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  1. What's the shoreline look like over there? I haven't actually investigated yet.
  2. Pantyhose. A good substitute for roe bags. Cut squares, pack around a hook, and tie off with some thin thread. Also works for dough baits on carp/catfish. Roe bags were hard to come by where I'm from, so I learned to make due with what I could get.
  3. Bowfin is listed with no open season. Carp and white sucker only in Zone 16. During daylight hours only. Now I just need someplace to shoot without anyone bothering me.
  4. I've got the ultimate cure for seasickness. I fish from shore. Works every time. But what do I know?
  5. Another good answer it, "In the water."
  6. Old fisherman's joke, taught to me by an old fisherman. No one I know shares their secret spots publicly. So when someone asks you where you caught your fish, tell them, "In the mouth."
  7. Where'd you catch those fish? In the mouth?
  8. Some people have told me it's some kind of pacific fish that's going extinct. Others tell me it's carp. If it is carp, they remove the dark meat from them. (Yes, I've filleted a carp before) Now Burger King's fish sandwich, from my own personal experience, HAS to be made from carp. I bit into one once, and not only was it undercooked it was dirt brown. Same colour as the vein in a carp. I rest my case.
  9. For the record, old fishermen don't die. They just smell like it.
  10. You eaten them, Walleye? Got any good recipes? If they're good eating like I heard before, I'm all about making the best of a bad situation.
  11. Unfortunately, my son lives in Texas, where he's learned to fish for bluegill and crappie. But when he comes to visit me up here (he hasn't been yet) I know gobies will be his new favourite chase. Asking about this was for my benefit. I like to catch fish too, y'know.
  12. I'd agree with you on that one. Down south, we have a hybrid bass that does terrible things to the fry populations. The rule there is,"You can keep them, you can eat them, or you can use them as bait, so long as it's in the same water they were caught." Most people eat them, since they are bass, and why waste a perfectly good meal for the chance of nothing?
  13. No, I just moved up here from Oklahoma. We have Asian Carp, Bighead Carp, Silver Carp, but no goby. We're even starting to get the zebra mussels in our rivers, flowing down from the Mississippi. But never once have I caught or fished for a goby.
  14. What's the regulation on returning the "remains" (for lack of better term) to the water? Where I'm from, it's encouraged to put killed rough fish back in the drink for other fish to feed on. I haven't seen anything in the book on that one, though.
  15. Just wondering, but how bad are the goby in Erie? I don't mind fishing out problems and pests, so if I could do my part, I'd gladly help remove as many as I could from the water. Problem is, I know nothing about gobies. How deep (or shallow) do they usually run? What's the best bait/rig to catch them? What am I suppose to do with them after I catch them? (I know they have to be destroyed, but what do I do with the remains?) If anyone has any hints, advice, or whatever, let me know? Thanks Dark Edge
  16. It just wants to go back to it's home! How bad are the carp up here, anyway?
  17. Fishing in Oklahoma, one night just before midnight, I caught about a 25 pound flathead catfish. After it was landed, I threw it in a cooler. No water, no ice. We finally gave up about 3 in the morning, so I went home, and to bed. Woke up the next morning about 9, forgot the fish was in the cooler. Wasn't until almost 2 PM that I thought about it. That fish, in no water, no ice, for 14 hours, in a sealed cooler, and 25C weather, was still alive! I had to crack it three times before it decided to give up. Just goes to show you, doesn't matter how long it's been. The damn thing might still be alive.
  18. Well, they're still great grilled. Thanks for the correction. Wasn't sure if you guys had them this far north. I know they infest Lake Michigan around Chicago, so thought there could be a chance they got up here.
  19. Good looking fish. Was, what, maybe 9"? They get bigger still. Biggest I ever pulled up (but not in Canada) was at 11.5", but I've seen some as big as 14".
  20. Looks even like it could be a grass carp. They don't look much different from regular carp, but they have a normal fish mouth, and a longer(ish) dorsal fin. If it WAS a grass carp, they're great eating (no hook bones down the ribs). Word of warning, though. Don't try to fillet them with an electric knife. The rib bones of a grass carp are almost four times the size of any other fish. (I caught one that weighed in at 30 pounds, and the rib bones, at the spine, were almost 8mm across.)
  21. DarkEdge

    boat names

    P.O.E.T.S. Saw it on a boat in Wisconsin some years back. Stands for "Piss On Everything, Tomorrow's Saturday." Or do like the fisherman who rode out Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico. His boat was called, "The Luna Sea" (Lunacy, get it?)
  22. Just moved up from Oklahoma. Not a lot of people do it down there, but it's more widely known, and even accepted. But I moved to Thorold end of last year. And I can imagine how much trouble the regs would be to figure out. Learning the hunting regs has been a big enough headache.
  23. Hey everyone, I'm new to the Niagara Region. Only been here about six months. I've found a few places to fish with decent success, but one thing I really love is bowfishing. I just don't know the regulations, or any place good (or where no one will call NRP or OPP for shooting at fish with an arrow.) Can anyone offer some good locations and anything specific I should know about? Things like minimal bow weight, limits on where in a body I can shoot? Thanks. Dark Edge
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