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  1. Eh. I've walked that trail for fun a dozen times. Wouldn't be anything to do it with a little tackle on me. I rarely carry my full bag anymore. Just a small box in my pocket, or clipped to my belt. Makes walking, casting, and generally fishing that much easier. Maybe sometime tomorrow I'll wander over and have a look see, even without a rod.
  2. I usually spend my time off this contraption during the day. Night is when I'm usually on it.
  3. Dave, with my 7'0 medium rod and a good bit of weight, I can easily clear a 70m cast, as long as wind and conditions work with me. I'm not too worried about yellow tape, as long as I can aim good enough to get my bait behind those verticals, I'm set.
  4. You mention the bridge, Rich. I should try out on the 12, behind the bases of the train bridge. I know my 7' rod will cast out there with ease. Proved that at Firemans that day, eh?
  5. I'm out for Port D. If you don't get out until 1, by the time I meet you there and start fishing, I'd have to leave to pick the wife up. I'm entertaining plans of going to the Rec Canal in the morning with a small bag of corn, some #12 snells, and an empty bucket. Goin'a do my part to clean up the goby population!
  6. What's the market value on 600 pounds of trout? And what's the black market value? I know. Bears with fishing poles.
  7. "A similar incident took place at the company's previous location." You think someone might just have a very bad short term memory..?
  8. I love that moment. If I get to fish at dawn, I prefer to be alone. If my buddies are around, that loon is usually answered by the sound of a beer being opened...
  9. I'd recommend more weight than that. I fished the current during the regatta, hoping to entice a few of the swift current carp out to play. Used my 8'0 MH salmon rod and two ounces, and even that wasn't good enough. Bent that rod over like it was a medium light. And the weight just drifted in the current until it got back to the bank. So if you're brave enough to fish the current when it's at full power (and may the Gods bless you if you are), 3+ ounces.
  10. Snag? In the whirlpool? Come oooon.
  11. You better be happy she isn't a member here, Rich. Although, after a comment like that, she just might become one.
  12. I'll gladly meet you at the rec for some fishing and complaining about being out of work, Dan. I'll only be here another month or so before I head back to Oklahoma, so I need all the time out I can get. Let me know, you should still have my number, or you can find me here most of the time!
  13. I'm not the expert, but I believe you have to catch your own during smelt season. But again, I've never actually been smelting, and only know what I've been told.
  14. It's stuffed. He keeps it in his backpack. Right next to my scale.
  15. I'll post an addition to chilli's post. Just a basic answer for a basic question. Waders aren't required, but they will definitely help.
  16. True story. When I was in Oklahoma, I was crappie fishing one night with my dad, and neither of us were getting a bite, him with minnows and myself with crappie jigs in five different colours. So I went into my box, and pulled out a brand new, shiny splitshot. I held it in my hand, and thought "Good fishing", then dropped it in the water. About ten seconds later, neither of us could keep our lines in the water. We both limited out on crappie that night, the smallest being 8", with one 13" slab getting pulled in. I'm a firm believer in making a sacrifice to the fishing gods now.
  17. http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/dailyrft/...ishing_pole.php Serves them right!
  18. Well that'll be more fun in May, when the bow season is open. I have to check the Jordan bylaws. And get the limbs replaced, I snapped one practicing yesterday.
  19. Spottedgarr, if your up to it, either this weekend or next week we can hit that spot up for those suckers again. I'll bring worms and corn this time, we'll get them for sure.
  20. I'll bite. I don't buy from any one store. I buy from whoever's the cheapest, because I fish on limited coin. I also don't buy on a set sort of schedule. I have to run out of something before I get more of it. I could name off everyplace I've bought gear from, but the list is long and pointless. I fish, however, as often as possible. At least once a week, but not every day. I do need the occasional break. As far as the tackle shop, I think you could do well in Welland. It's a bit of a drive to Port C, Fort Erie, or St. Kitts for people there. Plus, I'm technically closer to most of Welland than I am to Scott St. in St. Kitts. So if there WAS a tackle shop there, I might be inclined to drive there. Just my two cents. And I think the last two I have, come to think of it.
  21. If you're going to Gibby, shoot me a text Joey. I'll meet you over there. What're those three eyed bass hitting on these days?
  22. I also had a lot of trouble in the early spring, when bass were at their best, I'd try to catch minnows, and would end up with a trap full of fingerling channel cats. Even though I could use them as bait, I'd much rather eat them than fish with them. So suspending the trap was the next logical move.
  23. I use to do that in the south, and would end up with crawfish in my minnow trap. To stop it, I started suspending the trap from structure or with a home made float (empty 20L pail or clean plastic gas can work best). That keeps the bottom feeders out of it, and still allows for plenty of minnows. Plus, hanging it around structure, there's usually more minnows there, like under docks or around sunken trees. Just make sure it's a place you can easily get to.
  24. A baitcaster or two, Rich? LMOA! I'll put my name down as a maybe. Depends on what happens in the next few weeks, I might be out of the country. So until I know for sure, I have to say that.
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