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  1. Don't think saving money on meat will justify the smell that runs the wife out, Dan. Just sayin'.
  2. Goby. It's what's for dinner. Good looking catches Smerch and Rock. Funny little double you got Smerch. Reminds me of a fish my brother caught when he was really young. We ever get to hit the 12 together, I'll share that one for you. It's a whale of a tale. (Or it was to him anyways)
  3. Twelve Mile Creek Auto. New used parts arriving daily?
  4. Since I haven't even lived here a year, how about PMing me with a close to point, so I can start exploring. It's a big region.
  5. I'll take it in a different direction. It's definitely a squirrel!
  6. My only hope is he left it where he found it. And if he did bring it home, that he put it in a tank, and sprinkled it with goldfish flakes.
  7. Trust me, Dan. I've seen an armadillo. That looks nothing like a dumb, useless animal with very poor vision and a terrible sense of hearing, who's only defense is to curl into a ball when something tries to eat it. Besides that, they can't swim. I've seen that first hand.
  8. I say raccoon. The dental work matches, the shape of the previous build matches. And the print would definitely match. Maybe it's one of those things they found in New York? www.montauk-monster.com/
  9. I've tried fishing the current with the water down. I can tell you this: two ounces of lead isn't enough to bring your bait to the bottom through the current. One day I'll have to go for some of the slower moving areas.
  10. I think I got excited by the colours and when KK said it had a "flat head". My shoes got a little tight, and the air got cut off to my brain. Won't let it happen again.
  11. I think there's a fine line between "company" and "holy-crap-the-pier-is-full". Ok, maybe not so fine. But I can understand what Joey says. If I fish by myself, it might be for an hour or two, then I always pack it in. If I've got a partner to fish with, have conversation, a cold refreshing beverage or two (depending on when and where I'm fishing), then it's an even better time. If I have the second part of that, and don't catch fish, I had a better time than fishing alone and not catching fish. But, of course, sometimes I enjoy fishing with just my rod, my worms, and my thoughts... Ok, so usually my corn. Let's not get so picky, yeah?
  12. I concede the ID. Ketchican, it's most definitely of the bullhead family. For one thing, look at the nostril location and size. Flatheads have very small nostrils located near the upper whiskers, whereas bullhead have larger nostrils closer to the mouth. It's a bullhead, but exactly what kind is still the mystery...
  13. DarkEdge


    Why can't I get into any carp like that? Beauty fish gentlemen. May there be many more in your future.
  14. My guesses, hungry turtle, mega lamprey, or Tom was really craving sushi.
  15. I find it funny that the complaint is "genetically modified animals", yet the option is available to us to do that to our children. Two people with green eyes and brown hair, who have no history in their family of anything but that, can have a brown eyed redheaded baby now. But to make a fish like that is too much? Give me a break. </rant>
  16. You get hungry out on the lake, there, Tom?
  17. Flathead catfish (digital image) Brown bullhead (digital image) Notice neither fish has a adipose fin that joined to the tail. Also, Ketchican's fish has the squared off gill plate. The brown bullhead has a more rounded plate. I still stand by my ID that this is a flathead.
  18. Exactly how deep is that little pool? When season opens on carp next year, that might be our answer. Provided that lagoon isn't five feet deep. If it is, we just have to start dumping sand in to make a small sandbar in it.
  19. Tell me more about this, Dan. I must've overlooked that what I was reading over the website for Fort Erie. Is it a distance thing, or is the lakeshore out of the bylaw limits?
  20. I've got to meet up with you to fish over there one day, smerch. At least before bass closes. I've got one in the freezer which I plan to cook this week, so I'll have to gather another two for the winter. And some perch, catfish, and whatever else I can manage. Plus, I could do with a nice fight or two.
  21. Chilli and CLofchik, the 20 spoons I bought were discounted, made in a hurry, single coat of glow painted. None of them were based white first. Some have a great action, and in regular light, you can still see the imitation "Red Devil" stripe down them. The other ones were some sort of metallic blue, and have just about the worst action I've ever seen. Even with a fading glow 8+ feet away (four for the pier, 6 for me, maybe 2 in the water? That comes to nearly 12, my bad), they just sort of plane through the water, barely twisting. And most of the spoons I got had been painted and thrown in the bucket so fast, I had six of them all stuck together. Had to use my pocket knife to seperate them. Maybe the old one you got was quality, chilli, but these are most definitely not quality spoons. I'm going to fix that, though. In related questions, does anyone know where I can get glow paint locally? Even the liquid stuff. And what's the best type, acrylic, oil, water, or some special formula that has to be put on from 9:17pm until 11:04pm on the third Saturday of the month (but only if the number of the day is odd)? I don't care, I just need something that will glow, I don't need heat to put on, and I can do up each night during the week, and fish them on the weekends.
  22. Lest my eyes deceive me (and that's always possible), that looks way too much like a flathead. Anal fin is right, tail isn't forked, colour is perfect. And the bottom jaw sticks out past the upper. Ketchican, I say with almost total confidence, you caught a flathead catfish in Niagara.
  23. I have the problem when I go to re-spool a reel. I finally found the solution (as best there is one). I use an old screw in a drill to get the line off the reel, then I put a little tape around it (whatever's at hand, but masking tape seems to work the best), and toss the whole thing out. I doubt that little gizmo would hold a reel's worth of line, and if it did, I'd still have to empty it out. My tape idea came because of my wife's cats. They love fishing line.
  24. I think over the winter, DIY is the way I'm going. I'll order a jar or two of paint, maybe even some other stuff from them, and repaint all the ones I have now.
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