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  1. Salmon on the fly. This is me looking jealous. Well, you get the idea. Glad you had some luck Coach. My trip got rained out, and was colder than expected. But I still had a blast, even with no fish.
  2. He has to be Ok. He was the first person on here I went fishing with. That means he has to be the last person I fish with. Give my best, and tell him I'll see him as soon as he gets out. And I'll buy the coffee this time.
  3. Fifty bass. Bondar, when do your fishing lessons start? I can't help but feel I'm lacking in the skill department.
  4. DarkEdge


    Now there's a turtle that weighs around 15 pounds or so. His head's as big around as my wrist.
  5. Exactly how far out would I have to cast to hit 60 fow? From shore, that is.
  6. DarkEdge


    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Children of all ages. As I write up this report, I'm still covered in mud from my recent outing. Since I had no word on salmon tonight, I decided to try and give the carp some hell. Went down to my "private" little creek with some corn. Pretty slow, took me almost an hour to get one. But I did. I've gotten pictures of three carp in there, one small one, 10-12", one that's been featured on here before, around 18", and one big monster (for the size of the creek) at just over 24". Tonight I caught the last one. He wasn't giving up without a fight, and fought a good five minute battle (with no room to run) before finally surrendering. I have pr0n. I'll upload it once I pull it from my phone.
  7. Should wear it all the time, no matter what. I won't get in a boat without one anymore.
  8. I won't lie, Jeff. When that picture loaded, I literally screamed out, "Holy hell!" That's the biggest smallmouth I've ever seen, in person or on film. Congrats on first place. With fish like that, I can see how that happens.
  9. How do we know he's bow hunting? I want to see his tags. That's the only way to be sure.
  10. Does a two pound shad count as a PB? Or should I be ashamed for actually catching on with a hook?
  11. smallie- N/A largie- 2.5 lbs pike- 15" (no weight) muskie- N/A salmon- 15 LBS rainbow- N/A brown- N/A walleye- N/A carp- 25 lbs catfish- 32 lbs goby- 7" I need to catch more fish...
  12. Befriend someone who owns a house next to it? That's probably the next best option.
  13. Not sure about shore, but talked to a non-member yesterday who was out in his boat Friday night. Fished from 10-2, and not a single fish. He went out last night in the rain too, but I haven't talked to him yet. With any luck, I'll be able to finally get out Monday night. Wish me luck on my first salmon season, boys!
  14. And I'm pretty sure that's less than 400 sq. in. of hunter orange. Bet he's hunting without his tags, too.
  15. I've got a little frog that is the most realistic thing I've ever thrown. It actually scares my wife how much it looks like the real thing.
  16. I'll give it 20. It's a decently thick fish, does have length, but it's still a channel. I know they get big, my PB in the south was a 30 pound channel. And a 30 pound channel is near to 48" long. Going off the width of your shoulders, Rob, for average build, that gives you about a 20" shoulder span. That fish is every bit of 12" longer than your span, so that puts it at 32" inches. Now, I'll concede that you're turned slightly, and the fish has it's tail curled up. Giving that, I'll benefit another 4", bringing your OAL to 36". And a 36" channel is 15-25 pounds. Maybe if it was a flathead, then a 36" fish could clear 30 pounds without a problem. I've seen a 60" flathead that tipped the scales at just over 65 pounds. My two cents boys.
  17. Sounds a little like me. I got laid off in the US in June of 2009. I figured it gave me all the time in the world to get my hunting gear ready, so I could hunt like a fiend. And I did get it ready. Three rifles zeroed, shotgun patterned with the new chokes, perfected some of my rifle loads, and was READY. Then I moved up here in November, and didn't get to hunt a damn thing. Oh well. I got my trophy, it just isn't mounted on the wall.
  18. $40-$60, chilli. Not that I do, I just manage to meet everyone who does.
  19. There isn't a bear in a tree stand. It just looks like there is.
  20. BFA and some blanks. Those Big Fifties make one hell of a racket, even when they're just firing blanks. If they did that, everyone on shore might've bit dirt.
  21. My wife encourages me, even bought my license. For my birthday, she paid for a brand new Rhino rod I wanted, along with a weekend trip way up north to a cottage, so I could fish. And she fishes too, just not like I do. She likes to sit and shore fish.
  22. See, I can understand forgetting your net, or not expecting a certain size fish. I have a small net, wouldn't do much good for anything up to a 10 pound carp, so if I ended up hooking into a huge pike, I'd be pretty much screwed. On the other hand, Dirka has a point. Going ice fishing without an auger is like going driving without your car. Seems pretty pointless to me. Bet he brought the boat, though.
  23. I'll go with JWL on that one. Every time I've got a camera with me, I can't even find the fish. Same with my net.
  24. DarkEdge


    I'd tag it anyways. Never know. Better to be safe than sorry. Kevin, depending where you live, I have a spot that should be prime for some leeches. PM me for details.
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