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  1. I'd just as soon get emails of anyone who wants to see them. Safer for those who don't want to see them. I'd post that I went out, and pictures were available, just send me a message with your email. If someone sent me a message, got the pictures, and then decided to complain about it, they asked for it. So I think I'll keep my bowfishing pictures by request only.
  2. Best way to shoot a poacher. With a camera.
  3. Asian carp are EXCELLENT. Grilled is best. They don't fry so well, because they tend to crumble. Chilli, if you know where there's a sizable number of them with good shore conditions (not a lot of rocks, they tend to splinter arrows), I'll gladly let you have a few shots at some.
  4. I've applied for permanent residency, so until I get that, I'm still considered a visitor. Which means non-resident license. If they ask for ID, I only have a US passport or Oklahoma license. Highly doubt any CO would be happy to see a resident fishing license and a non-resident form of ID.
  5. My conservation license is $43. I'm a non-resident still.
  6. Window unit, came out of an apartment. Not very big, but runs like a champ. Kept an 850 sq. ft. apartment cool.
  7. Lol. Well, as soon as someone finds a loophole to get me a license for nothing, I'll be all over that. I just have to wait a bit longer, or sell an air conditioner. Then I'll be glad to join you guys for some monsters.
  8. Being respectful to those who don't like to see dead animals, fish or otherwise, I haven't ever taken pictures of the carp I've gotten. Pole is one thing, not many people want to see a fish with an arrow through it. Can't say I blame them. But if I ever get to go out, I'll be sure to get some pictures, and send them to you privately Rich. No video yet. I only have a still camera. So unless someone wants to come record me, it'll be a while before there's any video.
  9. Simple to eat them. The only thing that changes is the water you take them from. If you know the water is good, then it's a simple process. 1. Fillet like you would any other fish. Be careful of over sized rib bones. 2. Chunk up into easier to handle pieces. 3. Soak in salt water overnight. (About 1/4 cup in a litre of water) 4. Pressure cook in lightly salted water. (about 2 tablespoons per litre) 5. Form into patties, and fry. It's home made fish patties. McFillet At Home.
  10. When does poacher season open?
  11. I've got a good recipe for carp, makes it so the bones can be eaten. And I don't mind. I was even flamed back home for doing it. Honestly, I miss more than I ever get. If I get one fish on a trip (and I take maybe one trip a month), I'm doing good. Two fish is amazing. But after looking a little closer, I'm starting to think I'll retire my arrows. Maybe one day they'll come in handy for me. But until I can get my cooking method back in order, I'll have to give up on bow fishing. Thanks anyways chill.
  12. And I wonder why people give me hell because I hunt. There's my answer.
  13. I'd say use them as carp bait, but everyone knows s&*t floats.
  14. Ok, new question. How far north do the gobies run? And what are my chances of finding them in ponds that run from the Welland Canal?
  15. I'll save the dead horse jokes. Just thought I'd let everyone know I'm sitting in the basement, playing with my rod again.
  16. I'll register, as long as I don't need a license. And there's no registration fee.
  17. Les would probably have a great backwoods goby recipe, using some sand and a little wild onion. I should email him, and find out.
  18. All this talk of big carp is getting my fingers itchy. Man, I wish I had my license. By the time I get it, you guys are goin'a have all the big ones!
  19. Then someone cooked it wrong for you, Rich. I've got a special recipe for a dry batter I mix up myself. Once I finally get back to fishing, I'll have to make some up. I can give you three of the ingredients right now: corn meal, flour, and bread crumbs. The rest is impossible to figure out.
  20. The train bridge next to the 406? That's the only bridge I know of, so if there's another, let me know.
  21. I think I saw this movie. Don't you guys need a bigger boat?
  22. Will it be a government job? I'd like to apply for that one, but can't if it's government.
  23. Nah. my bow would be my fishing tackle. I get tired of spending money on bait.
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