwing a spinner until I was halfway home.
  22. Three inch twisters a good choice? They'd better be, they're the only size I have in white.
  23. Definitely did my part to remove an invasive species from the waters. 23 gobies now rest in the bellies of some very happy seagulls. Threw some cranks and traps for pike for about 40 minutes. Not a bite. Is there a place, lure, or secret I don't yet know about? I know they're in there. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place?
  24. Now I know why I didn't get skunked this morning! Happy birthday Dan. This calls for a celebration! I'll have a beer later in your honour.
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