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  1. I'll half agree with you, chilli. I think more anglers creates the feeding to catch the salmon, but at the same time, more anglers creates chaos. If there's so many people on a pier they have to fish four feet apart, there's going to be trouble casting, there's going to be people who don't clear lines when a fish is on. No one casts perfectly every time. All it takes is one bad throw, crossing one (or two or three) lines, and there's a fight on the pier. More anglers on the pier? Definitely. But you won't find me there for that. You'll find me there when not as many people can be out (weekday
  2. Just Googled "Fortune spoons". Got a website, but it's a dead site now. No information, no contact numbers, no nothing. The same page linked to every colour. Any information or a print catalog would be helpful.
  3. I've seen them catch fish. I've also seen them get eaten by gobies. I think they'd work as a last resort sort of thing. Or an artificial alternative to live baits (especially the crawfish). But other than that, I could never see me stocking an entire box with them.
  4. Yeah, it's Erie Tracker. I wasn't mentioning the name because I'm not sure how the rules would go. But someone else did, so I'll say it. I never fish with minnows, I just know they have them.
  5. Perfect example. There are images of what the bites look like, too. Those will have to be sent via PM, though.
  6. Nasty spiders. Several years ago my dad got bit in the leg by one, about 3/4 the way up his calf. Within 24 hours, the bite had spread to more than half his leg, from the knee down. At 48 hours, he couldn't walk, and the skin was turning black. He went through five rounds of antibiotic injections, and had the wound cleaned three times, and it still wasn't healing three weeks later. One day while he was changing his dressing, he noticed one part of the wound to be worse looking than the rest (and believe me, all of it was nasty). So he took a scalpel, and started to cut away at it. After twent
  7. It's not about the power of the glow, it's the length of it. I'm trying to find a way to make them last longer between charges. Right now I'm getting between 5-15 minutes of glow between charges. Most everything else I know glows for hours. So I'm wondering if I just got cheaply painted spoons (well, I know I did, but wondering if there's anything to help them), or if that's normal for them. I've read a little bit, and I'll most likely be repainting these over the winter. So hopefully that will fix a lot of my problem. I know they should have a white base coat (these don't, you can still see
  8. Makes me wish I had a boat. Or a friend with a boat.
  9. Wal-store bulk line is what I use on most of my gear. From 6-10 pound, occasionally something higher. Right now I have one rod lined with 30# Power Pro. It was intended for carp fishing in light to moderate current, a stiff line with plenty of pull (to get fish where I wanted them, without worrying about breakage). Fishfight was right about lure presentation being most important. Especially for pike. What good is invisible line going to do if you tie a steel leader to the end of it? Unless you know where to buy clear steel leaders (and by all means, share your secret), it's a waste of time.
  10. The Welland River will fall into Zone 16 (to the best of my knowledge). All size and possession limits apply. I can look in the printed version to see if there's specific differences to that body alone.
  11. Until someone takes me to the whirlpool, yeah.
  12. I've tried the sun, standard light bulbs at varying distances, three different camera flashes, and LED flashlight, and even an LED pure ultraviolet light. The last was left on for more than an hour, and still only got 15 or so minutes of glow out of it. Same goes for the LED flashlight. I'm wondering if clear coating would help at all.
  13. Glad to see you made it out. I hate hospitals. How you manage like you do is beyond me. But all the better. Now, when you're back to your old self (save us all!) we'll have to go out for some salmon or bows.
  14. "Never let facts stand in the way of a good story." I think that stands true here more than ever.
  15. Some basic questions, because I think I got screwed. Does the type of paint used on a spoon change how long/bright is glows? Is there any way to charge spoons to last longer, other than a camera flash? I bought some discount spoons recently, and they only glow for 10-15 minutes each time I charge them. Would clear coating them help? They'll get me through this season, and over the winter when I'm snowed in my basement, I'll most likely be upgrading the paint on them. But right now, I need something that'll help make the glow last longer.
  16. Eat carp? Thank you, no. Not unless they come from Erie or Ontario. And even then, I'd be leery.
  17. Remind me not to get hospital sick in Canada then...
  18. I haven't used it, but everyone I know who has raves about the Seagar floro. A bit pricey, but it'll take anything you can throw at it. Myself, personally, I use mono or braid. Depends on the rod, and what I'm fishing for.
  19. Well seeing as I still have southern blood in me, and I don't smoke, I'll celebrate with a dip and a beer. That's how I go.
  20. First I need a fly rod. Then I need to practice with my fly rod. Then I need a rod big enough for salmon. But before all that, I need to figure out how to catch something other than carp.
  21. Which hospital? Where is it? I don't live here, I got lost on my way to Walmart!
  22. I know of one SOUTH of 3. Does that work? Actually, it isn't very far south of 3.
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